It is bad enough that Michigan lost to rival Michigan State the way it did Saturday.

The fact that the Spartan marching band band was better, too, only adds insult to injury to Wolverines' faithful.

The Spartan marching band is generating online buzz for tributing Marvel Universe in an over six-minute routine, in which they touched on theme music from Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, The Avengers and even the throwback Spiderman cartoon from the 1960s. (They couldn't leave that out).

As the band strummed up anthems for some of Marvel's most-popular heroes, they also made formations across the football field to represent the characters from those themes. The formation to create Spiderman's face on the field, while playing his theme is as good as it gets in this memorable halftime performance.

What an awesome salute to Marvel Universe. In a way, the Spartan marching band tributing a bunch of super heroes at halftime was a foreshadowing clue to the unbelievable events that occurred late in the second half of the rivalry game. 

The game ended when Michigan fumbled a routine punt snap, allowing the Spartans to recover the football and win in the waning seconds to the absolute horror of Wolverines' fans. Now to think about it, the Spartan marching band was so cold that it didn't even tribute Wolverine.

Still, it was a great day for the Spartans and Marvel Universe, though.

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