Android fanatics who want the first of everything Google rolls out can now do so with Google's new beta testing program for the Google app.

The program, which appears to be open to everyone who signs up, will allow users to get first dibs on every new feature, improvement, security update, as well as potential security holes that come with the latest versions of the Google app.

For the uninitiated, the Google app is not just what powers search on an Android phone. It also includes plenty of the awesome features that fanboys drool over, such as Google Now, Google Now Launcher, always-on voice commands, voice recognition and, of course, Google Now on Tap, billed as the hottest new feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Google has made no official announcement, but plenty of Android users who told Google Now that they are interested in technology have reported on Reddit about seeing a Google Now card that invites them to sign up for the beta program.

"Preview new Google features," the card says. "Join the Google app beta program to play with experimental features before they're released."

Users who sign up for the beta program will have their Google app versions bumped up from to The update doesn't seem to have any new front-facing features in store for users. It appears to be a minor update introducing small enhancements and possibly security fixes. Google will likely start rolling out the bigger updates in the coming weeks.

Those who don't see the Google Now card for signing up can still become a tester by following this link. Afterwards, they can open the Play Store app on their devices, where the first Google app beta is waiting for installation.

Meanwhile, people who sign up and realize later on that they are not cut out for testing preview software can leave the program simply by uninstalling the beta version and reinstalling the public version that can be downloaded from the Play Store. 

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