There are lots of snoring remedies on that market that include pills, nasal strips, wearables — and the list goes on and on — that make up the estimated $34.4 billion sleep industry.

However, if you are looking for a more non-invasive way to catch your Zs without waking everyone up throughout the night, then this device that adjusts your pillow when you start snorting and grunting might just be worth checking out.

Nora is a smart device system that consists of a smooth white pebble-shaped bedside unit that resembles a mouse, plus a padded pillow insert that slips right into your pillowcase. The system will work with any pillow, so you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite extra fluffy one, and you can sleep in any position without worry about whether or not the device will still work. You can also still comfortably place your arm around the pillow as if you are hugging it without feeling the insert.

To stop your snoring habits, place the bedside device nearby the insert under your head when you are ready to knock out. The insert is connected to an inflatable system that consists of a mini-pump that is located in the portable case that comes with Nora. Simply put the case under your bed and you're good to go.

Snoring happens when the upper throat muscles relax during sleep. While Nora can't prevent a snore from coming on, it can help stop it before your partner wakes up and then has to wake up you to stop.

The bedside unit is equipped with a mic that picks up on the first sign of a snore, then activates the mini-pump to silently and gently move your head in a subtle fashion that won't wake you but will help you change your position to stimulate your throat muscles and open your airway to put an end to your snoring.

There is also an accompanying app for iOS that integrates with Apple HealthKit to allow users to analyze their snoring and sleep patterns.

Nora is currently featured on Kickstarter, raising more than its goal of $100,000. The smart sleeping device system will retail for $299 when it hits stores, but Kickstarter backers can get their hands on it early for $179. Nora is expected to ship in May 2016.

Source: Kickstarter

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