The reviews for Android Wear are in and there seems to be a mix of positive and negative feelings about the wearable tech run on Google's operating system.

There weren't any serious complaints among reviewers about the device, but there weren't any serious breakthroughs noted either. The device seems like a good start for things to come from smart watches in general. But Apple will release its own smart watch soon, as will other manufacturers using the Android OS in some combination with Google Now, a new service from Google that helps users stay updated on a number of tasks and reminders. 

The Android Wear devices come in a couple of different varieties available now to shoppers looking for an immediate fix for their smart watch fever. The available models are the $199 Samsung Gear Live and the $229 LG G Watch, which have been reviewed throroughly online. 

Google's personal assistant software, called Now, provides users with needed information on the go, giving users the convenience of not having to pull out their phone constantly like many have already become accustomed to in the digital age. The Android Wear has been considered the first real contender in the smart watch game. Other smart watch startups have entered the arena, but the Android Wear seems to have broken major ground with its initial release on the Samsung and LG devices. 

The device is reportedly aimed at simplifying users' digital, professional and personal lives. That includes features like constant display of the time with personalization of the format (digital/analog), Bluetooth pairing to Android phones, 1.6-inch touchscreen, weather forecast and even physical personal data (such as steps taken). The device also comes with a microphone that will receive messages quite clearly, apparently even with loud noise around. 

The Android Wear smart watch responds with information that has been indexed from the users Google product personal history, like calendar items, search history and more.

But, again, the new devices are the first of their kind, so why not wait? More devices will be coming into the market, and reports suggest other accessory manufaturers like Fossil. Apple's device will release its own wearable tech with similar features. It might just be worth it to wait for the market to produce more options. 

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