Endemol's Darlow Smithson Productions (DSP) has entered into an agreement with the Mars One colonization project to document the Mars One astronaut selection process. Endemol is best known for its hit reality franchise Big Brother and a Mars One reality TV show is now in the works.

DSP is a multi-awarded company known for a number of highly rated television productions. As of June 2, 2014, the company has officially signed an exclusive contract with Mars One to cover and document the selection process for the first Mars One astronauts to be sent to Mars.

Mars One is a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands. The organization was founded with the goal of sending four human colonists to Mars by the year 2025. The project has generated a large amount of interest and over 200,000 hopeful Mars colonists have already sent in their applications. While Mars One will be sending the colonists to the Red Planet, the trip is one way and if the project pushes through, the selected astronauts will have to start a human colony on Mars.

"Our team felt all along that we needed a partner whose strength lies in factual storytelling to an international audience," said Mars One CEO and co-founder Bas Lansdorp. "DSP will provide that to Mars One, while allowing our selection committee to maintain control of the astronaut selection process. This really is a perfect fit for both of us!"

DSP has announced its plans that it will be creating a reality TV show that will document the stringent application process for the Mars One mission. Of the 200,000 initial applicants, a total of 705 individuals have been chosen to participate in the next steps of the selection process. The long 300 million mile trip to Mars is expected to pose a significant strain on astronauts. Moreover, the actual voyage may be the easy part, once the astronauts land on the Red Planet, they will need to construct a viable human colony that will gradually be expanded with the help of other missions to Mars.

The applicants will be tested for the necessary skills, knowledge, psychological make-up and physical capabilities that will be necessary for the ambitious colonization project. Moreover, the shortlisted applicants will be judged by a panel of experts in varying fields associated with space flight. Panelists will include notable astronauts, scientists and adventurers.

The Mars One astronaut selection process is currently in full swing. DSP estimates that the upcoming TV show will start airing sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

"It is a great privilege for DSP to be chosen to exclusively follow the incredible journeys of those who will make humankind's first footprint on Mars," said DSP Head of Special Projects and Digital Media Iain Riddick. "This has to be the world's toughest job interview for what is without question a world-first opportunity and the human stories that emerge will captivate and inspire generations across the globe."

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