Facebook 'Events for You' just got a facelift. This is how it works.


Facebook has rolled out some changes on the 'Events' section albeit quietly. No official announcement has been made yet as it still is in beta stage.

The overhaul on the Facebook Events section features a new "Events For You" section that shows recommendations on what events one could be interested in. These are based on a user's previous Facebook activities like Places checked-in, Pages liked, Friends connected with, or the apps already installed.

Facebook knows what a user wants but only based on his online behavior. It would be interesting to see what events the social network thinks a person would love to go to.

The 'Suggested events' section has been around since 2011 but it's getting a makeover. It was TechCrunch who first noticed the new feature and noted that not all accounts have it.

TechCrunch was able to confirm with Facebook that the 'Events For You' is still being tested but it should soon be available to everyone globally very soon. The new Events page is also arriving in iOS and Android devices before the year ends.

Instead of the usual option of List or Calendar view, the new Events section shows a more streamlined look similar to the current News feed. The recommended events are located on the right-side column. To view the recommendations, simply click on an event and see the details.

The look is cleaner and more organized which is reminiscent of iOS 7. There are tabs that show all events, invitations, saved events, and events one is currently hosting. 

To determine what special events can be recommended, Facebook will look at a particular event and use the demographic to match people that would be interested. Of course, these events have to be open to public that anyone can attend.

The 'Events For You' feature is expected to be a great monetization tool for Facebook. The more events listed, the more attractive Facebook is to advertisers.  Event organizers are now given new ways to promote events on the social media website.

Some people think that Facebook actually isolates people from the real world. It can be very addictive to scroll down on one's News feed and before one realizes it, he had already spent hours stalking friends, family, and even strangers. However, with the Events For You section, users are actually encouraged to go out some more and go to the events to meet real people.

Facebook will be applying everything it knows about a user's online behavior based on clicks, likes, and connections. Simply put, Facebook wants people to stop staring at the screen and finally go somewhere where the real fun is: with real people in a real event.

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