Luke Gatti, the jalapeno-hungry UConn student known as "Mac 'n' Cheese Bro" to the viral video world, has been forgiven in a letter by the campus food court worker who tackled him when he physically attacked a manager after delivering a lengthy and irrational tirade. The worker then goes on to offer a sprawling philosophical lecture to Gatti and readers.

By now, you should be familiar with Mac 'n' Cheese Bro Luke Gatti, but if not, Justin Theroux did a pretty wicked skit last week on Jimmy Kimmel, reenacting the entitled demands of the now-infamous UConn student in a sendup of his viral video.

After a long, entertainingly ridiculous tantrum aimed at the food court manager who refuses him his favorite delicacy, Gatti gets physical and pushes the man, upon which a second worker at the food court rushes forward and tackles Gatti, who is then subdued by police. That worker, Bill McKay, has now spoken out about the incident in a lengthy letter to the editor of the UConn campus newspaper, The Daily Campus.

McKay begins by acknowledging the incident but insisting he has no intention of commenting on the matter. However, he then announces that he does have some things to say and asks his supporters to take "a few moments" to read them. He begins by stating that he has viewed the YouTube apology Luke released concerning the incident and that he forgives Gatti. He blames social media for blasting the incident to the world and making Luke into a pariah.

"How would you like to have your dumbest mistake you've ever made broadcast to the world?" he challenges.

Then, despite his initial claim that he does not plan to talk about the incident, McKay goes on to reference it countless times in a rambling philosophical discourse that invokes religion, presents the various arguments for and against whether Gatti's apology is sincere, suggests Luke join the military and expresses McKay's desire to return to a kinder, gentler time in history: "Long before this happened, I've said that I sometimes wish the microprocessor had never been invented. Believe it or not, we survived long before computers. We used things called typewriters, checkbooks and filing cabinets," he lectures, utilizing his 15 seconds of fame to the best of his ability.

Meanwhile, Mac 'n Cheese Bro mania shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to the campus food court's tongue-in-cheek nightly special of mac and cheese with bacon and jalapenos shortly after the incident occurred, a local branch of calzone chain restaurant, D.P. Dough, is serving a new menu item named for the student known as the "Mac-Gatti-Zone." The sandwich consists of a calzone stuffed with mac and cheese, bacon and — if you don't know the third ingredient by now, you haven't been paying attention.

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