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Tiny Sensor Turns Bees Into Live Drones That Can Monitor Farm Crops

A group of researchers from the University of Washington created a technology that will enable bees ...


MIT Scientists Build VR Training Grounds For AI Drones

A team of scientists from MIT created a new VR training area for its AI drones. The new system ...


Samsung Gear Sport Spotted In FCC Listing: Next Samsung Wearable Device Still Shrouded In Mystery

An FCC listing revealed that the next Samsung wearable device will be named the Samsung Gear Sport. ...

Drone Revolution

Amazon's Idea For A Drone Hub Looks Like A Futuristic Beehive

Amazon’s latest patent is for a drone delivery hub that accommodates easy landing and take-off for ...


Drones Could Carry Defibrillators And Save Lives According To Swedish Researchers

As drones are finding new uses in commercial delivery and military applications, the medical field ...


DJI's No-Fly Zones For Its Drones Now Include Huge Parts Of Iraq And Syria

Drone maker DJI has added parts of war-torn Iraq and Syria in its list of no-fly zones. The move ...

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US Ally Takes Down $200 Drone From Amazon With Patriot Missile Worth $3 Million

A modern Samson versus Goliath story with a twist. A U.S. ally shoots at a suspicious low-cost drone ...


Land Rover Discovery Project Hero Search And Rescue SUV Sports A Drone On Top

Land Rover unveiled a special Discovery SUV dubbed Project Hero, designed to help in search and ...

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