When Redditors aren't busy protesting things or posting weird stuff, occasionally they keep the rest of the world honest.

One such user with the handle "Documental38" noticed that Amazon's product page for Rock Band 4 boasted some highly positive reviews from a few suspect names. Names that matched those of employees working for Rock Band 4 development studio Harmonix.

So he/she did what all good Redditors do: post it. Along with a helpful screenshot showing that the names of these reviewers match those of Harmonix employees. Some of them seem pretty harmless, commenting on how much they enjoy playing the game with their families, or making generic statements about how "you can still rock in America."

A few others, however, raise one's eyebrows a bit. One employee states that he is "a new fan of Rock Band," while another starts off by saying, "I got this game and..." with the obvious implication being "I just got this game..."

Destructoid picked up the story and went straight to Harmonix with it, seeking a comment. To its credit, Harmonix immediately owned up to the five-star reviews, and pledged that the reviews would be "edited to identify Harmonix employees or removed entirely." Harmonix' representative added that the studio believed the posted reviews were "sincere and without ill intentions," but that these still aren't "appropriate actions."

Has Harmonix reprimanded the employees involved? We don't know, and the studio didn't really say.

h/t Game Informer

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