Weigh-To-Fly Will Ensure You Never Pay Overweight Baggage Fees


Traveling can be a lot of fun, but there are plenty of small things that have to be done that can put a real dent in someone's travelling plans. Having an overweight bag when you get to the airport, for example, can be a bad start to a holiday.

Weigh-to-Fly, however, is here to change that, and is offering users a small, extendable luggage scale that sends weight updates to the user's phone and ensures that the user won't turn up to the airport with a suitcase that weighs too much.

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to Weigh-to-Fly, but they all have their own downfalls. Luggage scales, for example, often give inaccurate results and require users to lift their heavy bags in order to weigh the bag. Smart luggage is a great idea, but it's expensive and not everyone wants to pay that much for a bag that will get thrown around by airport employees.

Weigh-to-Fly allows users to weigh all different sizes of suitcases, and doesn't require the user to lift up their suitcase. Simply place the suitcase on Weigh-to-Fly before you start packing, and the device will tell you the weight of your suitcase as you pack. The device itself starts out looking something like a clothes hanger, which is expandable with its telescopic frame. Because of how small it is, it can easily fit inside a user's suitcase and be taken to be used on the way back after you've bought all of your key chains and postcards.

There are other advantages to packing the Weigh-to-Fly in your suitcase, with the device having a proximity sensor. This will communicate with the accompanying app to alert the user when they leave their suitcase behind. Last but not least, Weigh-to-Fly doubles as a hanger.

Speaking of the Weigh-to-Fly app, users can customize the app to suit different airlines, with different airlines having different restrictions when it comes to baggage weight.

Those who want to buy the device for themselves can head to the Weigh-to-Fly Kickstarter page, with pledging starting at around $76 for the actual device, and ranging up to $1,516 for a personalized Weigh-to-Fly and a chance to meet the team behind the design and have dinner with the developer.

Source: Weigh-to-Fly | Kickstarter

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