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Young Designers Explore New Dimensions In Fashion At 3D-Printed Re-Making Patterns Exhibition

Eyebeam Art + Technology and Shapeways brought 15 designers together to create garments using the latest 3D software and printing techniques. The resulting designs were shown at the Re-Making Patterns exhibition in New York City in September 2015.

Wearable Tech September 22, 2015

Adafruit's Limor Fried Ushers In A Cool New Age for Hobby Electronics

Not Just For Nerds: Adafruit Industries is infusing new life in the fusty world of hobby electronics.

Gadgets September 11, 2015

MIDI Machine Music: An Interview With Musical Roboticist Eric Singer

As one of the world's leading creators of musical robots and large robotic orchestras, Eric Singer is the go-to guy for experimental music composers, Grammy-caliber performers and world-class arts venues seeking a hassle-free backup band.

Robotics August 11, 2015

Final Frontier Design's Next-Generation Space Suits

Ted Southern and Nikolay Moiseev are the cutting-edge design duo behind Final Frontier Design, a small Brooklyn-based company that creates space suits for NASA and commercial space travel and is developing space-age gloves, jackets, headgear and compression garments for terrestrial use.

FUTURE TECH July 31, 2015

Searching For Life On Mars With Stephen Gorevan Of Honeybee Robotics

Stephen Gorevan, chairman of Honeybee Robotics, a Brooklyn-based company best known for the work it’s done to equip NASA’s Mars rovers with robotic life-detection components, talks about aerospace technology and the future of space exploration.

Robotics July 23, 2015

Mythos & Moxie: Building Virtual Worlds At A VR Hackathon

About a hundred students, programmers and media artists gave up a perfect beach weekend to gather on the Greenwich Village campus of NYU and take part in a virtual reality hackathon. The theme of the event was 'Mythos & Moxie,' and the objective was to use VR technology to tell compelling stories.

Wearable Tech July 16, 2015

Interview With Kegan Schouwenburg Of SOLS 3D-Printed Custom Insoles

Kegan Schouwenburg, the 29-year-old CEO and co-founder of SOLS - a $20M company that 3D-prints corrective orthotic insoles - talks about the future of 3D printing to support custom mass ­manufacturing of footwear and other product types.

Feature July 3, 2015

Fizzics Adds Premium Bling to Lackluster Beer

Fizzics is a beer appliance that returns beer to the state it was in when it was bottled, enhancing it with the addition of a wet foam head created by a pressurizing spout.

Gadgets June 26, 2015

HP To Roll Out New 3D Printing Feature For Sprout In July

HP will release an update to the Sprout's 3D Snapshot software called 3D Capture in July. Coupled with a 3D Capture Stage scanner, the upgrade will walk users through scanning objects and exporting them for printing in 3D.

Apps/Software June 22, 2015

OMsignal Smartwear Poised To Give Wearables A Run For Their Money

OMsignal Biometric Smartwear's unique combination of intelligent textiles, hardware and software make the fitness-tracking bracelet seem a bit retro.

Wearable Tech June 20, 2015

Phorm iPad Morphing Touchscreen Preorder And Release Details

Keyboard buttons bubble up out of the Phorm iPad Mini case's touchscreen when you need to type and then disappear when you’re done.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 20, 2015

Northside Festival In Brooklyn Hosts Music, Film And A Slew Of Startups

The Northside Festival in Brooklyn's Williamsburg section showcases music, film and tech innovators this weekend. Entrepreneurs presenting their wares during Northside’s 'Innovation' component play an increasingly prominent role as the tech community grows in New York City.

Arts & Culture June 12, 2015

Google New York Hosts Second Annual Geek Street Fair

Following Google's I/O 2015 event last week, the search company presented another event, the second annual Geek Street Fair.

Arts & Culture June 5, 2015

New York City Is Comic Book Country

'New York Is Comic Book Country' walking tours center on comic book history in New York, introducing people to parts of New York they would never experience otherwise.

Movies/TV Shows May 29, 2015

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