In an effort to boost the visibility of Google's streaming radio service Google Play Music, the multinational tech company has put up an installation piece in Japan that you can jam to.

Located in Shibuya, Tokyo's entertainment and shopping district, the interactive Google Play Music Board sports around 1,300 headphone jacks and over 35 million available songs. Users can plug their own headphone sets into one of the vast plethora of jacks to listen to different tracks, creating a shared, music-induced experience for people who want to participate in Google's unique project.

From the looks of it, the interactive, group-oriented effect of the Google Play Music Board is one that almost resembles a silent rave or silent disco — when people come together and dance to music they listen to via their own headphones.


Despite the prodigious number of tracks available to listen to on the Music Board, users have no real control over what's playing; however, each jack plays a different song, so if you're not a fan of one song, you can switch jacks to listen to another.

The interactive installation piece can only mean additional good news for Google Music Play, which launched this past June; despite the downtick for other competitive streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play Music seems to be doing better and better at a (currently) exponential rate. 

The Google Play Music Board will be on display in a square near Pardo until Oct 24.

Check out the Google Play Music Board in the video below.


Via: Slashgear

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