Finally, cat owners now have an easier and innovative way to locate their feline pets.

French company Weenect launched a new GPS collar for cats which is designed to be worn around the cat's neck. Weighing a mere 25 grams, it is the world's first tracker of its kind to be created particularly for cats.

The collar cum phone comes equipped with a microphone and a speaker which allows the owner to somehow communicate to his cat and to perhaps listen to whatever sound his cat makes or the surroundings.

"Not only can your pet hear you, they can answer you back," said Weenect on its official site.

The most significant feature of the tracker is its ability to help find a lost cat.

"You can either ring their GPS collar or use one of the three types of location tracking options provided: Map, Compass and Augmented Reality," added Weenect.

In other words, not only will owners be allowed to listen to their cats' voices, they can also see their cat's location using the camera of their mobile device.

Apparently, the collar also comes with a SIM card which allows it to send signals to the owner's mobile device after pairing it with an app.

"No more long minutes spent calling your cat to return home," said the company. "With the Weenect Cats GPS tracker for cats, locating your pet is fast and simple."

Other notable features of the GPS collar for cats include real-time location tracking, zone entry/exit notifications, phone function, activity history, water resistant, lightweight and compact, multi-platform support, multiple notifications, unlimited number of locations, unlimited number of users, no distance limits and a battery life of up to 4 days.

"Configure an unlimited number of zones and receive notifications whenever your pet enters or leaves a predefined perimeter," adds Weenect.

In order to take full advantage of the SIM card on the collar, cat owners should subscribe to a sort of a kitty calling plan which Weenect also offers on its site. A six-month subscription will cost €30 (around $34) while a one year subscription will cost €50 (around $57).

The new GPS collar is now available for preorder and will begin shipping in December. While the preorder price is set at €89 ($101) which includes free shipping within Europe, the regular price is said to be at €169 ($192) once the preorder period is over. The whole package is inclusive of one month of calling service. 

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