Google Might Release Mid-Range Pixel With Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 CPU In 2019

Google will release a mid-range Pixel phone in the second half of 2019, according to rumors. Other details remain slim, but it’ll apparently be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.

Google June 4, 2018

Search For 'California Republicans' On Google And 'Nazism' Is Listed As An Ideology

A Google search for the term 'California Republicans' stated that Nazism was one of its ideologies. Google has since removed the error from the search, and has apologized.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Chrome Version 67 Will Allow For More Pasword-Less Sign-Ins

Update Google Chrome to version 67 and take advantage of password-free sign-ins, courtesy of the Web Authentication launched this March. The new update is available to download now.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Assistant Learned How To Fire A Gun: Should You Be Scared?

An artist taught Google Assistant how to fire a gun, for his latest piece. The contraption raises questions on the ethics and safety of artificial intelligence, especially on how it interacts with humans.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL To Be Verizon Exclusives

Google’s next Pixel phones will be exclusive to Verizon in the United States. Also, the company is handling the design and manufacturing this time around instead of relying on others for the job.

Google May 31, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Leak Finally Settles The Notch Rumors

There have been contradicting Google Pixel 3 rumors on whether or not the smartphone will have a notch on its display. The latest Pixel 3 leak, however, may finally shed light on the confusion.

Google May 29, 2018

No Google Pixel 3 Notch Confirmed By Android P Beta?

Android P leaks reveal that the operating system will offer refined gesture controls. More importantly, the leaked images may hint that there will be no Google Pixel 3 notch, contrary to previous reports.

Google May 28, 2018

Ads Are Showing Up In Google Feed, But It’s Just A Test — For Now

You’re about to like Feed less. A Google spokesperson confirmed that ads are appearing in Feed as part of a test, and it’s not clear whether this will be widely implemented going forward.

Google May 25, 2018

UK iPhone Users Sue Google For $4.3B Over Privacy Violations

A UK-based representative group called Google You Owe Us sued the technology company. The group believes that between 2011 and 2012, Google illegally hacked into their iPhones by using a computer code.

Google May 21, 2018

Google Diminishes 'Don’t Be Evil' In Company’s New Code Of Conduct, According To Report

Google changed its company’s code of conduct sometime between late April and early May. One of the significant updates in the company’s policy is diminishing a key company slogan, ‘Don’t Be Evil.’

Google May 21, 2018

Google Chrome To Say Farewell To ‘Secure’ URL Label For HTTPS Websites

Google Chrome announced that it would remove a security feature in September. The web platform will automatically assume that HTTPS-powered websites are safe for internet users to enter.

Google May 19, 2018

Google May Have Faked Its Duplex AI Demo That Freaked Everyone Out

Google came under fire for creating AI so advanced that it mimicked a human voice down to the speech patterns. This outrage may have been in vain as the company is skirting questions about the demonstration.

Google May 18, 2018

Google's Leaked Internal Video 'The Selfish Ledger' Shows How A Population Could Be Controlled By Data

In a Black Mirror-style video, Google produced an internal video called 'The Selfish Ledger' that shows how data can be used to control people. When a large company that controls a vast amount of data makes a video such as this, it is concerning.

Google May 18, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Notch Confirmed? Android P Public Beta May Have Leaked Pixel 3 Design

The Android P public beta has supposedly revealed the fact that the Google Pixel 3 will have a notch on its display. Will Google really place a feature popularized by rival Apple's iPhone X on its flagship smartphone?

Google May 17, 2018

AI-Powered Google News App Replaces Google Play Newsstand In The App Store: What iOS Users Can Expect

Google launched its News app on the iOS app store to replace the older Play Newsstand app. The updated program divides relevant news into sections that will hopefully make it easy for readers to choose the news that matters

Google May 16, 2018

Google Pixel Buds Gets New Tricks: Power It On, Skip Tracks Just By Tapping

Google’s Pixel Buds gets new gesture controls: double tap to skip, and triple tap to turn them on or off. Switching to a different audio source is now also much easier.

Google May 17, 2018

Say Hello To Google One: How Does It Compare To iCloud, Amazon, Dropbox, And More

Analysts compared the new Google One service to its competitors to determine which one offers the best value. According to the details, Amazon Drive comes out on top for the storage size it provides.

Google May 15, 2018

Google One Debuts With New Paid Customer Storage Plans For Google Drive: What Does It Offer?

Google is revamping the paid consumer storage tiers for Google Drive customers, upgrading them to Google One. Here's what it means, what it brings, what changes, and how much it will cost.

Google May 14, 2018

Employees Walk Out On Google, Will Not Work On Controversial Pentagon Project

Google's decision to enter into an AI project with the Pentagon called Project Maven divided the software company. Twelve employees have resigned under protest and thousands of employees have petitioned against the project.

Google May 14, 2018

Android P Features We Love: Gesture Navigation, Adaptive Battery And More

A preview of Google's Android P OS was demonstrated during the 2018 I/O keynote earlier this week. The smartphone has new features that give users more options and control over the device.

Google May 14, 2018

Google Duplex And Ethics: Why Experts Are Worried Of 'Botifying' Humans

Technology experts applauded the potential of Google Duplex when it debuted earlier this week. However, concerns about ethics have materialized after the demonstration failed to include a disclosure that informs the caller that they are talking to an AI.

Google May 12, 2018

Google Photos Rolls Out New Features Such As Color Pop But Not Obstruction Removal

New features for Google Photos are beginning to roll out. A popular feature is Color Pop, which turns the background of an image black and white and maintains the color of the subject of the image.

Google May 11, 2018

Google Assistant Feature That Sounds Human Will Apparently Introduce Itself As AI

Google Duplex, a new Google Assistant feature, shocked the world at I/O 2018 because it sounded human. The AI-powered system has received backlash, pushing Google to clarify that it will introduce itself as a robot when talking to people.

Google May 11, 2018

Pixel Watch To Be Announced Alongside Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL This Fall

Rumors say Google will unveil a new Pixel Watch this fall, right alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It appears Google might be planning to showcase three smartwatches.

Google May 11, 2018

Google Drive Gets Fresh New Material Design Look To Match Gmail

Google has updated Drive with a bunch of Material Design tweaks, bringing its look closer to Gmail’s latest redesign. The new interface goes live for all users in the coming weeks.

Google May 10, 2018

Google News Is Getting A Major Redesign: AI Features And More Start Rolling Out

Google showcased its new Google News design and features. The highlight is the AI capabilities that provide a more personalized or an in-depth coverage of a story.

Google May 9, 2018

Chrome OS Now Supports Linux Apps, But Only On Google Pixelbook

Developers, rejoice: Linux apps is now fully supported on Chrome OS. Pixelbook users will get it first, but Google says the feature will roll out to other Chromebooks eventually.

Google May 10, 2018

Google Duplex Will Make Your Jaw Drop (It Might Also Steal Jobs From Humans In The Future)

Google I/O 2018 just revealed the upgrades in store for its virtual assistant service. Google Duplex is the highlight of the keynote that demonstrated how far the company has advanced its voice-based AI to make calls like a human.

Google May 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence On Gmail Will Write Emails For You

Artificial intelligence will help you compose messages on Gmail. Called Smart Compose, the feature won’t write the next great American novel, but it might help you type more quickly.

Google May 9, 2018

Google I/O 2018: What To Expect At The Annual Developer Conference

Google I/O 2018 is just around the corner, with the annual developer conference set to start on May 8. Here's what to expect from the event, including updates on Google Assistant and Wear OS, and the unveiling of Android P.

Google May 6, 2018

Google News Revamp Will Reportedly Make It Faster, With More Video: What To Expect

Google News is getting a significant update soon, with faster loading times thanks to AMP and more. The update will likely debut at Google I/O next week and will consolidate several other Google services.

Google May 6, 2018

Google Chrome Starts To Block Autoplay Videos Based On Your Preferences

Google Chrome has started automatically blocking autoplay videos based on user preferences, with the browser learning which ones to stop and which ones to allow. The new policy, according to Google, will block about half of unwanted autoplay videos.

Google May 4, 2018

Google Is Expanding To Apple's Apps Over 6 Months After Starting Its Advanced Protection Program

In 2017, Google created the Advanced Protection Program as an extra layer of security against hacking. This 2018, it expanded the program to include Apple's apps.

Google May 3, 2018

Google Assistant Works With 5,000 Smart Home Devices

Google revealed that its Google Assistant can work with over 5,000 items in a smart home environment. The technology company also announced that it was developing partnerships with a variety of companies such as ADT, IKEA, and LG.

Google May 3, 2018

Google Pay Rolls Out On The Web For Desktop And iOS Devices

Earlier this year, Google combined and rebranded most of its payment services into Google Pay. Now, the company confirmed that the payment platform is on its way to desktops and iOS devices.

Google May 5, 2018

Google Is Helping A 21-Year-Old Develop A Social Gaming Startup Called 'Arcade'

Michael Sayman is the 21-year-old founder and co-owner of Arcade. This is a social gaming startup currently in development under Google's Area 120 for experimental projects.

Google May 2, 2018

Google Doodle Celebrates Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß’s 241st Birthday

Google honored mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß for what would have been his 241st birthday with a Google Doodle. Gauß created a legacy that included numerous mathematical and scientific discoveries.

Google April 30, 2018

Upcoming Google Operating System ‘Fuchsia’ Will Run Android Apps: Why That’s A Big Deal

Google’s in-development Fuchsia operating system will be able to run Android apps, as shown in leaked codes. It’s a critical feature if Google intends to fully replace Android with Fuchsia.

Google April 29, 2018

Major Gmail Redesign Goes Live With Self-Destructing Emails, Snoozing, And More: Here's What's New

Google officially started rolling out its massive Gmail redesign, bringing a number of big changes. Here's what you need to know about self-destructing emails, confidential mode, email snooze, nudging, and more.

Google April 26, 2018

Google Also Changes Android’s Gun Emoji To A Water Pistol

Google updates Android’s gun emoji to look like a water pistol years after Apple did the same thing. Google is one of the later companies to adapt the new design into its software.

Google April 26, 2018

YouTube Took Down Over 8 Million Videos In 3 Months, And Machines Did Most Of The Work

In the last three months of 2017, YouTube took down 8.3 million videos that were mostly made up of spam or adult content. The video-sharing website attributed the numbers mostly to machines, which have helped flag the objectionable videos.

Google April 24, 2018

Google Makes Two-Factor Authentication A Piece Of Cake

Google updated its two-factor verification system to encourage iOS users to rely on its service. The authentication program is now integrated into the Gmail app and includes additional information about sign-in attempts.

Google April 22, 2018

Google Wants Sponsored 'How To' Videos For Assistant: Report

Google reportedly approached companies to create videos for a new 'How To' feature for Google Assistant. The search company made plans to showcase the step-by-step videos feature at I/O 2018 in May.

Google April 21, 2018

Google Is Going To Replace SMS With ‘Chat’: Here’s How It Works

Google plans to retire SMS texting in favor of RCS, a more dynamic form of text messaging. It’s relying on more than 50 carriers around the world, plus several smartphone manufacturers, to adopt the technology.

Google April 20, 2018

Google Chrome Now Has Oculus Rift VR Headset Support: Here's How To Enable It

The latest version of Google Chrome enabled WebVR support for the Oculus Rift. Reddit users took it for a spin and confirmed that it works as advertised.

Google April 19, 2018

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