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Newly Discovered Cousin Of Velociraptor Reveals That Famed Dinosaur Was Feathered

A fossil found in China shows an exquisitely preserved specimen of a new feathered dinosaur that’s a close relative of Velociraptor. The discovery offers a glimpse of what Velociraptor looked like in real life, as fossils preserving Velociraptor’s feathers are scarce.

July 16, 2015

New Horizons Lets NASA Know It Is Safe After Pluto Flyby

A nerve-racking 21-hour waiting period came to an end around 9 p.m. EDT on July 14 when the New Horizons spacecraft contacted NASA to confirm that it had successfully completed its flyby of Pluto. During the period New Horizons was out of touch, it was busy collecting so much data that it will take 16 months to transmit it all back to Earth.

Space July 15, 2015

Platinum Alternative For Fuel Cells Could Facilitate Hydrogen-Powered Cars

Hydrogen power is a much greener alternative fuel, but the need for expensive platinum has limited the technology. Researchers have developed a new fuel cell design with cheaper materials, which could help pave the way to hydrogen-powered cars.

Science July 15, 2015

Today In Science History: The War Between Butter and Margarine Began 146 Years Ago

The invention of margarine in France 146 years ago led to upheaval in the American dairy industry and multiple Supreme Court cases. Butter producers were terrified that consumers wouldn't be able to tell the difference and would opt for the cheaper butter substitute.

July 15, 2015

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Discovers New Particle Called The Pentaquark

There's a new subatomic particle on the block. Made up of five quarks instead of the usual three, this particle presents new opportunities for studying the building blocks of the universe.

July 14, 2015

Nano-engineered Film Neutralizes Strong Food Odors

Foods like onions, garlic, and the supremely smelly durian fruit can pose problems due to their pungency, especially for transportation. A new food wrap made with nanoscale fibers of cellulose from wood effectively keeps these odors at bay.

July 14, 2015

Ride Along With New Horizons For Pluto Flyby With NASA Eyes App

The final countdown for the New Horizons Pluto flyby has begun with less than 24 hours to go before the historic event. New Horizons is a few billion miles away, but NASA’s Eyes on the Solar System app takes you right to the spacecraft with a real-time simulation.

Space July 13, 2015

Volunteers Contribute To Neuroscience By Virtually Dreaming Together In Brain Data Crowdsourcing Project

Hundreds of volunteers strapped on brain-monitoring headsets and virtually “dreamt” together by shaping the art on the dome above them. What came out of the project was not only amazing art, but also a published neuroscience paper.

July 12, 2015

Fossils Show That Ancient Jellies Had Beautiful Geometric Skeletons

Unlike their modern counterparts, ancient comb jellies actually had skeletons. Demonstrating this has been difficult because fossilized jellies are hard to come by. Now, researchers have discovered skeletal evidence while examining a batch of new fossils from China.

Animals July 11, 2015

NASA’s Mars Trek Web App Lets You Rove The Red Planet

A new Web app from NASA allows users to satisfy their Mars madness by taking a virtual tour of the red planet. It even features STL file downloads so that you can 3D-print your own models of the landscape.

Apps/Software July 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla: How This Eccentric Scientist's Inventions Still Affect Your Life

Tesla was born 159 years ago today, on July 10, 1856. Here's how his incredible inventions still influence lives today, and how some truly far-out inventions made him a model 'mad scientist.'

July 10, 2015

This Week In Space: Signs Of Life And Love In Our Solar System

From our solar system’s center to its furthest reaches and beyond, exciting news abounded this week in space. And not all of it was completely true.

Space July 10, 2015

Engineers Create Better Invisibility Cloaks Using Teflon And Ceramic

Scientists were able to create an invisibility cloak that is extremely thin and more effective than those developed previously. It is made from a single sheet of thin teflon with embedded ceramic particles.

July 10, 2015

Softness Is What Makes This Jumping 3D-Printed Robot Tough

This new robot’s soft body allows it to blast itself into the air and land without breaking. Researchers took inspiration from the way animals’ bodies combine soft and rigid materials while designing it.

July 9, 2015

Algorithm Inspired By Process In Kids’ Brains Could Improve Wireless Networks

A phenomenon key to the development of young brains could be applied to some engineered networks to make them more robust and efficient. Researchers suggest that the neuroscience-based algorithm could be particularly useful for optimizing wireless networks.

July 9, 2015

Peppermint And Cinnamon Extracts Deployed In Nanoparticle Capsules To Fight Harmful Bacteria

Encapsulating molecules extracted from peppermint and cinnamon in silica nanoparticles allowed researchers to take advantage of the microbial properties of these materials. The tiny capsules could be deployed to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

July 9, 2015

Science Images Of The Week: Captured Lightning, A New Dinosaur, And More

This week, science brought us beauty in the form of ultramodern 3D-printed art and ancient dinosaurs. Plus, Pluto!

July 9, 2015

Tiny Stars Power Biggest Explosions In Universe With Their Super Strong Magnetic Fields

Gamma-ray bursts, such as those shown in this artist's rendering, are associated with some of the biggest explosions in the universe. They were thought to be caused by massive stars, but new observations suggest that they are actually powered by the magnetic fields of tiny stars.

Space July 8, 2015

Interview With Mike Slee, Director Of National Geographic Documentary 'ROBOTS 3D'

National Geographic's new documentary 'ROBOTS 3D' introduces viewers to some of the most incredible humanoid robots around today, including iCub. Tech Times spoke interviewed director Mike Slee about his insights into humanoid robot development.

FUTURE TECH July 8, 2015

Graphene Used To Create Extremely Efficient Ultrasonic Speakers And Microphones

The one atom-thick wonder material known as graphene could be incorporated into speakers and microphones to enable them to process sounds far below and above the limits of human hearing. Researchers found that graphene-based audio devices are also incredibly efficient.

July 7, 2015

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