With the October 27 release of WWE 2K16 just a few days away, Stone Cold Steve Austin thought it would be a good idea to gather some Superstars around the bonfire in preparation of raising some hell.

The new promotional video for the highly-anticipated title starts with The Texas Rattlesnake approaching the bonfire with something in hand, as the voice in his head plays a throwback soundbite from Mankind yelling, "I guarantee, Stone Cold Steve Austin — it won't be a nice day!"

That being said, Superstars like WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and Sting approach the bonfire, they too hearing voices in their heads from past feuds — none better than Stephanie McMahon screaming "you're nothing more than a face-painted freak" reverberating in The Icon's ears.

Seconds later, Rusev, Paige and Kane circle the bonfire as well. Each Superstar then proceeds to throw a signature item from those fueds into the flames with Austin tossing Mankind's mangled leather mask into fire, Sting hurling Triple H's sledgehammer and Kane watching The Undertaker's hat burn.

The promo clip then cuts to gameplay match footage from WWE 2K16, showing Kane up against his brother, The Undertaker, Sting battling Triple H, Rusev bringing the pain to John Cena, before aptly ending with Austin dropping Mankind with the Stone Cold Stunner.

It's apropos that Austin is the one summoning his peers around a fire because it's almost like he's dousing the flames with gasoline in preparing them — not to mention the WWE Universe and gamers alike — for carnage in WWE 2K16.

Makes sense, considering the tag line of the game is Raise Some Hell.

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