Sophisticated Google Docs Phishing Attack Looks Legit: Here's What To Do If You're A Victim

A sophisticated phishing scam, sent through Gmail and mimicking Google Docs, likely victimized thousands of users. If you are one of them, here is what you should do to protect your Google account and information.

Google May 4, 2017

Google's Phone 9.0 Update Contains Signs Of Android O Features And Paws

Google has rolled out the 9.0 version of its Google Phone app. Unknown to many, hidden in the app’s resources are possible features for the upcoming Android O, including some weird animal paw images.

Google May 3, 2017

Get Google Assistant Running On Your PC Via AutoVoice Chrome Extension

Google has released the Google Assistant SDK to the public. This means any user can now run Google Assistant virtually anywhere, including PC, using the Google Chrome AutoVoice extension.

Google May 3, 2017

Google Releases May 2017 Android Security Patch For Pixel, Nexus Devices: What Issues Does The Update Fix?

Google has rolled out the over-the-air and factory image versions of the May 2017 Android security patch. The update fixes minor bugs and several security issues, including one critical vulnerability.

Google May 2, 2017

Will Google Surprise Us All With The Launch Of Pixel 2 At The Upcoming I/O Event?

Reports revealed that the Google Pixel 2 smartphone could launch soon. The device is expected to be shown off at the I/O event slated for mid-May.

Google May 1, 2017

Sundar Pichai Collected $200 Million As Salary In 2016 While Google Cofounders Larry Page And Sergey Brin Took $1

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has earned $200 million as his compensation for 2016. His bosses, Sergey Brin and Larry Page earned only $1 as salary for their roles in Alphabet.

Google April 29, 2017

Alphabet Q1 2017 Financial Results: Google Parent Company Starts The Year Strong

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has published its earnings for the first quarter of the year. With a high increase in revenue coming from ads, Google is off to a strong start.

Google April 29, 2017

Google Experiments With Pixel, Nexus Low-Light Photography: Clean Shots In Dark Conditions Could Be Possible Soon

A Google researcher experimented with night photography using the phones Nexus and Pixel. Though it was a side project, the possibility of a future low-light photography app is not far-fetched.

Google April 27, 2017

Google Assistant On Google Home Can Now Help You In The Kitchen

Google announced that its Google Home speaker would be able to recite recipes to users while they are cooking. The company revealed that the smart speaker supports over 5 million recipes from various popular cookery sites.

Google April 27, 2017

Google Updates List Of Chromebooks That Will Get Android App Support

Chromebook owners were excited when Google announced that the OS will receive Android app support. The company has released an updated list of Chromebooks that get this support.

Google April 26, 2017

Google Search Getting Better: New Algorithms And Feedback Tools To Limit Fake News And Bad Search Results

Google has updated its search algorithms to prioritize authoritative information and weed out fake news or offensive, inaccurate search results. The company is also making it easier to give direct feedback, and offering greater transparency on how search works.

Google April 26, 2017

Is Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Secretly Building A Massive Airship?

Google's co-founder Sergey Brin has allegedly undertaken a secret project. Brin has reportedly developed a massive airship in NASA's Ames Research Center, but its purpose is not known.

Google April 26, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Specs Rumors: Upcoming Pixel 2 Devices Will Sport Snapdragon 835 Chipset

Google’s next flagship phone Pixel 2 is rumored to pack a Snapdragon 835 chipset. A leak revealed three possible models, each boasting the latest 835 CPU.

Google April 26, 2017

Google Home Gets Multi-User Support: How To Add Multiple Users And Manage Accounts

Google Home has finally added one of the most requested features: multi-user support. Here's how to add multiple users and manage accounts on the Google Home smart speaker.

Google April 21, 2017

Google Confirms Android Wear 2.0 Update For Moto 360 Sport, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch 3, And More

Google confirmed the names of seven new smartwatches that will receive Android Wear 2.0 update by end April or late May. The company revealed that the update would be rolled out to Moto 360 Sport, Asus ZenWatch 3, and more.

Google April 21, 2017

Google Earth Revamped: New Voyager Feature Takes Users On Adventures Around The World

The web and Android versions of Google Earth just received a massive update that launched several new features. One of these features is named Voyager, which takes users on curated digital journeys around the world.

Google April 18, 2017

Google Reaches Deal With Russia, Will Open Up Android To Rival Search Engines

Google has now reached a settlement with Russian competition authorities that’ll require its Android platform to be more open to third-party search engines. Here’s everything you need to know.

Google April 18, 2017

Move Over, LinkedIn: Google Working On Its Own Job Site Called Google Hire

Google has been cooking up a LinkedIn competitor of sorts, as a new Google Hire job application management platform just went live. It's still in the early stages for now and Google has yet to make an official announcement, but it looks promising.

Google April 15, 2017

Burger King Ad Tries To Hijack Google Home: Clever Marketing Stunt Or Invasion Of Privacy?

An advertisement released by Burger King looked to take advantage of the growing popularity of the Google Home smart speaker. Google has since ended the marketing stunt, which can be seen as both clever and invasive.

Google April 13, 2017

Google's DeepMind AlphaGo AI Will Play The World's Top GO Player Next Month

DeepMind's AlphaGo made headlines worldwide last year after defeating professional GO player Lee Sedol, and it's now ready for a bigger challenge. AlphaGo will go up against the world's top GO player next month, amid other challenges.

Google April 11, 2017

The War Against Fake News Continues As Google Expands Fact Check Tags To Search

Google continues its fight against the spread of fake news. It has expanded the Fact Check tags to Google Search and Google News worldwide.

Google April 7, 2017

Google: TPU, Our Custom Machine Learning Chip, Is 15 To 30 Times Faster Than CPUs, GPUs

After keeping a laconic stances about its custom TPU machine learning chips, Google has announced more in-depth details about them. It turns out that they’re much faster than the standard CPU and GPU combo.

Google April 6, 2017

Google Map Maker Officially Shuts Down, Some Features Integrated Into Google Maps

Google shut down its Map Maker on March 31 and many key features are integrated into Google Maps. The company would strive to incorporate minor features of Google Map Maker into Google Maps in the near term.

Google April 3, 2017

High School Student Wins Doodle4Google Competition With Her Vision Of A Diverse, Peaceful Society

This year’s Doodle4Google winner is one that illustrates how humans can learn to love one another, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. The winner, a high school student form Connecticut, had her illustration featured on Google’s home page.

Google April 1, 2017

Google April Fools' Day 2017: All The Pranks To Date

Google is going strong with April Fools' Day this year, unveiling Gnome, Wind, a bubble wrap keyboard, the Haptic Helpers, and 'Ms. Pac-Man' on Maps and tweaking Assistant to help you steer clear of pranks.

Google April 1, 2017

Google Turns Maps Into Playable 'Ms. Pac-Man' Courses For April Fools' Day: Here’s How To Play

It’s April Fools' Day, and naturally, Google is more than up to the task of seeing its annual pranking tradition come into the fore. This time, it’s offering users the ability to play 'Ms. Pac-Man' inside Google Maps.

Google March 31, 2017

Google Working On Social Photo Editing App For Groups: What To Expect

Google wants to turn photo editing into a social experience for small groups and it has an app in the works to do just that. The app would allow for collaborative photo editing, tagging and sharing, and could debut at Google I/O in May.

Google March 27, 2017

Google Hangouts Drops SMS Support As It Focuses On Being A Workplace Communication App

Google is reportedly dropping the SMS support for its Hangouts service. The move coincides with the effort to make Hangouts a better workplace communications tool.

Google March 24, 2017

In A Push For Diversity, Howard University Outpost Opens At Google To Recruit More Black Engineers

Google and Howard University has opened up Howard West, an on-site campus where Howard students can study computer science courses and work with Google tech employees. The program launches this summer, with plans to expand moving forward.

Google March 26, 2017

Google Maps Will Soon Allow Users To Temporarily Share Their Real-Time Location

Google Maps will soon receive a feature that will allow users to share their real-time location with others. The feature will be a very useful one due to its potential applications, but it also raises certain concerns on user privacy.

Google March 23, 2017

How To Install Google's Android O Developer Preview On Your Pixel Or Nexus Device

Google has finally released the first developer preview for Android O. For owners of compatible Pixel and Nexus devices, here is how to install the first look at Android O into your smartphone.

Google March 22, 2017

Google Develops Algorithm That Reduces JPEG Size By 35 Percent, Images Will Still Look Good, Though

Google has devised a new way to encode web images that’ll maintain the quality while reducing the file size by 35 percent. It’s called Guetzli, and Google has made it available to download for free.

Google March 17, 2017

Google Launches Efforts To Flag False, Offensive Content In Search Results

Google is currently studying how to spot potentially upsetting, offensive and factually incorrect search results. The company is using an army of' 'quality raters' to flag results to help its algorithm in the future.

Google March 18, 2017

Google Launches Family Link To Help Parents Track Their Kids' Online Activity and Location

Google is officially expanding its user base into children below 13 years old through the launch of Family Link. The app allows parents to have control over the usage of their children on Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Google March 16, 2017

Google Rolls Out #myAndroid Taste Test To Help Users Create The Perfect Home Screen

Google has rolled out the #myAndroid Taste Test to help users come up with the perfect home screen for their devices. The online tool will ask a series of questions and then recommend three options to Android users.

Google March 13, 2017

Google Nexus 6 March Security Patch Broke Android Pay, But It's All Fine Now: What Happened?

The Nexus 6 recently got the Android security patch for March, which broke SafetyNet and Android Pay. Google found a temporary workaround and re-uploaded the OTA file and factory image, and Android Pay is now working again.

Google March 11, 2017

New Google Drive Features To Help Teams Migrate Massive Files To Google Cloud

Google has expanded Google Drive’s functionality by adding new features to help enterprises set up and manage team drives through its cloud storage.

Google March 10, 2017

Google Cracks Down On Bots Using More Stealthy Approach: reCAPTCHA Turns Invisible

Google gives website owners a new stealthy option to keep spambots at bay with the invisible reCAPTCHA widget. Humans don't have to do anything to prove they're human!

Google March 10, 2017

The 55-Inch Google Jamboard Will Come With A $5,000 Price Tag: Is It Worth It?

Google has revealed that the 55-inch, enterprise-focused Jamboard will be released in May with a $4,999 price tag. Will it be a worthy purchase for businesses, or should they go with the Microsoft Surface Hub?

Google March 10, 2017

Google Hangouts Rebooted Into Slack, Microsoft Teams Competitor: Here's What Hangouts Chat Offers

Google has divided Hangouts into two parts, namely Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Hangouts Chat is groomed as a Slack and Microsoft Teams competitor, and here is what the app offers to enterprise customers.

Google March 9, 2017

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Microphone Issues: Google Confirms Hardware Problem

Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners have been experiencing yet another issue, this time affecting the smartphones' microphones. On the bright side, Google is aware of the matter and is actively communicating with affected users.

Google March 9, 2017

Google Play Turns Five: The Most Popular Downloads Include 'Candy Crush,' Facebook And Adele’s '25'

'Candy Crush Saga' was the most downloaded game in the Google Play Store since its launch.

Google March 7, 2017

Google Launches ‘Meet,’ A Version Of Hangouts For Business Professionals And Enterprises

Google appears to be gearing up for another videoconferencing app called Meet, geared for business and enterprise users. What happens to Duo and Hangouts remains to be seen.

Google March 1, 2017

Boston Dynamics Officially Unwraps Handle, A Robot That Can Go Anywhere (No, You Can’t Run Away From It)

Boston Dynamics rolls out an official video of its wheeled robot Handle. Here's what it can do.

Google February 28, 2017

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