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Female Scientists Take To Twitter To Show Tim Hunt How #DistractinglySexy They Are

Earlier this week, Nobel laureate Tim Hunt described his 'trouble with girls' at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea. These female scientists have come up with a brilliant way to show Hunt the trouble with his sexist attitude.

Culture June 12, 2015

Nanotechnology Makes It Possible To Print Extremely Bright Colors Without Using Ink

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology demonstrated a new technique for printing without using ink to print a nanoscale version of the school’s athletic logo. The colors they created are extremely bright because of their structure at the nanoscale, which is similar to the that seen in many birds and butterfly.

June 12, 2015

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti Sets Space Stay Record For Women And European Space Agency

Italian astronaut returns to Earth with two new records attached to her name. No woman or European astronaut has ever spent as much time in space on a single uninterrupted mission as she has.

Space June 11, 2015

Amazon Web Services Announces Plan To Build Massive Solar Farm In Virginia

Internet giant Amazon Web Services announced a plan to build the largest solar farm in the state of Virginia to further its recent commitment to renewable energy. The plant will provide power to the company’s data centers.

Energy June 10, 2015

Brain Activity Reveals That Crows Can Count

Crows were able to tell whether groups contain the same number of objects. Analysis of the birds’ brain activity shows that they process information about numbers in a manner similar to primates.

June 10, 2015

‘Gravitational Lens’ Magnifies Images Of Stars Being Born To Reveal Unprecedented Details

The ALMA telescope has captured the most detailed images yet of star formation. A phenomenon known as gravitational lensing made the images possible.

Space June 9, 2015

NASA Teams Up With Mayo Clinic To Treat Brain Disorders Using Nanotechnology

Four years of collaboration between two organizations with seemingly unrelated missions has yielded a new medical device that could change the way doctors use deep brain stimulation. Currently, the treatment is mainly effective for Parkinson’s, but carbon nanofiber pads could open opportunities for treating other brain disorders via this method.

Life June 8, 2015

New Tool Accurately Predicts Risk Of Death In Year Following Hospital Admission

A new statistical model allows researchers to predict risk of death in the year after a patient is admitted to a hospital using routinely collected data. The tool could be used in developing new treatments as well as in assessing quality of care.

Life June 8, 2015

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Doctor: How Humans May Soon Be Able To Save Lives Using Silk

For the first time, scientists can spin silk in the lab without raising spiders. The new silk-spinning device could allow resarchers to create silk with properties not found in natural spider silk, including some with major medical applications.

Life June 6, 2015

Astronaut Shakes Hands With Someone On Earth From Space

A new space-to-ground communication system allows astronauts to ‘feel’ objects that are hundreds of kilometers away. Years of research went into making this historic handshake possible.

FUTURE TECH June 5, 2015

Strange New Dinosaur Species Discovered, Nicknamed ‘Hellboy’ By Scientists

After a long, difficult excavation saga, a new species of dinosaur was unveiled for display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada. It's a close relative of Triceratops, but its bizarre feature surprised scientists.

June 4, 2015

No Scientific Evidence Behind Claims That Eating Placenta Improves Health

The idea that moms can gain health benefits from eating their placentas after birth has given rise to new health fad. However, a review of the scientific literature turned up no evidence for such claims.

Life June 4, 2015

Software Reads Facial Expressions To Monitor Kids’ Pain While In Hospital

Pain in children often goes unnoticed because they lack the skills to communicate it. New computer software could eliminate the need for self-reporting pain by reading it directly from the child’s face.

Life June 2, 2015

Why Sunlight Causes Sneezing In Almost One-Third Of Population

A not-so-rare genetic condition causes some people to sneeze upon exposure to bright light. Experts suspect this bizarre phenomenon is the result of crossed wires in the brain.

Life June 1, 2015

Fish Proves That Wild Animals Can Have 'Virgin Births'

Smalltooth sawfish are the most endangered marine fish in the world. The discovery of sawfish with no genetic material from a father suggests that female sawfish reproduce all on their own when they can’t find a mate.

Animals June 1, 2015

Wearing Contact Lenses Alters The Eye's Bacterial Communities

A new study found that contact lens wearers have more bacteria linked to corneal ulcers than nonwearers. Understanding the changes that contacts cause in the eye’s bacterical community could help prevent infections.

Life May 31, 2015

Listening To Specific Sounds While Sleeping Can Reduce Race And Gender Biases

Unconscious social biases are still rampant in our society, but a new study suggests that sleep is an effective target for reversing them. Administering interventions during sleep produced significant, lasting effects.

Society May 29, 2015

What Does A Martian Aurora Look Like?

The red planet sports dashes of red, blue and green in its atmosphere when auroras occur. Research suggests that some of the light of Martian auroras is visible.

Space May 28, 2015

Watch These Broken Robots Learn How To Walk Again All On Their Own (Video)

Robots can now learn to function in the face of damage without the help of a human. A new computer algorithm could help robots save lives in dangerous situations.

FUTURE TECH May 27, 2015

Graphene Gets A Step Closer To Actually Being Useful With 3D-Printed Antenna

Buzz about graphene abounds, but the material has yet to show up in commercial products. A new method for creating graphene-based antennas could lead to one of the material's first commercial applications.

FUTURE TECH May 27, 2015

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