Pepper The Humanoid Robot Gets New Job At France Train Station

The humanoid robot Pepper will start working at French train station to welcome travelers.

Robotics December 11, 2015

Panasonic Is Developing A Robot That Can Pick Tomatoes

Panasonic has announced a slew of new robots, one of which can lend a hand to farmers and pick tomatoes. Using sensors and image processing technology, the robot can 'see' the color, shape and size of fruit.

Robotics December 11, 2015

This 3D-Printed Adidas Sneaker Is Made Entirely From Ocean Garbage

Adidas has released a prototype for a pair of sneakers made entirely out of ocean waste.

Robotics December 11, 2015

This Artificial Intelligence System Passed The Turing Test

It's the tale of John Henry for a new generation - with a bit of a twist.

Robotics December 11, 2015

Google's Verily Already Has A Robotic Surgery Company Spinoff Called Verb Surgical

In collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, this new company seems to be aiming toward advances in the operating room.

Robotics December 11, 2015

Tokyo To Deploy 'Interceptor Drone' To Fish Out Rogue Drones In A Net

The Metropolitan Police Department in Tokyo aims to rid the country of suspicious-looking drones in a bid to promote security. The MPD launched the so-called “interceptor drones” that would fly above key facilities such as the office of the country’s prime minister located in Tokyo.

Robotics December 12, 2015

This Tiny Robot Is Inspired By The Locust And Can Jump 11 Feet In The Air

Researchers in Israel have developed a robot that is inspired by the locust and can jump a massive 11 feet in the air. The robot uses a mechanism that is similar to how real locusts jump.

Robotics December 11, 2015

Adidas Will Produce 500 Pairs Of Shoes From A German Factory Run By Robots

To cut down costs and bring its factories closer to home, the Germany-based shoe manufacturer Adidas will produce 500 pairs of its brand-name sneakers at a domestic factory almost entirely run by robots.

Robotics December 10, 2015

China Aiming To Replace Millions Of Workers With Robots

People's Republic of China vice president, Li Yuanchao, made that known during the recent World Robot Conference in Beijing.

Robotics December 7, 2015

Fleye Is A Flying Robot That Claims To Be The Safest Autonomous Drone In The World

Belgium startup Fleye says that the drone it's working on is the 'world's safest drone.' The flying robot looks pretty much like a floating sphere, putting away the usual harmful propellers of most drones.

Robotics December 8, 2015

This Telepresence Robot Can Be Navigated Via Mind Control

Scientists from Italy and Switzerland have designed a telepresence robot that can be controlled with only brain signals - and it may have a significant impact on the daily lives of people with limited motor function.

Robotics November 30, 2015

Zano Drone Maker Apologizes For Collapse Of $3.5M Kickstarter: Where Did All That Money Go?

Torquing Group, the company behind the collapsed Zano project, apologized to the project's backers. The Kickstarter campaign raised $3.5 million, and the company explained where all the money went.

Robotics November 28, 2015

World's Sexiest Robot Geminoid F Unveiled At World Robot Exhibition In China

In the World Robot Exhibition 2015 held in China, all eyes turned to a woman-like robot named Geminoid F. With a tall physique, dark locks and feminine figure, it has been dubbed the world's sexiest robot.

Robotics November 30, 2015

This Samurai Robot Wants To Help Humans Instead Of Slice Them Up

Japanese researchers have developed a robot that looks like a samurai. Instead of sword fights, though, this robot is aimed at helping humans and interacting with them.

Robotics November 27, 2015

Spencer The Friendly Robot Will Help Travelers Get To Their Flights On Time

Amsterdam's international airport is introducing Spencer, a navigation-savvy robot that can help travelers find their way around traffic-heavy terminals.

Robotics November 27, 2015

DJI Boasts $15000 Agricultural Drone For Spraying Crops To 'Open The Next Chapter Of Agriculture'

The use of drones in agricultural industry could earn huge potential growth. DJI is launching an eight-rotor model designed to spray seven to 10 acre-wide of crops land initially in China and Korea before launching in other markets.

Robotics November 28, 2015

Always Getting Lost In Airports? Spencer The Robot Is Here To Help

Researchers have developed a robot called Spencer to assist lost passengers in airports. Spencer will be tested at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport from Nov. 30.

Robotics November 27, 2015

Humai Wants To Download Your Consciousness And Transfer It To A New Body So You Can Live Forever

Humai is developing a technology that can make lives last forever by 2045. The Australian startup's technology will be able to download a person's 'data' and transfer it to an artificial body.

Robotics November 27, 2015

Chinese Firm Introduces Anti-Terror Robots Amid Increasing Terror Attacks Worldwide

Three robots specializing in reconnaissance, armed attack, and disposing small explosives were launched at the Beijing World Robot Conference. They are aimed to serve anti-terrorism efforts, with China also on heightened alert after the Paris attacks.

Robotics November 27, 2015

Researchers Teach Robots How To Say No To Human Orders, But Is It Safe?

Robots defying human orders? It will happen, but probably not in ways that will bring forth the robot apocalypse. Allowing robots to reject human orders is very necessary.

Robotics November 26, 2015

Tufts University Develops Robots That Can Learn How To Trust

Researchers at Tufts University are developing robots that can defy orders, depending on the perceived level of authority of the person giving the command, or it it puts the robot in a dangerous situation — which, in a way, helps it to develop a sense of trust.

Robotics November 25, 2015

Australia Using Drones In Hopes Of Reducing Amount Of Shark Attacks

The drones will use a GPS system to track sharks in shallow water and alert swimmers to be aware of them.

Robotics November 25, 2015

Robotic Church Founder Chico MacMurtrie And The Giant Inflatable Bridge He's Making For Super Bowl 50

Renowned for his large-scale, performing robotic installations, sculptor Chico MacMurtrie is currently working on an inflatable 60-foot bridge slated to debut at Super Bowl 50.

Robotics November 26, 2015

Autonomous Swimming Robot Aims To Clean Water Of Pollutants

The Row-bot is a self-powered autonomous robot that could be used to rid water of pollutants and contaminants.

Robotics November 23, 2015

IBM Research Team Programs Drone To Play Table Tennis

The IRIS+ drone looks like it has been hitting ping pong balls for years.

Robotics November 23, 2015

Start Your Engines: Drone Racing League Planning 6 Races Across US Next Year

The Drone Racing League is planning six races for next year. Drone racing would be a brand-new kind of spectator sport that would have fans watching as if they were sitting right in the cockpit of the drone.

Robotics November 23, 2015

Chinese TV Channel Hires Robot As Weather Reporter: Other Jobs Humans May Lose To AI

A Chinese news channel employed Microsoft's robot Xiaoice as a weather reporter. The move raised concern among journalists over the possibility of AI machines taking over their job.

Robotics December 28, 2015

Iran Unveils Surena III Humanoid Robot That Can Climb Stairs, Recognize Faces And More

Iran is making big steps in the world of robotics with its latest humanoid, the Surena III. This robot can climb stairs and even recognize faces and objects.

Robotics November 20, 2015

Hasbro's Robotic Cat Marks The Start Of New Toy Line For Seniors

Technically you could buy one for anyone, but it's pretty obviously intended for an older generation.

Robotics November 18, 2015

Drone Constantly Provides Real-Time Updates of No-Fly Zones

3DR's Solo smart drone is getting just a little bit smarter.

Robotics November 17, 2015

Parrot Unleashes Bebop 2: What Makes This Drone Better Than Its Sibling Parrot Bebop?

The Bebop 2 is being prepared to take the drone market by storm as Parrot moves to compete more effectively. With 25-minutes battery life and 37-miles per hour speed, this drone is going places.

Robotics November 18, 2015

Biohackers Turn Themselves Into Cyborgs With Northstar V1 LEDs Implanted Under Their Skin

During the world's first cyborg fair in Germany, a DIY cyborg community based in Pittsburgh showcased a light-up chip implanted under their skin. The current LED chip is meant to light tattoos but the DIY cyborg communities revealed other possibilities.

Robotics November 13, 2015

Gemini Smart Robot Teaches Kids Basics In Computer Programming

Gemini can be purchased via a $100 pledge on Makeblock's Kickstarter page.

Robotics November 11, 2015

OpenROV's Co-Founder Discusses the Future of Underwater Exploration

The co-founder of an underwater drone startup talk about their plans to further deep sea exploration.

Robotics November 12, 2015

A Chinese Robot Has Broken Records By Walking 83.28 Miles

A robot from China has broken records for the longest distance walked by a quadruped robot, walking a massive 83.28 miles over a period of 54 hours and 34 minutes.

Robotics November 10, 2015

MIT's Media Lab Developed A Shape-Shifting Robot That Can Be A Mobile Phone Or Wearable Device

MIT's Media Lab created a snake-like flexible, yet rigid, robot that is built from actuated curve interfaces that can transform into just about anything.

Robotics November 9, 2015

Guards Are Battling Contraband-Smuggling Drones At US Prisons

The prison-industrial complex is plagued with a litany of problems - and the most recent is contraband-smuggling drones, sneaking everything from weaponry to drugs into the prison system.

Robotics November 6, 2015

Autonomous Robots Could Make Leeds Become The First Self-Repairing City

The University of Leeds is leading a national infrastructure project that will have robots and drones self-repairing the city.

Robotics November 6, 2015

Federal Bureau Of Prisons Seeks Protection From Drones

The Federal Bureau Of Prisons is seeking to purchase an anti-drone system to prevent the unmanned aerial vehicles from smuggling contraband items into prisons. What kind of system the bureau will purchase remains to be seen.

Robotics November 6, 2015

Want A Tattoo? This 3D Printer Has Been Hacked To Get You Inked

Ever wondered about getting your tattoo done by a robot? French designers have found a way to hack a 3D Makerbot and turn it into a tattooing machine.

Robotics November 6, 2015

Do Humans Have Empathy Toward Robots? Researchers Threatened Robots With A Knife To Find Out

Researchers recently conducted a study to determine whether humans felt empathy toward robots. To find out, the researchers showed volunteers images of robots in painful and nonpainful situations, then measured their responses to those images.

Robotics November 5, 2015

This Autonomous Drone From MIT Has Some Serious Moves To Avoid Obstacles: Dip, Dart, Dive Away [Video]

An awesome-looking drone has the ability to automatically dodge objects while flying at 30 miles per hour. The software used was created by an MIT student name Andrew Barry.

Robotics November 4, 2015

Army Of Drones To Repair Potholes In United Kingdom

The University of Leeds School of Civil Engineering will deploy a fleet of 'Perceive and Patch' robots to detect potholes and fix them on the spot.

Robotics November 2, 2015

DJI's Embedded Computer Can Take To The Skies Via Drone

Developer and manufacturer DJI's new embedded computer, the Manifold, not only touts itself as one of the top multi-purpose motherboards around, but can take to the skies via drone while simultaneously collecting and analyzing data.

Robotics November 2, 2015

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