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Public Reminded Of Lawn Mower Safety Guidelines After Fatal Accidents

Recent lawn mower-related accidents claimed the lives of an elderly woman and a young child. What are some important safety guidelines to remember when operating such machinery?

Public Health June 10, 2018

Dog Flu Scare: Can Canine Influenza Really Cause The Next Flu Pandemic?

Can the next global flu pandemic really come from dogs? The CDC says the pandemic risk of canine influenza poses a low threat to humans.

Public Health June 10, 2018

Loneliness Linked To Poorer Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes, Higher Mortality Risks

Patients with heart disease who had feelings of loneliness were found to have poorer health outcomes and mental health, as well as higher mortality risks. Is it time to consider feelings of loneliness when assessing health risks?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 10, 2018

Doctor Who Sang And Danced During Surgeries Gets License Suspended

A Georgia doctor's medical license has been suspended for her being a 'threat to public health, safety, and welfare.' Evidently, she sings and dances while doing surgery, an act that has resulted in several botched procedures.

Public Health June 9, 2018

Tennessee Children Treated For E. Coli Infection Possibly Linked To Raw Milk

In the past weeks, over 10 children in Tennessee fell ill possibly due to consumption of raw milk. While some believe that raw milk is beneficial to health, it's actually very risky to consume, as it may contain harmful bacteria.

Public Health June 9, 2018

Michigan Authorities Recommend Banning Deer Feeding And Baiting To Prevent 'Zombie Deer' Disease

Michigan authorities recommend banning deer feeding and the use of deer urine-based baits to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease. Their aggressive actions are intended to mitigate or even eliminate CWD in the state.

Animals June 9, 2018

Here Are The Top US Cities With Tick Problems

A lawn maintenance and treatment company revealed their data that shows which cities have the biggest problems with ticks. Is your city on the list?

Public Health June 9, 2018

Connecticut Man Pleads Guilty To Illegal Trafficking Of Sperm Whale Teeth From Ukraine

A Connecticut man admitted to illegal whale teeth trafficking between 2004 and 2008. Sperm whales are considered an endangered species and are protected under the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Animals June 8, 2018

Blood Test Can Predict Due Date And Premature Delivery Risk Of Pregnant Women

Worldwide, 15 million infants are born prematurely each year. A research team's new blood test development could help detect such types of birth, potentially reducing its complications beforehand.

Medicine June 8, 2018

E. coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce Is The Largest In A Decade: FDA

What's the latest update on the investigations regarding the multistate E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce? Authorities are still struggling to find the main source of the contamination.

Public Health June 3, 2018

Rare Iberian Lynx Released In Portugal 2 Years Ago Seen In Catalonia

Litio, the 4-year-old Iberian lynx, was finally spotted two years after his release. He was found in a region that has not seen the species for over a hundred years.

Animals June 3, 2018

Critically Endangered Mountain Gorilla Population Reaches 1,000, Largest Population To Date

Mountain gorillas are among the world's largest primates, and their population is under serious threat. The latest census shows that the species is beginning to recover.

Animals June 3, 2018

Teen Hospitalized With Life-Threatening Illness After 'Too Much' Workout: What Is Rhabdomyolysis?

Rhabdomyolysis is a condition that occurs with serious skeletal muscle injury. It can be caused by excessive exercise, lightning strike, extreme body temperatures, and even infections.

Medicine June 2, 2018

World's Most Sensitive Detector Establishes Limit On Effective Size Of Dark Matter Particles

Dark matter is believed to be one of the most basic elements of the universe, but it remains a mystery. Scientists now believe that its particles are likely smaller than previously expected.

Space June 2, 2018

Woman Being Treated For Rabies After Touching Rabid Bat With Bare Hands

Minnesota authorities warn the public of potential encounters with rabid bats, saying bats should be avoided at all costs. Pets should also be vaccinated with anti-rabies as a precaution.

Public Health June 2, 2018

Toxic Chemicals From Recycled E-Waste Leech Into Our Food Packaging

There's a high demand for black plastics because of its color and durability, but it's a material that's rarely recycled properly. What's the danger of recycling black plastic from e-waste?

Earth/Environment June 1, 2018

Study Traces Genetic Ancestry Of Inca Emperors, Sheds Light On Origin Legends

Where did the Inca empire's royals really come from? There are two legends that relate to their origin, and a new study may have confirmed both.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Three Victims Sue Ex-Gambian President Over Fake AIDS Treatment

The ex-president of Gambia is being sued for his fake AIDS treatment program that forced people to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs. The country is slowly making significant progress in response to HIV/AIDS.

Medicine June 1, 2018

TLC Launches Show About Family With Over 80 Pets

TLC's controversial new show 'Our Wild Life' shows what it’s like to live with over 80 animals at home. The show has since gotten reactions that vary from amused to critical.

Feature | Health May 27, 2018

Cockroach Milk Has More Protein And Nutrients Than Regular Milk: The Next Superfood Trend?

Cockroach milk may still need some time before becoming the next superfood trend despite it being supposedly nutritious and protein-rich. What are superfoods and why are they trendy?

Healthy Living/Wellness May 27, 2018

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