It's summer, and everyone wants to go to the beach or outdoors for some fun under the sun. Apart from ineffective sunblock and sunscreens, the body can also overheat and cut your fun time short.

Here are some signs that your body is overheating. If you experience any of these symptoms, get out of the sun and go indoors until conditions improve. Otherwise, seek medical attention immediately.

Dizziness. Many people think dizziness is harmless. However, it can also be a heat exhaustion sign. Untreated heat-related dizziness can escalate to a heat stroke.

Tingly skin and goosebumps. A tingling sensation on the skin as well as the appearance of goosebumps are early signs of both heat stroke and heat exhaustion. If you experience any of the two while you're out in the sun, the best thing to do is to go indoors or stay under a shade immediately until the sensation or symptoms reduce. Avoiding direct sunlight is crucial, as this can further escalate the symptoms.

Lack of sweat or excessive sweating. When you're out in the sun, it's normal to sweat. But in cases of heat exhaustion, people tend to sweat more than usual. The lack of sweat even if your body is hot is a symptom of heat stroke. This condition is called anhidrosis, which is a condition when the body shuts down its ability to cool down by itself.

If you notice something weird about your sweating pattern, immediately go inside and seek medical help if your condition doesn't improve after efforts of cooling down.

Headache. This is a red flag. Headaches associated with the heat can range from dull ones to throbbing. Regardless of intensity, a headache signals that the body needs to cool down and that you need to get out of direct sunlight fast.

Nausea. This is a typical symptom of heat exhaustion. However, nausea that comes with vomiting is a heat stroke sign and should be given immediate medical help.

Heart rate changes. A weakened or slow heart rate is a sign of heat exhaustion. On the other hand, a rapid heart rate is a sign of heat stroke. Both change in the heart rate is an indication of an overheating body.

Weakness. When you're out in the sun having fun, there are many beach activities that can keep you hyped. However, if you suddenly feel exhausted and weak instead of relaxed and psyched, it means that your body is overheating. Feelings of weakness and fatigue can be accompanied with anxiety, confusion and agitation.

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