It's very tempting to share log-in credentials to streaming services, be they for movies, TV shows or music. Issues of legality aside, the one downside of doing this is getting suggestions for things you would never watch or listen to — or even worse — having someone else get a suggestion based on a piece of entertainment you didn't want anyone to know you enjoyed.

That's no longer an issue with Google Play Music. Google announced the new Play Music Family Plan during the company's press event Tuesday, and it allows multiple users of one account to experience the 35 million songs available for unlimited streaming through the service as if they had their very own subscription.

For $14.99 per month, up to six family members can use Google Play Music under this new Family Plan. Each user can listen to Google Play Music at any time, on any device, even when another user is also currently using the music streaming service. Under this new Family Plan, each user will also get tailored recommendations based on the music he or she listens to.

The Google Play Music Family Plan will be available later this year.

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