UNESCO Praises Belize For Its 'Visionary Plan' To Save The 190-Mile Barrier Reef

UNESCO and other environmental groups praised Belize for saving its barrier reef. The Central American country passed new laws to stop oil drilling to protect the Belize Barrier Reef.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2018

How Cold Can It Get In The Coldest Place On Earth? Even Colder Than We Thought

Scientists took another look at data that marked the coldest place on Earth. They discovered that it is even colder there, with temperatures that fell to as low as negative 148 degrees Fahrenheit, or negative 100 degrees Celsius.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2018

Is A Supervolcano Forming Under New England? Rising Mass Of Warm Rock Discovered Under Vermont, New Hampshire, And Massachusetts

Researchers discovered a mass of warm rock welling up under Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and possibly other regions. Will this alter New England's geography and create a powerful volcano?

Earth/Environment June 26, 2018

Newly Discovered Volcanic Heat Source Under Antarctic Glacier Is Half As Hot As Iceland’s Most Active Volcano

Scientists found a volcanic heat source under Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. The glacier, which is currently losing 45 billion tons of ice each year, is already in danger of melting away due to the warming oceans created by climate change.

Earth/Environment June 27, 2018

230,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Spills Into Iowa River Following Train Derailment

Transportation company BNSF is in the process of cleaning up a gigantic oil spill that happened in Iowa over the weekend. It was reported that 230,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the Little Rock River.

Earth/Environment June 25, 2018

NASA's OMG Campaign Solves Greenland Side-By-Side Glacier Puzzle

Tracy and Heilprin are Greenland glaciers that sit on the same gulf and experience the same weather and water conditions. Why then are they melting at significantly different rates?

Earth/Environment June 24, 2018

US Natural Gas Industry Leaks Methane Higher Than Government Estimates

A study revealed U.S. natural gas industry has been emitting methane at much higher amount than what was previously estimated. The level of methane leaks calculated was enough to erode claims that natural gas is safer than using coal.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2018

Scientists Discover That A Rising Bedrock Could Be The Key To Saving The Ice In West Antarctica

A new study revealed that the rising bedrock in West Antarctica could balance out the loss from the melting ice sheet. Scientists used six GPS stations to discover the rate of the bedrock increase.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Cocaine Residue In Rivers Are Making Eels High

A study found that endangered European eels have been getting themselves high because of cocaine residue that ends up in the rivers. The little amount of cocaine could damage their muscles and reproductive system.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Seattle Says Buh-Bye To Plastic Straws And Utensils: Ban Starts July 1

Seattle introduced a new law that bans restaurants from using plastics straws and eating utensils, becoming the first major U.S. city to do so. The ban comes into effect on July 1.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Former NASA Scientist Laments That He Was Right On Global Warming

NASA’s former climate scientist James Hansen revealed in a new interview that he lamented being right on correctly predicting global warming. He also took several world leaders to task for failed global warming policies.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2018

Some People Claim That Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Is Causing It To Rain Green Gems

Some residents in Hawaii are claiming that it is raining gems from the sky because of the volcano eruptions. Scientists confirmed that it is actually a substance found in the lava.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2018

Nature Itself Reeks With Signs Of Global Warming

Scientists said people could see the impacts of global warming by observing how nature behaves. The untimely springs and delayed falls, the early arrivals of birds, and the unexpected blooming of wildflowers could signal the effects of rising temperature.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2018

Light Pollution Linked To Decline In Insect Population: Here's How Artificial Lighting At Night Can Affect You

Light pollution has contributed to the declining population of insects. Exposure to artificial light at night has also been associated with a range of impact on human health.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Scientists Give A 75 Percent Chance For A Major Earthquake In The Next 30 Years In California

A new study revealed that smaller earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault in California could trigger a bigger one. Researchers used data to compare monthly movements.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

‘Oases’ Of 38 Coral Reefs Repel Impacts Of Climate Change

An international team of scientists discovered what they called as an “oases” of coral reefs. Specifically, the team found 38 communities of corals that are resilient to damaging impacts of climate change.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Giant Clams Can Tell The History Of Typhoons And Predict Future Storms

The shells of giant clams can record changes in the environment such as water temperatures and typhoons. Experts said they can use this data to predict storm patterns in the future.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

Sea Level Flooding Could Threaten Over 300,000 Homes In The United States, Study Says

The Union of Concerned Scientists released a study that showcased 16 states could be in danger of constant flooding due to rising sea levels. They also predicted that the constant flooding could last 30 years.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Drone Video Shows Retired Ferry Sinking To Ocean Floor To Be Part Of Artificial Reef

Retired ferry MV Twin Capes was sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to become part of the Del-Jersey-Land artificial reef. The sinking of the vessel, which took only minutes, was captured on video by a drone.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Mount Everest Becomes Highest Garbage Dump In The World

Pemba Dorje Sherpa said Mount Everest has become an ‘eyesore’ with the ‘disgusting’ amount of garbage. One cause of the accumulated trash had been the growing number of inexperienced mountaineers that climb Everest through recent years.

Earth/Environment June 18, 2018

Paper Reveals Amount Of Nuclear Weapons Fatal To Own Citizens Of The Firing Nation

A paper examined the consequences of a nuclear strike on the people of the country that initiated the attack. The authors presented how a country planning a nuclear launch could also be preparing its own nuclear suicide.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2018

McDonald’s To Stop Using Plastic Straws In The United Kingdom And Ireland

McDonald’s UK and Ireland announced that it would be incorporating paper straws into all its restaurants starting in September. Australia, France, and Sweden are among the countries that would also get paper straws.

Earth/Environment June 15, 2018

Hawaii Becomes First US State To Ban Widely Used Pesticide Harmful To Children

Hawaii Gov. David Ige has signed Senate Bill 3095, which bans the use of pesticides that cause reduced IQ and developmental delays in children. Chlorpyrifos is the most commonly applied conventional insecticide in the United States.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Antarctica In 2070: Bleak And Promising Scenarios As Imagined By Scientists

A team of international experts presented two possible scenarios that could happen in Antarctica and the Southern ocean by 2070. The imagined scenarios were based on how people address the greenhouse gas emissions at present.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Experts Argue That Paying People To Work Less And Consume Less Can Save The Environment

The idea of universal basic income is that a financial payment from the government is given to every citizen. The people will feel less obligated to consume more as a reward for their hard work.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Tripling Antarctica Ice Melt Hastens Sea Level Rising

The melting of ice in Antarctica had increased global sea levels from 1992 to 2017. A new study noted that two-fifths of this increase took place in the last five years alone.

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Hint How Climate Change May Lead To Mass Extinction Events

The extinction of marine organisms in the Early Jurassic Period occurred after powerful volcanic eruptions sent large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What does this tell about modern-day climate change?

Earth/Environment June 14, 2018

Loss Of Coral Reefs May Cause Extreme Flooding: Here's How To Save The World's Natural Breakwaters

Coral reefs can help save the world from the devastating effects of ocean storms but managing them is still a big challenge for most countries. Here's the best way to protect the world's natural breakwaters.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Climate Change May Lead To Decline In Global Vegetable Supply, Says New Study

If nothing is done about climate change, yields of legume crops could fall by as much as a third in 2050. To prevent this, researchers say we must find improvements in agriculture.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Flood Damage From Storms Could Double Without Coral Reefs

Coral reefs act as natural breakwaters that can reduce flooding from storms. Damages from flooding could rise by $4 billion without coral reefs. Which countries can gain the most from proper reef management?

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Too Much Carbon Dioxide Caused Mass Extinction of Ocean Organisms 182 Million Years Ago

Could rising carbon dioxide levels drain the world’s oceans of oxygen and kill off all marine life? It certainly did so 182 million years ago, scientists found.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2018

Climate Change And Drought Killing Trees Around The World Including The Ancient Baobabs Of Africa

Increasing temperatures and drought are killing trees worldwide. Species of trees impacted by climate change include the sequoias, pine trees, and possibly, the iconic baobab trees of Africa.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Oldest And Largest Baobab Trees In Africa Are Dying From Climate Change

The largest and oldest Baobab trees in Africa, if not already dead, are currently dying. The researchers don’t have enough data to point out a culprit, but they believe it’s climate change.

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

New Method Can Reduce Cost Of Direct Air Capture Carbon Dioxide Removal Technology

Scientists found a way to reduce the costs of carbon dioxide removal in the air. Using a technique called direct air capture, industrial coolants can convert carbon gas into synthetic fuel.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2018

Solar-Powered Water Harvester Creates Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

Scientists developed a new device that can harvest water from thin air using energy gleaned from the sun. The water harvester could be useful particularly to people living in areas where water is scarce.

Earth/Environment June 12, 2018

Coral IVF May Save Great Barrier Reef From Dying: Here's How It Works

In-vitro fertilization for coral has shown promise in small scale tests as a way to help save the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists are now looking to implement coral IVF on a larger scale.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2018

Antarctica Already Polluted With Plastic And Hazardous Chemicals

An expedition to Antarctica, which was supposedly aimed at observing the amazing wildlife in the region, revealed the extent of human pollution. Sadly, the region was found to be contaminated with microplastics and hazardous chemicals.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2018

Largest Iceberg Ever Recorded In Antarctica Is Dying

A NASA photo revealed that an iceberg in Antarctica is nearing its final voyage after drifting apart for 18 years now. The iceberg was one among the four major fragments of the largest iceberg ever recorded in Antarctica.

Earth/Environment June 8, 2018

Alien Apocalypse: Model Reveals How Climate Change Impacts Energy-Intense Civilizations

Using a computer model based on a lost civilization in Easter Island, researchers predicted what could happen to energy-intense alien civilizations like ours. Three of the trajectories ended in the apocalypse.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2018

Moon Falling From Sky Video Not A Hoax: Here's What's Happening

A video showing the moon falling to Earth looks like it came from a movie, but no editing was done to it by Daniel Lopez, the photographer who recorded the footage. Here's the explanation for the amazing and scary scene.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2018

Climate Change Is Slowing Down Hurricanes 10 Percent And Making Them Drop More Rain

Climate change is affecting storms on the planet, hurricanes will now be moving at a slower rate than decades ago. This will create more flooding as hurricanes will not pass areas at a faster rate.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2018

There Are Earthquakes In Antarctica After All, Study Shows

A study revealed that there were at least 27 earthquakes in East Antarctica in 2009. The findings are notable because it was previously thought that there are no earthquakes in Antarctica, as the ice was suppressing seismic activity.

Earth/Environment June 5, 2018

Toxic Chemicals From Recycled E-Waste Leech Into Our Food Packaging

There's a high demand for black plastics because of its color and durability, but it's a material that's rarely recycled properly. What's the danger of recycling black plastic from e-waste?

Earth/Environment June 1, 2018

Scientists Estimate The Carbon Footprint Of 13,000 Cities

A new study was able to estimate the carbon footprint of 13,000 cities from across the world. Researchers found that the top 100 cities may be able to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 31, 2018

Harvard Study Shows Government Underestimated Death Toll In Puerto Rico By Over 4,600 People

Harvard University released a study that shows a higher death toll in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico was vastly underestimated. The official death toll sits at 64.

Earth/Environment May 30, 2018

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