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Is Time Travel Possible? Doctoral Student Caroline Mallary Published Paper On How To Build A Time Machine

In a paper published in the journal 'Classical and Quantum Gravity,' Caroline Mallary proposed a new model for a time machine. However, there is a catch.

December 18, 2018

Paranormal Researcher May Have Found Time Warp Outside Las Vegas

Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren said that he found a spot in the desert just north of Las Vegas where he watched time slow down for 20 milliseconds. What are the possible causes of this anomaly?

Feature | Science July 2, 2018

Time Travel Is Possible: Scientists Have Already Built A Time Machine, Actually

Time travel is already possible, and in fact, a time machine has already been built. There are no plutonium-powered DeLorean zooming through time though, and it may take a while before scientists are able to unlock time travel like that.

Material Science May 29, 2018

Time Travellers Welcome To Attend Stephen Hawking's Memorial Service

Those born between 2019 and 2038 have a chance to attend the memorial service of Stephen Hawking. What were the late scientist's thoughts on time travel?

Feature | Science May 12, 2018

Is Time Travel Possible? Physicists Use Math To Investigate Time Travel

The concept of time travel may be a little less fictional with numbers. The aptly named TARDIS model uses math to investigate the prospects of time travel.

Space April 29, 2017

Astrophysicists Trying To Make Sci-Fi A Reality With James Webb Space Telescope

The new Webb Space Telescope will be replacing Hubble Space Telescope and will help astrophysicists look into the formation of stars happening 13 billion light years away to gain knowledge about the universe's formation.

Space March 7, 2017

Multiple Timelines In Parallel Universes Could Make Time Travel Possible

If the theory of parallel universes with multiple timelines is correct, time travel would be a possibility. The idea could mean that in some universes, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed Earth.

Feature | Science November 30, 2016

The Best Time Travel TV Shows To Stream On Netflix, Hulu And Amazon

Time travel is a popular element of science fiction television and often serves as part of many series' main stories. Here's a list of how to watch some of the best time travel shows on the Internet.

Movies/TV Shows April 22, 2016

'12 Monkeys' Cast And Showrunner Promise More Time Travel And Intrigue In Season 2

'12 Monkeys' stars Amanda Schull, Aaron Standford and Emily Hampshire, along with showrunner Terry Matalas, recently spoke with press about what fans can expect from the Syfy show's second season.

Movies/TV Shows April 18, 2016

In 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' Trailer, The Team Debates Killing A Young Vandal Savage

In a new trailer for 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow,' the team debates an age-old question: should it travel back in time and deliberately kill a younger version of Vandal Savage?

Movies/TV Shows April 1, 2016

The Cosmic Watch App Lets Users Explore Space, Time And Their Place In The Universe

This app allows users to see the constellations and planets in real time, as well as view the time from anywhere in the world.

Apps/Software March 9, 2016

Rumored Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Awaken Hope For The Possibility Of Time Travel

Scientists spill more beans about LIGO's rumored discovery of gravitational waves in the merger of two black holes. The speculations add more fuel to the scientific possibility of time travel.

February 9, 2016

New App Seateroo Lets Users Pay To Swap The Aisle For The Window Seat

Seateroo is a new app for iOS that allows users to buy and sell seats on their flight in order to be able to upgrade their seat or reduce the cost of travel.

Apps/Software January 12, 2016

Only Human Brain Is Capable Of Mental Time Travel: Study

Researchers discovered that mental time travel is a capability exclusive to humans. A new theoretical model shows that unlike animals, human beings can mentally go back and forward in time.

Life December 27, 2015

Even Google Goes Back To The Future With 'Leaked' Project Flux Time-Traveling Car Plans

Google (un)intentionally leaked its blueprints for a time-traveling car on 'Back to the Future' Day. This bogus PDF outlines the company's plans to utilize a design quite like its self-driving cars to construct a time machine.

FUTURE TECH October 22, 2015

'Back To The Future' Comic #1 Review: When Marty Met Doc

The new 'Back to the Future' comic aims to fill in missing parts of Doc and Marty's lives, from before and during the movies. Here's our take on the first issue.

Movies/TV Shows October 21, 2015

'Back To The Future' Anniversary Blu-Ray To Include New Doc Brown Short Film

Great Scott! The 'Back to the Future' trilogy is getting a great-looking new edition to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The Blu-ray includes a new live-action short film starring Christopher Lloyd returning as Doc Brown.

Movies/TV Shows September 29, 2015

'Quantum Break' Is Coming April 2016, Stars Shawn Ashmore

Remedy, maker of 'Max Payne,' has finally taken off the veil of secrecy surrounding its next game. 'Quantum Break' stars Shawn Ashmore, Aiden Gillen and more in a tale about controlling time.

Geek August 4, 2015

Apple watchOS 2: New Features, Why You Should Install, And Release Date

Apple has released watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch as a beta to developers and it will be rolled out as a free upgrade this coming fall. With the new features of watchOS 2, the Apple Watch will seem like a totally new product.

Wearable Tech June 10, 2015

CW's 'The Flash' Promo Shows Time-Traveling Shockers And Captain Cold!

Time travel is never the solution. The Flash will learn why in next week's episode, "Rogue Time."

Geek March 18, 2015

Time travel will be reality, teleportation and invisibility cloaks sooner, scientists predict

Invisibility cloaks, teleportation and time travel may soon be possible. Basic versions of invisibility cloaks have already been developed by scientists.

October 30, 2014

Scientists simulate time travel to solve the 'grandfather paradox'

A group of scientists test known theories, simulating time travel and solving the 'grandfather paradox' idea that states if someone goes back in time to kill their grandfather, that person will no longer exist.

Geek September 4, 2014

Back to the Future: Google Maps Street View gets 'time travel' feature

Google is going "Back to the Future" with a new time lapse option in Street View. This allows users to browse through the years of their street or even see a building being constructed.

Internet April 24, 2014

Researchers fail in search of real Doctor Who

Scientists try to look for time jumpers using social media and Google. They found no traces but the search for time travelers continues.

Animals January 6, 2014

Vine update brings Sessions and Time Travel: What you should know

New Vine update allows users to save drafts and edit videos.

Apps/Software October 26, 2013

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