Google seems to be having fun in celebrating "Back to the Future" Day as it plans a time-traveling car called Project Flux, which has (un)intentionally cropped up on the Web.

Google posted a tweet on its main Google account about new Gmail themes, specifically 15 Gmail themes to make its users' inbox more impressive. However, the tweet then links to a "confidential" PDF detailing Project Flux.

"With Project Flux our goal is to give everyone the ability to explore any place and any time, no matter where — or when — they are," reads the leaked presentation slides [pdf]. "It builds on Google's mission to make information universally accessible and useful by giving people a front row seat to experience anything they are curious about."

This phony PDF summarizes the company's plans to use a design akin to its self-driving cars to create a time machine.

Using fictitious terms, including "chronocompression," Google reveals it has already been developing a prototype of the time-traveling car, which will enter into production later this month (Oct. 26) in Dunmurry, Northern Ireland.

Proprietary Chronocompression

In the document, Google illustrates how this new technology works.

It says it is employing a proprietary chronocompression technology to transport the user instantaneously to a "place and time of their choosing."

Preliminary Tests

To date, Google notes, it has carried out comprehensive initial tests, saying it has already traveled more than 3,306 years.

Dangers Of Time Travel

It likewise points out the possible dangers of time travel.

It says unsafe traveling with its Flux can lead to serious backlash on forthcoming events, including deletion from existence.

To figure out the causes of past-future disruption, Google says all tests were carried out double-blind in which two or more users travel to the same spacetime to do particular interventions.

Learnings From Tests

Google even incorporated in the slides some learnings it has noted as a result of the initial tests. A few of these learnings include:

  • Time travel has no impact on the user's molecular structure;
  • Travelers must wear so-called wraparound protective glasses to protect their eyes from the light emitted during the travel;
  • Individuals with sugar sensitivities must travel with their own Pepsi or Tab.
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