Critter & Guitari's New Organelle Instrument Can Be Programmed To Sound Like Anything


Just looking at electronic instruments can be an overwhelming experience. Covered with so many keys, buttons and knobs, these music-makers often make it seem like it would take a musical genius to make anything that sounds remotely pleasant with them. 

Well, fear the synth no more, my friends, because Brooklyn-based Critter & Guitari recently unveiled a new instrument that adds some simplicity to electronic music.

Sure, there are still 25 keys and six knobs on the Organelle, but they're all presented in a sleek and modern fashion that makes it look more like a toy and less like a synthesizer straight out of the recording studio. The maple finish of the keys juxtaposed with the black knobs and blue metallic body of the Organelle brings nature and technology together to make one beautiful instrument.

However, the Organelle can really make some music. The instrument comes loaded with patches that can make various sounds, but users can also load new patches from a USB drive. The customization on the Organelle goes even further than that with the ability to create and edit new patches right in the device using the open source visual programming language Pure Data. Patches can be written in lower-level languages, too.

The fact that the Organelle operates more like a computer is what really differentiates it from Critter & Guitari's line of similarly designed, candy-colored electronic instruments. The Organelle also comes with an OLED display screen, a 1-GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, and the whole thing runs on Linux.

Neither a price nor a specific release date have been announced for the Organelle just yet, but it is expected to become available sometime later this year, according to CDM. Until then, you can start planning your first masterpiece now.

Via: Gizmodo

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