If you're the type of person who loves to make list, then get ready to be addicted to a new app made just for you.

Created by The Office writer and actor B.J. Novak alongside Dev Flaherty, the List App allows users to create and discover lists about just about everything. And we aren't talking about simple to-do lists—lists can include your favorite fall recipe ingredients, reasons why you're a fan of The Flash, or the best new music to stream right now.

Launched on Wednesday, The List App features a news feed that includes lists from the people you follow, with many celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Jimmy Fallon, Lena Dunham, Rachel Ray and even Snoop Dogg signing up to show support. Where else could you learn Snoop's favorite combo besides gin and juice?

Lists appear in real-time, where you can favor, "relist" (like a retweet) and comment. To add your own list, click on the plus icon on the upper right corner, which will then bring up a screen where you add a tittle, 350-character optional intro, and your list in bullet point or numbered fashion. Users can also add photos, descriptions and locations to each item on the list. The list can hold up to 99 items that support 350 characters each, but descriptions can support up to an additional 500 characters.

The app also features a discover tab where users can see the trending lists and find new users to follow.

"We saw a unique opportunity to create a social network built around the simplicity and power of lists," the app's FAQ reads. "Human beings are innately inclined towards structuring information; it's one of our primary means of understanding. Lists are simple, powerful; the gold standard of sorting and sharing information for thousands of years."

The List App is only available for iOS for the time being, but can be downloaded now for free.

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