2K's mobile WWE card battling game WWE Supercards is getting a number of major improvements in its free season 2 update.

The biggest new feature coming to the game is the ability to form teams. Players can create their own Supercards team name and slogans, set deck rarity requirements and invite new members. Team decks are also coming to the game, in which players can contribute WWE Superstar, Diva and Support cards to team decks. Team chat has also been added so players on the same team can keep in touch.

A user mailbox has been added to the game so players can more easily keep track of their various invitations and conversations. Players who achieve a perfect 3-0 record in exhibition matches will earn three draft picks for their prowess in the new update as well. The season 2 update also brings a number of quality of life improvements to the game with improved exhibition flow, reduced full screen flashes and various bug fixes.

WWE SuperCard is a mobile game that lets players collect cards featuring some of WWE's biggest stars. These cards can be used in five vs. five online matches against other players, letting players assemble dream teams of their favorite wrestlers. The game also features a 16-person tournament mode and more than 400 cards to make up a huge roster of WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends and Managers with which for players to battle. 2K promises the game will be regularly updated to expand the roster with new cards. The game is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The game reached 1.5 million downloads in its first week available back in August of last year, becoming 2K's most successful free-to-play game yet.

It looks like the game is continuing to be a success story for 2K, but Supercards isn't the only WWE product the publisher puts out. WWE 2K16 is coming to consoles on Oct. 27, and with its huge line-up of playable wrestlers, new modes and wealth of customization options, it looks to be a major improvement over last year's wrestling sim.

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