Here's how a hacker used fake Google Maps listings to record calls of FBI and Secret Services

A hacker uses fake Google Maps and Google Places listings to record FBI and Secret Services telephone calls.

Internet March 3, 2014

WWW turns 25: A look back at the Internet's early days

What could be found on the web in the years following the day 25 years ago when Sir Tim Berners-Lee pressed a button on his keyboard and officially created the world wide web can be easily summed up. Not much, but that was not to last as everyone from scientists to pizza makers hopped onto what would arguably become the greatest phenomenon of the 20th Century.

Internet March 2, 2014

Google Maps Gallery is an awesome time machine: From Lewis and Clarke to Internet users

Ever wondered what America looked like to Lewis and Clarke as they headed west? The new Google Maps Gallery features awesome interactive maps that show historical events as well as modern trends.

Internet March 2, 2014

Google Maps now your best guide to buying 'drugs' in Brooklyn

Google Maps is guiding people to the "drug section" in Brooklyn erroneously.

Internet March 1, 2014

Google bringing OK Google voice search to Chrome beta: Most likely won't be useful

Google is attempting yet again to make 'OK Google' voice search relevant, but problems still remain. Unless Google makes it possible for users to use the service directly from the search box within the Chrome browser, instead of visiting Google search page each and every time, typing in the Omnibox will continue to be the best and quickest way to search.

Internet March 1, 2014

Oh, the nerve!: GCHQ used the webcam to spy on Yahoo chat users when they were nude

If you have been having some sexy chats over Yahoo in the last few years, the GCHQ of Britain might have your nude photo on file. The NSA might have access to it, too.

Internet March 1, 2014

Yahoo! Would you look at that? GCHQ watches webcam chats and sees a lot of nudity

Spy agencies don't knock. With the help of the NSA, GCHQ spies have gained access to 1.8 million users' Yahoo webcam chats, including those of users stripping down on camera for each other.

Internet February 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Web, you're 25: 9 in 10 Americans love being on the Internet

The Web has just turned 25. However, even now 1 in 10 Americans chooses to ignore the Internet and instead of being on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube all day, they probably prefer sending out mail the old-fashioned way.

Internet February 27, 2014

Microsoft plans to challenge YouTube with Dailymotion deal: What needs to be done for this to work

A deal between Dailymotion and Microsoft could mean bad things for YouTube and Google.

Internet February 27, 2014

Get spam free with new Google 'unsubscribe' button

Gmail added a new "unsubscribe" button to make it easier for users to unsubscribe from email lists. The new update should significantly lessen the amount of span in your inbox.

Internet February 25, 2014

Facebook quietly kills email address: Bye, bye, we won't miss you

Facebook has announced the passing of the email address but will anyone care? The email service never really took off.

Internet February 26, 2014

Twitter decoded: Study classifies tweets into six types...which type are you?

A new study has identified the six basic conversational archetypes that make up all of Twitter, namely, Polarized Crowd, Tight Crowd, Brand Clusters, Community Clusters, Broadcast Network, and Support Network.

Internet February 24, 2014

Facebook privacy settings to remain intact for deceased users

Facebook has made changes to how memorialized accounts can be viewed on the social network.

Internet February 23, 2014

Sprint's got you covered with free Wi-Fi voice calls

Sprint announced that it will introduce Wi-Fi calling capabilities to The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy Mega. The added coverage is intended to improve customers' cell service in locations where Sprint's network might fail.

Internet February 25, 2014

YouTube goes to the spa, returns looking fresh with focus on playlists

YouTube got a makeover on Thursday and returned looking better than ever. The new YouTube also features a renewed focus on playlists.

Internet February 21, 2014

It's a hoax! New lie detector spots social media fibs

Scientists created a lie detector system called Pheme, which can spot false reports on social media. The detector only needs 140 characters to figure out if the report is false.

Internet February 21, 2014

NYC joins the 21st century, adding free Wi-Fi to 40 more subway stations

Transit Wireless began its second phase of bringing free Wi-Fi service to 40 more subway stations in New York. The company also announced plans to bring service to several stations in Queens.

Internet February 22, 2014

New Google Maps is out: Here's what you get

Google started rolling out the new Google Maps to users around the globe.

Internet February 21, 2014

Microsoft lures cloud users to OneDrive with free 100GB storage

Microsoft threw a big punch at competitors by giving users a chance to get 100GB of free storage upon its launch.

Internet February 22, 2014

Got fiber? Google plans huge fiber Internet expansion

Google announced that it plans to bring its super-fast fiber Internet service to several more cities. The new list of Google Fiber cities will grow to include Phoenix, Atlanta, Nashville, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Texas, Charlotte, N.C. and Portland, Ore.

Internet February 20, 2014

Slow data connection? Not anymore. Perlman's pCell arrives

Steve Perlman finally unveiled his 'breakthrough' invention called pCell, which he says will revolutionize cellular data. In a demo of the technology, smartphones, tablets and PCs are all shown simultaneously streaming 4K and 1080p video without a single hitch.

Internet February 20, 2014

White House supports net neutrality but says can't force FCC's hands

The White House has expressed its support for an Open Internet but said it cannot impose on the FCC what it needs to do.

Internet February 19, 2014

Who really are internet trolls? Read on if you dare…

Experts from the University of Manitoba have concluded that online trolls are mostly sadists. The other two classifications are no better - self-centered and manipulative.

Internet February 17, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army strikes again. Victim: Forbes. Reason: Hate

Forbes did not receive love on Valentine's Day as the Syrian Electronic Army has hacked its website.

Internet February 19, 2014

Facebook understands your love life better than you do

Facebook data scientists have concocted a series of posts in celebration of Valentine's Day. The social network has provided an interesting preview of how love is like in the time of Facebook.

Internet February 15, 2014

Google wants 10 Gbps data transfer speed to become a reality

Google has confirmed it is working on 10 Gbps data transfer speeds.

Internet February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Doodle: Behind the scenes of Google's six love stories

Google has outdone itself with its 2014 Valentine's Day love story Doodle that might just reach the hearts of thousands.

Internet February 14, 2014

Life is like a box of chocolates - Valentine's Day Google Doodles help you share the love

In honor of Valentine's Day, Google created some of the cutest Google Doodles ever. Google helps you send your loved one digital chocolate or a Disney card. Google+ also recognizes photos of lovers and scatters digital confetti hearts all over the image.

Internet February 14, 2014

IE exploit used by Chinese hackers to spy on US vet site

From China with love? Online security firm FireEye detected the hack on the Veterans of Foreign Wars website Tuesday and reported its analysis Thursday pointing its fingers to hackers in China.

Internet February 14, 2014

Deja Vu: Aussie hackers loot Silk Road 2 of $2.6 million in bitcoins

Silk Road 2 has been hacked. Hackers made off with bitcoins worth $2.6 million.

Internet February 14, 2014

Netflix Deep Learning-based AI will tell you what you want to watch but do we need one?

Netflix wants you to refuse from taking recommendations from your friends, and rely on its new artificial intelligence.

Internet February 13, 2014

Is Twitter trying to mimic Facebook with new profile design?

If you logged into your Twitter account and thought you were on Facebook or Google+, don't panic. The social media company has been experimenting on a new design for the profile page of its users.

Internet February 13, 2014

Huge DDoS attack hits Cloudflare: What does it mean for Internet security?

Hackers carried out a massive Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against a Cloudflare client on Monday. The attack hit a record-breaking 400Gbps and Cloudflare security experts warned that this attack is the "start of ugly things to come."

Internet February 12, 2014

Beware! Facebook may be scamming you with 'Promote Your Page' Likes

The chicken is out of the coop. Facebook could be scamming its business users with its advertising for Likes option.

Internet February 13, 2014

The Mask malware gets unmasked by Kaspersky

Kaspersky has unraveled the anatomy of the most complex cyber espionage malware to date, the Careto or The Mask. It has been running since 2007 and has targeted individuals, companies, and governments across the globe.

Internet February 12, 2014

Yahoo teams up with Yelp to beef local search results

Yahoo has entered into a partnership with Yelp to improve its local search results.

Internet February 9, 2014

Fraud Alert: NBC Sochi hack report is fake, says security expert

Errata Security's Robert Graham has accused NBC of broadcasting a fraudulent report on hacking at Sochi. Graham calls the report "wrong in every respect."

Internet February 8, 2014

Pinterest launches revamped mobile site to appeal to growing userbase

The mobile site of Pinterest got a refresh and now looks like the social network's mobile applications.

Internet February 8, 2014

Google reminisces about its first data center 15 years later

The first Google data center was much more humble than the massive operation Google runs now. Some of Google's first employees reminisced about the first data center 15 years later.

Internet February 6, 2014

Facebook honors dad's request to see deceased son's Look Back video

Facebook agreed to create a Look Back video for a man whose son died in 2012. The young man's dad, John Berlin, posted a video on YouTube asking Facebook to share his son's Look Back video.

Internet February 6, 2014

Hackers attack Sochi journalist's phones within minutes

Sochi attendees beware--at least one journalist has already reported that his smartphone was hacked within minutes of his arrival in Sochi.

Internet February 5, 2014

Google blinks, ends EU antitrust spat

Despite Google's best efforts, the search engine giant's rivals are not happy with the EU's decision to settle the antitrust spat with the company.

Internet February 5, 2014

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