Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Release Date Draws Near: FCC Filing Reveals 2 Models

A recently discovered Federal Communications Commission filing revealed that the Oculus Go is on track to launch in early 2018. The standalone virtual reality headset will have two models, namely a 32 GB version and a 64 GB version.

Gadgets January 8, 2018

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Stabilizer Is The Best And Cheapest Way To Get Smooth Videos

DJI just unveiled the Osmo Mobile 2, the sequel to its popular smartphone stabilizer. The biggest change aside from simplified buttons and an internal battery? Its incredibly cheap price.

Gadgets January 9, 2018

Amazon Has A Patent For A Mirror Where You Can Try On Clothes Virtually

Amazon could very well be in the process of creating a mirror that lets users try on virtual clothes. However, not all patents become real products.

Gadgets January 4, 2018

Roombas Will Be Receiving New Feature To Make Wi-Fi Maps Of Homes

Roombas already make a floor plan of your home as new update will add a different capability to the floor cleaning device. The new feature will allow Roombas to make Wi-Fi maps of homes.

Gadgets January 4, 2018

Sonos And Bose Speakers Are Being Hacked To Play Creepy, Spooky Sounds

Researchers have found out that certain Bose and Sonos speakers have been hacked, and the hijackers are playing strange and creepy sounds on the devices.

Gadgets December 28, 2017

Hisense Smart TVs Adding Amazon Alexa Service In 2018

Hisense has announced that it is partnering with Amazon to bring the e-retailers digital assistant, Alexa, to some of its 2018 Smart TVs. The company will reveal which smart TVs get Alexa support at CES 2018.

Gadgets January 4, 2018

Magic Leap One Finaly Unveiled: Here's What We Know So Far About The Augmented Reality Glasses

Magic Leap has finally unveiled its first augmented reality product. Named the Magic Leap One, the AR system is made up of the Lightwear glasses, the Lightpack external computer, and a handheld controller.

Gadgets December 21, 2017

Samsung To Launch Bixby-Powered Smart Home Speaker In First Half Of 2018: Report

Samsung is reportedly working on its own smart speaker and it's planning to launch it in the first half of 2018. The Bixby-powered speaker would fit somewhere between the Amazon Echo and the more expensive Apple HomePod.

Gadgets December 17, 2017

Engineers Develop 3D-Printed Objects That Connect To Wi-Fi And Don’t Even Need Power

Researchers were able to create 3D-printed objects that can transmit Wi-Fi signals. Oh, and these objects don’t even need power or any kind of electronics to communicate.

Gadgets December 6, 2017

Amazon Alexa Means Business And It's Going To Work: Meet Alexa For Business

Amazon wants to put Alexa to work, ready to make office life easier. Alexa for Business will allow companies to build their own skills, APIs, and apps, to better manage their workplace.

Gadgets November 30, 2017

HDMI 2.1 Officially Released: Supports 10K Video At 120 Hz, But Here’s The Catch

HDMI 2.1 has now been released, setting the highest possible standard in media interfaces. The new version supports 10K playback at a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which modern machines can’t even handle yet.

Gadgets November 29, 2017

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals: Huawei MateBook X Down From $1,099 To $799, And More

Riding on the high of Black Friday, a number of retailers have now unveiled their Cyber Monday deals for 2017, offering steep discounts across a range of devices. Here are the best deals from Amazon and Best Buy.

Gadgets November 27, 2017

Walmart Cyber Monday 2017: Best Deals On 4K TVs

Looking for a new TV? Walmart prepared a number of treats for Cyber Monday, so here are the best 4K TV deals the retailer has to offer.

Gadgets November 25, 2017

Amazon Black Friday 2017 Brings Huge SanDisk Sale, But It's One-Day Only

Amazon is celebrating Thanksgiving with a big sale to kick off Black Friday, offering a slew of SanDisk Ultra cards and flash drives with notable discounts. It's a one-day-only sale, however, available only today.

Gadgets November 23, 2017

Samsung 4K TV Black Friday Deals: Save Up To $2,100 On These Offers

Customers looking to purchase a 4K TV this Black Friday can check out Samsung's offers, which are now available. The Samsung 4K TV Black Friday deals offer savings of up to $2,100, at up to 36-month installments.

Gadgets November 23, 2017

YouTube Returns To The Amazon Echo Show: Vimeo, Dailymotion Coming As Well

Here's some good news for Amazon Echo Show owners: YouTube is back and Amazon says more video services such as Vimeo and Dailymotion will be added, too. However, the new YouTube looks and feels so different.

Gadgets November 23, 2017

The Tesla Powerbank Charges Smartphones With Model S Tech, But Is It Worth $45?

Tesla quietly launched the Tesla Powerbank alongside the Tesla Semi electric truck and the new Tesla Roadster. The portable battery pack features an eye-catching design and built-in cables, but is it really worth $45?

Gadgets November 21, 2017

Razer Unveils New USB-C Compatible Hammerhead Earbuds With Custom-Tuned DAC

Razer just released a pair of Hammerhead earbuds that go perfectly with its new Razer Phone. It has a USB-C port, in-line controls, and even a custom-tuned DAC.

Gadgets November 19, 2017

Bose's Black Friday 2017 Sale Reveals Discounts Across The Board On Headphones, Speakers

In the days leading up to Black Friday 2017, the deals popping up here and there just keep getting better. This time, it's from Bose, and it's slashing down prices on its headphones and speakers.

Gadgets November 17, 2017

Best Black Friday 2017 Deals To Look Out For: Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, And More

Black Friday 2017 is shaping up into one heck of a shopping holiday, as the deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Kohl's, Samsung, Target, and Walmart make them hard to pass up.

Gadgets November 15, 2017

HTC Unveils Standalone Vive Focus VR Headset: No Need For Wires, Phone, Or High-End PC

At the Vive Developers Conference in Beijing, HTC unveiled the Vive Focus, a standalone virtual reality headset that offers both portability and power. HTC also announced the Vive Wave, an open platform for virtual reality content.

Gadgets November 14, 2017

Samsung Black Friday 2017 Deals: Get The Galaxy Note 8 With Free Gear 360 Camera, And Other Offers

Samsung fans can now take a look at what the company has planned for Black Friday 2017. Deals include offers for the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8, alongside discounts for devices such as the Chromebook Plus.

Gadgets November 13, 2017

Best Black Friday 2017 4K TV Deals: Best Buy And Walmart Offer Big Discounts

Two of the biggest sale outlets will offer huge discounts in line with Black Friday 2017. TV giants such as Samsung and Sony will participate during the sale event.

Gadgets November 13, 2017

Target Black Friday 2017 Deals Leak: Discounts On Galaxy S8/Note 8, iPhone 8, Xbox One S, And More

Target is set to put a ton of great Black Friday 2017 deals up for grabs, from the iPhone 8 and Xbox One S to the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and a whole lot more.

Gadgets November 7, 2017

Doppler Labs Shuts Down After Raising $50 Million, Launching Apple AirPods Competitor: What Happened?

Doppler Labs, after raising $50 million in venture funding and launching the innovative Here One wireless earbuds earlier this year, is shutting down. Here is what happened to the startup, and the legacy that it will leave behind.

Gadgets November 2, 2017

Sony Reinvents Man's Best Friend With The New Aibo Robot Dog

Sony has announced a new version of its robot dog Aibo, and this time around, it looks more natural thanks in part to its more rounded appearance and puppy-dog eyes.

Gadgets November 1, 2017

The New Razer Kiyo Webcam Has A Built-In Selfie Light So Gamers Can Look Pretty While Streaming

Razer unveils made-for-streaming accessories including the Kiyo webcam and the Seiren X microphone. Each retailing for $99.99, they’re perfect for beginning streamers, and the webcam even has a ring light.

Gadgets October 21, 2017

The Samsung 360 Round Camera Has 17 Lenses And Can Livestream 4K 3D Videos At 30 FPS

Meet Samsung’s new triple threat, the Samsung 360 Round, which records 3D, virtual reality, and 360-degree videos in 4K resolution. But with eye watering specs comes an eye watering price.

Gadgets October 19, 2017

Canon Unwraps 24.3-MP PowerShot G1 X Mark III, A Compact Camera With DSLR-Size Sensor

Canon has launched the PowerShot G1 X Mark III, which is the third and latest model in its premium G1 X-series. It has an eye-watering $1,299 price and less powerful zoom than ever.

Gadgets October 18, 2017

Sony’s Projector That Turns Surfaces Into A Touchscreen Now Available In The US For $1,700

Sony’s projector that can turn any surface into a touchscreen is now available in the United States for $1,700. Though a unique and promising device, the Sony Xperia Touch has a disappointing resolution.

Gadgets October 13, 2017

Amazon Finally Decided To Launch A Waterproof Kindle: Will The New $250 Kindle Oasis Be The Best E-Reader?

Amazon has finally unveiled a waterproof Kindle with the new Kindle Oasis. The updated version of the premium Kindle model, however, is more than just an e-reader you can take to the bathtub.

Gadgets October 11, 2017

Roku Unveils 5 New Devices, Roku OS 8: Apple TV In Danger

Roku unveiled five new devices and Roku OS 8, as it looks to stay on top of the streaming device industry. The company will likely do so, as two of its devices fired a clear shot against the Apple TV.

Gadgets October 3, 2017

GoPro Hero 6 Black Unveiled: It Looks Just Like The Hero 5, But It's So Much Better

GoPro unveiled the Hero 6 Black, a $499 camera that looks very similar to the Hero 5 Black. The new action camera is vastly improved compared to its predecessor though, mainly due to its new processor.

Gadgets September 29, 2017

No More YouTube On Amazon Echo Show, Because Google

Amazon Echo Show users won’t be able to watch YouTube on their smart speakers anytime soon. Google has blocked its video broadcasting platform from the device, saying it violated the terms of service.

Gadgets September 27, 2017

Apple TV 4K Review Roundup: Impressive, But Not Enough Bang For The Buck

The Apple TV 4K is an impressive evolution of Apple’s efforts to penetrate living room entertainment, but is it too expensive? Here’s what critics are saying about Apple’s 4K and HDR-capable set-top box.

Gadgets September 22, 2017

Pi Wireless Charger Powers Up Your Phone From A Close Range, No Pads Or Wires Needed

Startup company Pi wants to change how wireless charging works. Instead of placing phones on pads, it wants people to have their devices charged simply by putting them within close range of the Pi Charger.

Gadgets September 19, 2017

Rumored Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones Will Have Google Assistant And Here's What You Can Do With It

Bose will release a new pair of smart wireless headphones. Several leaks suggest that the company’s new QuietComfort 35 II will be powered with Google Assistant, cost the same as its predecessor, and also have 20 hours of battery life.

Gadgets September 15, 2017

Polaroid Is Back With The $99 OneStep 2 Instant Camera, But Film Packs Are Going To Cost You A Lot

The Impossible Project, under a new brand called Polaroid Originals, is trying to bring back instant photography. To achieve this, it has unveiled the new OneStep 2 camera, the spiritual successor to the 1977 original.

Gadgets September 14, 2017

About 5.3 Billion Bluetooth Devices At Risk Of Malware Via 'BlueBorne' Exploit

Security firm Armis says a newly identified Bluetooth exploit called 'BlueBorne' is putting almost 5.3 billion devices in danger of malware, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

Gadgets September 13, 2017

Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Leaked: One Of Them Works Like An Echo Dot

There are two new Amazon Fire TV models coming this year, according to AFTVNews. The first one resembles the Google Chromecast, while the second one will take voice commands like the Alexa-powered Echo Dot.

Gadgets September 11, 2017

Epson’s New $3,000 Short-Throw Projector Turns Your Living Room Into A Cinema

Epson has unveiled its new home Cinema LS100 short-throw projector capable of producing a 120-inch video on the wall. It’s essentially a cinema inside the living room — but not quite.

Gadgets September 7, 2017

Remember The Controversial Lily Drone? It's Back, But It Should Have Stayed Buried

The controversial Lily Drone is back, but with none of the technology that made its Kickstarter campaign raise $34 million. The drone should have stayed in its grave, but there is one silver lining in its revival.

Gadgets September 5, 2017

Apple Unveils $350 Beats Studio 3: Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling, 22-Hour Battery Life, And Apple’s W1 Chip Onboard

Apple has finally upgraded the Beats Studio line with a new pair of cans. It’s called the Beats Studio 3, featuring the same design but with Apple’s W1 chip baked-in, enabling Pure ANC noise-canceling and a long battery life.

Gadgets September 5, 2017

You’ll Never Run Out Of Storage With This 400 GB SanDisk MicroSD Card, But It Sure Costs A Lot

Here’s a new microSD card from SanDisk and Western Digital to make sure you’ll never run out of space. It’s got 400 GB of storage, is shockproof and waterproof, and costs a pretty penny.

Gadgets September 1, 2017

Nest Thermostat E Aims For Mass Market Appeal At $169: How Is It Different Than Its $249 Sibling?

Nest has now unveiled a more consumer-friendly smart thermostat that won’t break your bank. The new Nest Thermostat E, at $169, does pretty much what its more costly sibling can.

Gadgets August 31, 2017

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