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LOOK: School Of Fish Captured In Fossil

An incredible fossil of a school of fish shows early schooling behavior in the creatures. All 259 fossilized fish are facing in the same direction.

Ancient May 30, 2019

Ancient Grave Was Burial Site Of Brutally Massacred Bronze Age Family

An international team of archeologists identified the 15 Bronze Age skeletons unearthed in Southern Poland in 2011. The remains belonged to a family in the Globular Amphora culture, who were likely killed due to a conflict with other groups.

Ancient May 10, 2019

Oldest Human Footprint In The Americas Discovered In Chile

Scientists have uncovered the oldest footprint ever found of a human in the Americas. The footprint, dated to more than 15,000 years ago, confirms Chile as an important hotspot for early humans.

Ancient April 29, 2019

Strange, Beautiful Chimera-Like Fossil Dubbed As The ‘Platypus Of Crabs’

The chimera is a mythological creature known for having a number of features from different creatures. Now, scientists discover an ancient crab reminiscent of this mythological animal.

Animals April 25, 2019

Fossil Of Ancient Four-Legged Whale Found In Peru

Paleontologists unearthed fossils of a four-legged amphibious whale that lived during the Eocene period in what is now Peru. Peregocetus pacificus can travel well on both land and sea and are similar to modern otters and beavers.

Animals April 7, 2019

66-Million-Year-Old Fish Fossils Linked To Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs

Researchers of a new study found fossilized remains of fish that appears to be linked to the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The fish likely died within an hour after the impact.

Ancient March 29, 2019

Children's Museum Going Big On Dino Exhibit With $27.5 Million Budget

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to learning about the lives of the dinosaurs. Together with dozens of experts, it will embark in a multimillion Mission Jurassic project.

Animals March 27, 2019

Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Fossil 'Treasure Trove' In China

Researchers are describing a treasure trove of fossils along a river in China. Half of the dozens and dozens of fossils are of previously undescribed creatures, and they suspect there are more.

Ancient March 21, 2019

Prehistoric Spiders Dead For 110 Million Years Still Have Glowing Eyes

Fossilized remains of spiders that died 110 million years ago were found trapped in a rock in South Korea. The two specimens still have eyes that glow in the dark.

Animals February 19, 2019

Researchers Build Robot From Fossil To Learn How Extinct Herbivore Walked

Evolutionary biologists at the Humboldt University in Berlin built an OroBOT, a robot version of the Orobates pabsti that looks like a lizard. The new study will help scientists to better understand the evolution of locomotion.

Animals January 17, 2019

Scientists Discover Extinct Giant Herbivore Species Related To Mammals

Scientists were astounded to discover a giant herbivore, which lived in the Triassic period, is a relative of mammals. The creature called Lisowicia bojani lived together with long-necked dinosaurs at the time.

Animals November 26, 2018

Waves In Shallow Waters Helped Vertebrate Animals Evolve, Says Study

A new research proposed that shallow, near-shore waters helped vertebrates diversify hundreds of millions of years ago. The environment also explained why there is a gap in the fossil record.

Animals October 26, 2018

Ancient Parasitic Wasps Found Inside Fly Fossils, Named Xenomorphia After 'Alien' Movies

A team of researchers discovered four new species of ancient parasitic wasps while examining fly pupae fossils. The insects were named after the terrifying creatures in the 'Aliens' movies because they also burst out of their hosts.

Ancient August 29, 2018

Paleontologists Bake Synthetic Fossils That Look Like The Real Thing

Using sediment-encased maturation method, paleontologists baked synthetic fossils in the laboratory that look and act like the real thing. How were they able to cram the fossilization process in just 24 hours?

Ancient July 26, 2018

New Armored Dinosaur Species Discovered In Utah Named 'Thorny Head'

A new armored dinosaur species discovered in Utah has been named Akainacephalus johnsoni, with its first name meaning 'thorny head.' The ankylosaurid further confirms that there were at least two immigration events that happened in the late Cretaceous period.

Ancient July 20, 2018

Scientists Discover Oldest Baby Snake Fossil In Amber: Here's Why It's So Important

A baby snake fossil has been found preserved in amber from the Kachin region of Myanmar. The discovery is important because it revealed that snakes may have moved to forests from coastal regions earlier than previously thought, among other things.

Ancient July 19, 2018

A Farmer Unearthed A Rare Fossil Of Elephant Ancestor But Hid It From the Public

When a farmer found the fossil of an ancient elephant species near the Pyrenees mountains, he kept it to himself over fear of amateur fossil hunters invading his privacy. Years later, he finally hands it over to experts.

Ancient July 15, 2018

World’s Oldest Color Discovered In Rocks Deep Beneath Sahara Desert

A team of international scientists led by researchers from Australia found the oldest color in Earth’s geological record. The ancient pigment found in rocks beneath the Sahara desert could be ten times older than the T-rex.

Ancient July 9, 2018

Ancient Human Babies Had Special Toes For Holding On To Mothers And Climbing Trees

The foot of Selam, a 3.3-million-year-old fossil of a toddler unearthed in Ethiopia, revealed that ancient human babies had special toes. Their big toes were curved, allowing them to hold on their mothers' bodies and to climb trees.

Ancient July 5, 2018

Paleontologists Face Hurdle Hunting Dinosaur Amber In Myanmar

A paleontologist reported having difficulties from acquiring significant scientific findings from Myanmar due to the ongoing conflict between the army and rebels. Many ancient species were found preserved in amber from the region in the recent years.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2018

Rhino-Like Mammals Roamed African Savannah Long Before Giraffes And Hippos

The analysis of 55-Million-year-old Moroccan teeth fossil offered an answer to the question regarding the true origin of a certain species that roamed right after the dinosaurs went extinct. These animals are called the embrithopods.

Animals June 29, 2018

22,000-Year-Old Jaw Fossil Reveals Ancient Breed Of Giant Panda

Anthropologists unearthed the oldest known fossil of the giant panda in a cave in Southern China. The remains belonged to a long-lost relative of the beloved bear.

Animals June 19, 2018

Devonian Fossils Found In South Africa Suggest Tetrapods Evolved In Antarctica

South African fossils of prehistoric tetrapods offered new insight on how life started on land. The discovery of the fossils revealed that four-legged vertebrates evolved anywhere in the world and not exclusively in tropical regions as what was previously thought.

Animals June 9, 2018

Scientists Discover Fossils Of 250-Million-Year-Old Prehistoric Saber-Toothed Predators In Russia

Scientists found two new prehistoric species in Russia that date back over 250 million years ago. The discovery will help explain a mass extinction that occurred during the mid-Permian period.

Ancient June 8, 2018

Oldest Footprint Discovered On Ancient Seafloor Reveals What Creature Is First To Have Feet

Scientists discovered the oldest footprint known so far in an ancient seafloor in China. It is uncertain if the organism belongs to the arthropod family, although the researchers believe it could be a bilaterian with paired feet.

Ancient June 7, 2018

World's Oldest Lizard Fossil Found In The Italian Alps

A fossil may make scientists rethink the way that lizards evolved over time. A 240 million-year-old fossil of a lizard was found in the Italian Alps.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Fossilized Skull Of Half Mammal, Half Reptile May Rewrite History

Scientists found a fossilized skull of a reptile-like mammal underneath the foot of a dinosaur fossil in Utah. The discovery may rewrite ancient history, due to its implications on theories surrounding the supercontinent Pangaea.

Ancient May 30, 2018

99-Million-Year-Old Unlucky Tick Bound In Spider Silk, Immortalized In Amber

Researchers have found an extremely rare fossil of a 99-million-year-old tick wrapped in spider silk and encased in tree resin. The discovery reveals the ancient interaction of an unlucky tick and an uncompromising spider.

Ancient May 29, 2018

130-Million-Year-Old Fossil Skull From Utah Reveals New Species Of Mammal Relatives

Scientists excavated a fossilized skull of a new species that could be the link connecting the transition of reptiles to early mammals. The discovery also suggested that the Pangea landmass continued to separate 15 million years later than previously believed.

Animals May 24, 2018

Jurassic Fossil Tail Could Be Missing Link In Crocodile Family Tree

A fossil tail dug up from a mountain in Hungary may have belonged to an intermediary species of crocodile that lived during the Jurassic period. What are this species's features?

Animals May 12, 2018

Tourists In Utah Throw Dinosaur Tracks Into Lake Thinking That They're Regular Rocks

Tourists in a park in Utah threw what they thought were regular rocks into a lake but those rocks turned out to be ancient dinosaur tracks. The tracks were already damaged before they threw them into the lake.

Ancient May 10, 2018

Utah Family Discovers Nearly 16,000-Year-Old Horse Skeleton In Backyard

A family in Utah was in shock to find a horse skeleton buried in their backyard. According to paleontologists, the horse skeleton could be 14,000 to 16,000 years old.

Ancient May 3, 2018

11-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Discovers 475-Million-Year-Old Fossil Of A Trilobite Near A Lake

A young girl discovered the fossil of a 475-million-year-old trilobite near a lake in Tennessee. A professor from the University of Tennessee confirmed the discovery.

Ancient May 3, 2018

Footprints Traced Back To Ice Age Reveal Humans Chased And Hunted Giant Sloths

Scientists have offered an alternate theory on what drove giant ground sloths to extinction. A set of footprints found in New Mexico suggested that humans armed with stone spears may have chased and hunted sloths during the last Ice Age.

Ancient April 26, 2018

88,000 Year Old Middle Finger Found In Saudi Arabia, Possibly Changes Timeline Of Human Migration

A fossil of a middle finger found in Saudi Arabia is the oldest human fossil found outside of Africa and the Levant. This finding could change the scientific understanding of human migration.

Ancient April 9, 2018

This Ancient Monitor Lizard Had 4 Eyes And Lived 49 Million Years Ago

An ancient monitor lizard that lived 49 million years ago had two sets of eyes. This is the first terrestrial animal that is observed to have this trait and scientists made the discovery by reexamining Saniwa ensidens fossils.

Ancient April 2, 2018

3 Boys Find Piece Of Mastodon Jawbone In Mississippi

Three boys walking along their family property in Mississippi stumbled upon the jawbone of a Mastodon. The boys took the fossil to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science where it was verified to be the remains of a mastodon.

Ancient March 29, 2018

Dicynodont Fossils Reveal 'Phantom' Mammal Coexisted With Dinosaurs

Sometimes, the biggest discoveries are found when you take a second look. Such is the case of the dicynodonts or Pentasaurus goggai, which first and only remains uncovered only upon reexamining a fossil collection from the 1870s.

Animals March 22, 2018

520 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Brain And Nervous System Of Sea Monster Found In Greenland

A fossilized brain and nervous system of an ancient arthropod were found in northern Greenland recently. Its simple brain gives researchers an idea of what the ancient creature was like.

Animals March 15, 2018

Ancient Shark Tooth Stolen From Secret Location In Australia

A fossilized tooth belonging to the Megalodon shark was stolen from a secret location in a World Heritage site in Australia. What would a thief do with an ancient shark tooth?

Ancient March 14, 2018

Prehistoric Baby Bird Fossil Could Shed Light On Avian Evolution

A 127-million-year-old tiny fossil of a baby bird could throw light on the evolution of birds in the age of the dinosaurs. The fossil belongs to a group of prehistoric birds known as Enantiornithes.

Ancient March 6, 2018

Ancient DNA Findings Show Ancient Brits Had Dark Skin

After dying 10,000 years ago the face of Cheddar Man has finally been revealed. His face was recreated from the skeleton found more than a century ago.

Ancient February 7, 2018

Unbelievable Spider With A Tail Found Preserved In Amber

A new ancient arachnid was found preserved in amber. It resembles a spider with a long tail, and the good news is that these arachnids were tiny.

Animals February 6, 2018

Confirmed: Life On Earth Started At Least 3.5 Billion Years Ago

Scientists now have evidence that there was life on Earth before 3.5 billion years ago. The confirmation comes in the form of microfossils in a nearly 3.5-billion-year-old rock discovered in Australia.

Earth/Environment December 19, 2017

Monster Bird Discovered: Prehistoric Penguins From New Zealand Were As Big As Men

Scientists have discovered fossils of a prehistoric penguin that stood 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds. The newly discovered species was given the name Kumimanu biceae, with Kumimanu meaning 'monster bird' in Maori.

Ancient December 14, 2017

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