The latest release from Priime Inc. is Live GIF, an app that makes the Internet even more wonderful for cats and their owners.

Apple users who were bored of shooting bursts of static photos had Live Photos, which took pictures and recorded a short video clip using the same content, simultaneously. The app was currently available only to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, which meant that sharing them with owners of other phones was a bit complicated, but feasible.

Live GIF comes to close that gap and speed up the process of sharing animated shots in one versatile and popular format, the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

It is not the first software that the team behind Live GIF released. The developers are also the creators of Priime, the image editor for iPhone. What inspired Priime to work on the new app were the functionalities of 3D Touch and iPhone 6s, CEO Arthur Chang declared.

Creating "a really easy app that just does what everyone wants with Live Photos," was another purpose of his team, he explained. Testing the technological limits was on Priime's menu as well.

"We decided to go further and push to get it working with iOS 9.0 so we wouldn't have to wait for 9.1 to come out of beta," Chang adds.

Using Live GIF is intuitive and extremely user friendly.

Firstly, download the app from iTunes.

Secondly, take some rapid shots of your pet doing something cute.

Thirdly, open the Live GIF app. This will cause just your Live Photos to auto load in grid pattern.

Tapping any picture will tell the app to generate a GIF preview of the respective shot. Once the GIF (or .mov file) is created, options of sharing it appear on the screen: 'Share GIF' or 'Share video' should appear. Files can then be uploaded to social media, sent to friends via messenger apps or attached to emails.

As simple as that, you can take your Live Photos (without their audio component) and flood the Internet with them. Since the developers of Live GIF and Priime are the same, a pop-up inviting you to use the photo editing software was expected.

"The link between Priime and Live GIF is that it's the start of us starting to explore things like 3D Touch for better control for editing photos," Chang pointed out.

Due to the app, iPhone 6s/6s Plus users now have the power to transform and share their Live Photos as animated GIFs, for only $1.99.

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