Microsoft updated the steps that one has to make whenever there's a need to change the default apps on Windows 10.

Whatever those steps are, it is obvious that a number of software developers are not agreeable to it.

Based on a leaked Windows 10 preview release, users are now given a prompt every time they attempt to veer away from a Microsoft default app. One example is the Edge browser. Users who want to replace it with a different browser are shown with a prompt on their display in order to find out if they are really aware of what they are doing.

"Give Microsoft Edge a shot," reads the message. "Before you switch defaults, see what you can do in an app built just for Windows 10: write on webpages and share your ideas, read distraction-free with reading view, get answers in the browser for Cortana, your personal assistant (where available)."

After seeing the prompt, users are now given two varying options on the next action to take. They could either choose the Microsoft-preferred option which says "Don't switch and try now" or the non-highlighted option that is placed right at the bottom of the dialog that says "Switch anyway."

The same thing goes with the default photo and music apps of Windows 10. When the user attempts to change defaults, he will also see the familiar dialog box which will try and convince him to stick with the default photos or Groove Music apps.

"Windows 10 has the apps you know and depend on every day, like Office, OneDrive, Skype and more," said Microsoft on its official site. "With all these apps together, you'll get more done and have more fun, across your day and your devices. You'll have easy access to your files, documents, photos, friends, and family no matter where you are."

This new way of convincing users to stick with the Windows 10 default apps will be part of the latest preview build that is slated to ship in the next couple of weeks. As reported earlier in Tech Times, Windows 10 build 10568 doesn't appear to offer a number of major features. Users who were brave enough to install a leaked version also took note on how they received the aggressive prompt which tries to convince them on installing Microsoft's default apps.

It remains to be seen if this "convincing" feature will be part of the final version of Windows 10. For now, it is only clear that users will see it as part of a preview build.

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