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Study Reveals Not Much Has Changed In Genetics Between Stone, Modern Age Populations In East Asia

Despite living thousands of years apart, Stone Age and modern populations in East Asia have very little difference in their genetics. This is according to DNA samples obtained from ancient remains in Russia.

Ancient February 2, 2017

Early Oceans' ‘Green Rust’ Responsible For Earth’s Iron Ore Formation

Before they were the rusty red color commonly recognized today, banded iron formations started out green. According to researchers, ‘green rust’ formed the foundation for Earth’s iron ore.

Earth/Environment February 2, 2017

Mystery Illness In India Traced To Lychee Fruit

Lychee may appear harmless but researchers have confirmed that the fruit plays a role in a mystery disease that has been plaguing a town in India since 1995.

Public Health February 1, 2017

Studies Show Antibiotic-Resistant Gene MCR-1 Spreading In China

Antibiotic use is critical in health care. However, overuse has given rise to antibiotic resistance, with researchers recently reporting that the antibiotic-resistant gene MCR-1 has spread in China.

Public Health January 31, 2017

Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Rooted In Vitamin A Deficiency

Alzheimer’s disease typically occurs in old age but now researchers have discovered the neurodegenerative condition may take root earlier when vitamin A deficiency is present during pregnancy or early after birth.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2017

Researchers Identify Brain Hormone That Triggers Fat Burning

Researchers have identified the brain hormone responsible for triggering the gut’s fat-burning process. Their findings open up new health possibilities as scientists now have another drug target to consider in an effort to facilitate fat burning.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2017

Swarm Of Underwater Robots Sent Out As ‘Robotic Plankton’ To Study Ocean Currents

Researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography have come up with underwater robots to be used as “robotic plankton” to observe ocean currents in better detail.

Earth/Environment January 26, 2017

Researchers Confirm 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen From Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur

From the femur of a Brachylophosaurus, collagen peptides were extracted, confirming organic molecules are capable of persisting even in specimens that are tens of millions years old.

Ancient January 24, 2017

High-Tech ‘Smart Needle’ Developed To Make Brain Surgery Safer

For a lot of people, brain surgery is a necessary treatment option. Researchers from the University of Adelaide are aiming to make brain surgeries safer by developing a high-tech 'smart needle' to aid surgeons during the procedure.

Biotech January 23, 2017

Researchers Turn To ‘Superhemophobic’ Titanium To Address Blood Clotting, Infection In Medical Implants

Blood clots and infections have been plaguing medical implants for years. According to researchers, turning medical devices like stents and catheters to become blood-repellent may hold the solution to issues with implants.

Biotech January 22, 2017

Ever Wondered What A Pluto Landing Would Be Like? Let NASA Show You

Getting to Pluto was one of NASA’s biggest achievements and the space agency has shared a video showing what the view would have been like if you were landing on the dwarf planet.

Space January 21, 2017

Patient Consent No Longer Required In Further Blood, DNA Research

Samples like blood or DNA will no longer require consent for further research, according to the final rule the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and other Common Rule agencies issued on Jan. 18.

Biotech January 19, 2017

Presumed Young Star Actually 10 Billion Years Older Than Previously Thought

For decades, scientists estimated 49 Lib to be a 'teen' star. However, new research has shown that it is actually 10 billion years older than previously thought, making it more of a senior citizen.

Space January 18, 2017

Acupuncture Shows Promise As Infantile Colic Treatment

Acupuncture has long been associated with pain relief and inducing calm. Now, researchers are saying the treatment may also be effective at alleviating excessive crying in babies with infantile colic.

Public Health January 17, 2017

Melanoma Mutation Found To Thrive On Fat, Not Glucose

More than 60 percent of melanoma cases are due to a mutation called BRAF V600E. According to researchers, the mutation particularly thrives on fat, taking a different route that other cancer mutations usually take for growth and development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 17, 2017

Liquid Metal 3D Printing Holds Promise As Revolutionary Manufacturing Method

3D printing with metals is nothing new but a startup is taking the process to the next level by using liquid metal instead of the usual powdered ones, potentially revolutionizing the manufacturing process.

Material Science January 16, 2017

Powerful Solar Storms Could Produce ‘Sparks’ Capable Of Vaporizing, Melting Soils At Moon’s Poles

The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere and this means it’s exposed to space’s harsh environment. According to researchers, solar storms are a particular threat because they could produce sparks capable of melting or evaporating soil on the lunar surface.

Space January 13, 2017

How To Lower Diverticulitis Risk? Replace One Meat Portion Daily With Chicken Or Fish, Suggests Study

Replacing even just one portion of red meat a day with chicken or fish has been found to help in reducing risks of developing diverticulitis in men.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 12, 2017

Child’s Toy Whirligig Inspired Stanford Researchers To Invent Low-Cost, Hand-Powered Blood Centrifuge

A whirligig may be a child’s toy but it has led to the development of the paperfuge, a low-cost hand-powered centrifuge that can improve health services in off-the-grid areas.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 12, 2017

Got Back, Joint Pain? No, You Can't Blame The Weather For Them, Say Researchers

It might feel like it but, no, the weather has nothing to do with back or joint pain. Researchers carried out another study to show changes in temperature or humidity does not influence body pain.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 11, 2017

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