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Bose Outs $149 DIY Speaker For Kids To Teach Them How To Build Hardware

You can get a Bose speaker for just $149, but you'll probably want to let a budding scientist put it together for you. And with the guidance of an iOS companion app, you won't even have to play tech support.

Gadgets June 29, 2016

Microsoft Developing Hand Tracking Technology: VR Gaming Without Gamepads Coming?

While it isn't believed to be working on a virtual reality headset, Microsoft continues to build infrastructure around the sector. Microsoft's Handpose may have been in development before VR's rebirth, but the gesture tracking tech is maturing at just the right time.

Microsoft June 29, 2016

'Overwatch' Now Most Popular Game In Korean Internet Cafes, Takes Spot From 'League Of Legends'

Bright and vibrant shooter 'Overwatch' took down MOBA 'League of Legends' to become the post played game in Korea's internet cafes. 'League of Legends' still has way more players.

Video Games June 29, 2016

'Minecraft: The Movie' Coming To A Theater Near You In 2019

'Minecraft: The Movie' has finally been given a release date, and it won't be releasing anytime soon. Minecraft the movie is set to premier on May 24, 2019.

Video Games June 28, 2016

Amazon Plans To Expand Lineup Of Brands For Dash Buttons: Report

Amazon is expected to announce the addition of dozens of new Dash buttons this week. While the Dash program has had success, Amazon has more work to do to get its message across to consumers.

Smart Home June 27, 2016

How Will Brexit Affect Silicon Valley? It's Anybody's Guess

It could be two years before the UK completes its Brexit and shuts the door behind itself. Still, that's not stopping any of us from taking a stab at what the impact UK's EU exit will have on Britain and Silicon Valley.

Business Tech June 27, 2016

The Hotter The Girl, The Less Likely Men Will Want To Wear Condom: Study

In what may come as a surprise to someone out there, scientists have confirmed that guys are less inclined to want to wear condoms during casual sex when they're really attracted to their hook up.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

You Can Buy The Nest Thermostat For $200 Until July 4

Nest has lopped $50 off the price of its $250 Nest Learning Thermostat. Some people may find that price to be outrageous for a thermostat, but this thing has all sorts of money-saving features.

Smart Home June 27, 2016

Forget Playing 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' If You Have PlayStation 3 Or Xbox 360: Is Bungie Forcing Us To Upgrade?

'Destiny' developer Bungie has revealed that it's about a month away from splitting accounts between last- and current-gen consoles. The change goes into effect at the start of August.

Video Games June 26, 2016

iPhone 7 Rumors: Next iPhone May Feature Bigger Camera While iPhone 7 Plus May Sport Dual-Lens Camera

A new set of rumors about the iPhone 7 offers some clarity on a previous report about the series' headphone jack. Still, nothing rumored so far seems to explain the iPhone 7 series' alleged price points.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 26, 2016

US National Whitewater Center Suspends Whitewater Activities After Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Ohio Teen

Officials at the U.S. National Whitewater Center will have to rethink their facility's water testing and regulation after a single-celled, brain-eating amoeba took the life of an 18-year-old woman.

Public Health June 26, 2016

Arctic Snow Is Turning Red And We Should Be Alarmed, Warn Scientists

Algae is putting the heat on our ice caps. It makes for some pretty pink snow, but the impact of the algae does more damage with each spring and summer season.

Earth/Environment June 26, 2016

Volkswagen Settles Diesel Emissions Scandal For Over $10 Billion And You May Get Up To $7,000

Owners of Volkswagen's troubled diesel cars could get as much as $7,000 as the automaker prepares to shell out over $10 billion to make things right.

Car Tech June 25, 2016

Tesla Model X More Powerful Than Model S? Recent Test Reveals Which Tesla Is Quicker

Despite being a step slower, the Tesla Model X appears to be more powerful than the Model S. However, that could change with a firmware update.

Car Tech June 25, 2016

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 BOGO Deal: You Only Have Until June 30

There are just a few more days left to take advantage of AT&T's BOGO on flagship phones. The Samsung Galaxy S7 headlines a collection of eligible phones that also includes the LG G5, Galaxy Note 5 and others.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 25, 2016

Wolfenstein Developer MachineGames Releases New Episode Of Quake To Celebrate Game's 20th Anniversary

After almost two decades, the original 'Quake' game is getting new DLC. The new episode is being offered free in celebration of the game's 20th anniversary.

Video Games June 25, 2016

Watch Jay Leno, 80-Year-Old Stuntman Ride A 2,500-HP Hemi Under Glass, But Something Goes Horribly Wrong

Though visibly shaken, Jay Leno and an 80-year-old stunt man both walked away from a violent crash. They had been riding a Hemi Under Glass on two wheels.

Viral June 25, 2016

Driverless Cars: Save Passengers Or Save Pedestrians? The Dilemma Of How Moral Should We Make Our Robots

There's an impending social dilemma threatening the progress of driverless cars. People's ideas on AI morality could cause regulators to step in.

Car Tech June 24, 2016

Fetch, Fido! Boston Dynamics SpotMini Can Do Your Household Chores And Will Slip On Banana Peel Too (Video)

Boston Dynamics' Spot now has a smaller, way more compact sibling. Meet SpotMini, the robotic dog that can pull its own weight around the house.

Robotics June 24, 2016

Furi Will Let You Fight Boss After Boss: New The Game Bakers Game Out July 5 For PS4 And PC

'Furi' promises players a drawn out string of one-on-one boss fights. With just a gun and a sword and the ability to charge them up, players will have to supply the skill and focus on this affair.

Video Games June 23, 2016

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