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Weekend Exercise May Be Enough To Lower Death Risk From Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Says Study

‘Weekend warriors’ enjoy health benefits despite just engaging in physical activity once or twice in a week. According to researchers, that much exercise is enough to lower death risks associated with cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Public Health January 11, 2017

Methane Doesn’t Last Long In The Atmosphere But Causes Sea-Level Rise For Centuries

Sea levels are on the rise and researchers have found that short-lived compounds in the atmosphere like methane have a hand in influencing the event for centuries.

Earth/Environment January 10, 2017

January Is National Radon Action Month: EPA Advises Homeowners To Test For Lung Cancer-Causing Radioactive Gas

January is National Radon Action Month, and the EPA wants you to take action and ensure the cancer-causing radioactive gas is not putting you and your family in danger.

Public Health January 10, 2017

'La La Land' Goes Ooh La La At Golden Globes 2017: Here's A Complete List of Winners

"La La Land" was a big winner at the 74th Golden Globes after the musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone bagged seven awards for the night, including Best Picture and Best Actor and Actress for a comedy movie.

Life & Style January 9, 2017

Hour-long Naps Good For Older Adults: Afternoon Naps Improve Thinking, Memory, Says Study

Napping has long been shown to have benefits. For older adults specifically, taking hour-long naps in the afternoon aids in improving thinking and memory, say researchers.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 9, 2017

Effects Of Secondhand Smoke Exposure Before Pregnancy Linger To Impair Fetal Brain Development Later On: Study

Secondhand smoke has long been shown to be bad for the health. Now, researchers have found that simply being exposed prior to a pregnancy can put a woman’s baby at risk of impaired fetal brain development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 8, 2017

MIT Researchers Develop Porous, 3D Graphene 10 Times Stronger Than Steel But Lighter

It has been established that graphene is a strong material, and it just keeps getting better. Researchers have created a new form of the material that makes it 10 times stronger than steel at a mere fraction of the latter’s density.

Material Science January 7, 2017

Binary Star System Predicted To Merge, Explode In 5 Years

Researchers have predicted that the twin stars of KIC 9832227 will merge and then explode, resulting in a bright star. The event is predicted to occur 2022.

Space January 7, 2017

Researchers Turn To Fat Cells To Heal Wounds Without Scarring

What if wounds could heal without scarring? Researchers want to turn that into reality and they’re actually a step closer after learning how to leverage fat cells in the wound-healing process.

Biotech January 7, 2017

Can’t Find Joy In Music? Poor Brain Connectivity May Be To Blame, Say Researchers

Music may be capable of soothing a savage beast but it turns out not everyone can derive enjoyment from it. According to researchers, poor brain connections may be to blame.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 6, 2017

Upping Zinc In Diet Can Improve Cellular Health, Reduce DNA ‘Wear And Tear’

Researchers have found that increasing zinc levels in the body can help boost cellular health, reducing oxidative stress while improving immunity. What's even better is that just a modest increase in zinc can bring about these benefits.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 5, 2017

Nanohyperthermia Uses Heat To Soften, Make Tumors More Receptive To Cancer Treatment

Treating cancer can get tricky because targeting tumor cells leads to the destruction as well of healthy cells. Now, researchers have discovered how to soften tumors with heat, making them more receptive to treatment.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 5, 2017

Genes To Blame For Severe Form Of PMS? Researchers Link Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder To Poor Sex Hormone Gene Expression

Premenstrual syndrome brings a slew of uncomfortable symptoms for women. According to researchers, PMS' more severe counterpart, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, may be caused by poor gene expression in sex hormones.

Public Health January 4, 2017

Researchers Urge Caution Around Psilocybin Use, Warn About Bad ‘Magic Mushroom’ Trips

Psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms can give quite the trip, and when it’s bad, it’s bad, according to a survey carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Medicine January 4, 2017

What Made Zika So Deadly? 7 Proteins May Be To Blame, Say Researchers

Zika caused a public health emergency last year. Now, researchers have identified key proteins that may have been responsible for the virus’ severity, taking them a step closer to mitigating threats Zika still has.

Public Health January 4, 2017

Children With Obese Parents May Be At Risk Of Developmental Delays, Say NIH Researchers

Parental obesity can directly affect children, according to NIH researchers. In a study, they showed that obese mothers and fathers can increase risks of child developmental delays.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 2, 2017

Going On A New Diet? Don’t Expect Your Gut Bacteria To Be On Your Side, Says Study

The new year is a great time to get started on a new diet. Researchers, however, warn that your gut bacteria may have other things in mind, not letting you enjoy right away the benefits of eating healthier.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 2, 2017

CRISPR Has An Off Switch: Researchers Identify Anti-CRISPR Proteins To Inactivate Gene Editing System

CRISPR holds a lot of promise but there’s definitely room for improvement. Researchers have identified anti-CRISPR proteins that can act as an off switch for the gene editing system, making it safer to use.

Biotech December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Closing Time: Business Hours For Banks, Post Office, Walmart, Target, And More On December 31 and January 1

2016 is coming to a close. If you’re gearing up for the new year with some last-minute shopping and errands, best to take note of business hours for New Year’s Eve.

Life & Style December 30, 2016

NIH Testing Injectable Cabotegravir To Prevent HIV: Move Over, Truvada?

Injectable cabotegravir is being tested by the NIH in an effort to develop other HIV prevention options. Currently, the oral tablet Truvada is the only HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis approved for use.

Public Health December 29, 2016

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