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Men With Stronger Grip More Likely To Be Married: Study

Researchers found that men with stronger grips are actually more likely to be married. What could be the link between grip strength and marital status?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2018

London Infested With Toxic Caterpillars, Officials Warn Of Potential Health Hazards

The emergence of toxic caterpillars may cause health hazards to people, animals, and oak trees. Officials are urging the public to contact authorities if they spot OPM caterpillars or nests.

Public Health April 29, 2018

University Library Has 'Cry Closet' For Stressed Out Students

The University of Utah has a 'cry closet' for students who might want to let all the stress out. Some find the closet detrimental to growth, but there are actual physical benefits to crying.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2018

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism In Dogs: Veterinarians Respond To New Anti-Vaxx Fears

Can dogs really develop autism symptoms because of vaccines? A British morning talk show received backlash over allegedly pushing anti-vaxx and canine autism conversation.

Public Health April 28, 2018

Ringing No More? New Treatment May Significantly Reduce Tinnitus Symptoms

One in 10 adults live with tinnitus. Though people experience the condition in varying degrees, those with severe tinnitus may struggle with sleep, work, and hearing.

Medicine April 27, 2018

Giant Wooden Sculpture Unearthed In 1894 Found To Be Over 11,000 Years Old

Researchers have dated the Shigir Idol at over 11,000 years old despite previous controversy regarding its age. Does this mean that hunter-gatherers were quite the artists?

Ancient April 27, 2018

Surgeons Amputate 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Leg And Reattach It Backward To Help Retain Her Active Lifestyle

7-year-old Amelia bravely said "goodbye loser" to the cancerous tumor in her femur. Though it cost her a thigh, the rotationplasty will help her keep her active lifestyle.

Medicine April 26, 2018

Teeth Of Carnivorous Dinosaurs Reveal Their Hunting Strategy, Prey Choice

Do carnivorous dinosaurs have different prey choices? Evidently, while theropods' hunting methods are very similar, their teeth strength and shape may determine their prey choice.

Animals April 26, 2018

Obese Sisters Get Bariatric Surgery In Bid To Help Them Live Healthier Lives

Yogita and Anisha were already having breathing problems at just six and eight years old because of their obesity. Thanks to a kind doctor, the sisters received the medical care that they need for free.

Medicine April 22, 2018

Exotic Tick Species Possibly Established In New Jersey

In 2017, a sheep was discovered to be infested with a tick species that hasn't previously been seen in the United States. Recent updates reveal that the ticks survived winter and may already be established in New Jersey.

Public Health April 22, 2018

'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Diagnosed With Rare Cancer: What Is Burkitt Lymphoma?

Burkitt lymphoma is an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that may vary depending on geographical location and affected body part. Outside of Africa, it may be associated with a compromised immune system.

Medicine April 22, 2018

Hubble Celebrates Stellar Anniversary: Highlights Of The Space Telescope's 28 Years Of Exploration

Before the Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990, astronomers haven't observed planets beyond the solar system. Now, Hubble is helping astronomers on the planet hunt that has since discovered more than 3,000 extrasolar planets.

Space April 21, 2018

Organic Tampons, Menstrual Cups No Safer Than Regular Tampons Against Toxic Shock Syndrome: Study

New research finds that even organic tampons and menstrual cups may also cause toxic shock syndrome. What can be done to reduce the risk of TSS?

Public Health April 21, 2018

Multistate E.coli Outbreak: CDC Expands Warning To Cover All Types Of Romaine Lettuce

The CDC has expanded its E.coli warning from chopped romaine lettuce to all types of romaine lettuce. The advisory comes after an investigation in Alaska revealed that several people fell ill after consuming whole heads of romaine lettuce.

Public Health April 20, 2018

Autism Pioneer Alleged To Have Worked With Nazis: Who Is Hans Asperger?

Who is Hans Asperger? He's credited for the first descriptions of what's now known to be Asperger's syndrome, but he's also allegedly involved in a Nazi euthanasia program.

Feature | Health April 20, 2018

Study Finds Inconclusive Results On Whether Animals Can Predict Earthquakes Despite Hundreds Of Reports

There are hundreds of reports of animals behaving abnormally before earthquakes, but does that mean they can predict such natural disasters? Researchers find that the data is still lacking.

Animals April 20, 2018

Hole In Stone Age Cow's Skull Bears Evidence Of Early Cranial Surgery

A stone age cow skull was found to have a hole that was likely made as a result of cranial surgery. Such evidence of trepanation has never been seen on animals before.

Ancient April 19, 2018

Study Finds Public Restroom Hand Dryers May Be Spreading Bacteria: What's The Best Hand-Drying Method?

Hand drying is just as important a process as hand washing in keeping bacterial transmissions at bay. What is the more effective hand-drying method available in public restrooms?

Public Health April 16, 2018

4 Baboons Escape From Research Facility In Texas

Four baboons were shortly returned to their enclosure after they had escaped earlier from a primate research facility. All the baboons that escaped are accounted for, and veterinarians confirmed that they are all okay.

Animals April 15, 2018

Second Grade Students Work Together To Support Classmate With Diabetes

A class of second-grade students worked on a project together to create purse designs for their classmate's diabetes apparatus. The children even made a belt design when they realized that boys could also get type 1 diabetes.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 15, 2018

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