A Silicon Valley dam construction site is also the site of a major dig area for fossil specimens of scientific value.

The construction site is located in Fremont, Calif., which is near San Jose.

Several of the fossils exhumed are fascinating to scientists. The finds reportedly include teeth from a 40-foot-long shark believed to have lived millions of years ago. This was among more than 500 different marine fossils pulled from the construction site so far in the Silicon Valley area where construction on a dam is also taking place.

The fossils are believed to be dated around 20 million years or so, reports indicate.  

The Calaveras Dam replacement project is the location of these finds. They are believed to be specimens that date back to the Miocene Epoch, when the ocean went as far inland as Bakersfield, Calif. 

Scallops, barnacles and clams and even teeth from a hippopotamus-like creature called Desmostylus have also been dug from the dam site in Silicon Valley. 

Scientists are working alongside construction crews for next few years, attempting to both exhume fossils and create a dam that can withstand earthquakes better, reports claim. 

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