New Malware Lets Hackers Listen To Your Conversations Via Your Headphones

A group of researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel has found a new security threat. They discovered that a RealTek audio codec chip feature in most computers today can be maneuvered to turn headphones into audio-recording devices.

Security November 23, 2016

Symantec Set To Acquire Identity Theft Protection Service LifeLock For $2.3 Billion

After getting the approval of majority of the board, cyber security company Symantec has announced it is closing the deal to acquire LifeLock, an identity theft protection company. The said deal would be finished by the first quarter of 2017.

Security November 21, 2016

EMP Protection: This 'Conductive Concrete' Can Shield Vital Electronics System From EMP Attacks

Engineers have created a concrete mix that can shield electronics in case of an EMP attack. The technology has great usage in military and defense.

Security November 18, 2016

PoisonTap Is A $5-Exploit Tool Created To Hack Your Locked Computer In 1 Minute

An engineer has created an exploit tool called PoisonTap based on a $5 Raspberry Pi. The exploit tool can work even on computers that are locked.

Security November 18, 2016

[UPDATED] Entry-Level US Android Phones Are Secretly Sending Text Messages, Call Log Data To China Every 72 Hours: Report

It has been found that some entry-level Android smartphones are actively collecting sensitive information without consent from the user. The information is sent to a third-party firmware company in China, reports state.

Security November 16, 2016

Microsoft Defender vs. Kaspersky: Russia Investigates Microsoft Over Antivirus Anticompetitive Practices

The Russian antitrust agency has started investigating Microsoft after a complaint from rival antivirus software company Kaspersky Lab. The government agency will investigate Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior in the country.

Security November 14, 2016

AdultFriendFinder Data Breach Exposes 300M Accounts, Even Those Deleted: Ashley Madison Hack Suddenly Seems Small

A massive data breach hit AdultFriendFinder, explosing more than 300 million accounts, even those that were deleted. The hack also affected other current or former holdings of Adult Friend Network, including Penthouse which it no longer owns.

Security November 13, 2016

Facebook Taps The Dark Web To Buy Stolen Passwords Off Black Market, But It's For Your Protection

Facebook has been diving into the dark web to buy stolen passwords, the company's chief security officer has acknowledged. It may sound shady, but it's part of an effort to increase security and protect users.

Security November 13, 2016

Russian Hackers Launched New Attacks Right After Trump Victory: Targets Were US Think Tanks And NGOs

Russian hackers launched new attacks against political think tanks and non-government organizations in the United States. The attacks happened less than six hours after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Security November 12, 2016

Antivirus Wars: Kaspersky Slams Microsoft For Anticompetitive Practices, Bundling Defender With Windows 10

Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Lab filed a complaint against Microsoft over allegations of anticompetitive behavior in the market for antivirus software. Kaspersky is criticizing the way Microsoft has been bundling its own brand of antivirus software, the Windows Defender, with the Windows 10 upgrade.

Security November 12, 2016

Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Sells Your Data: Yes, You Should Uninstall It Now

Web of Trust (WOT) browser add-on was caught selling personal data to third-party. The add-on available for various web browsers announced that it is taking actions to address the matter urgently.

Security November 9, 2016

LastPass Multi-Device Access Now Free: You Can Now Manage Passwords Across Devices Without Spending A Dime

LastPass' multi-device support, a feature that has probably driven most of its premium subscribers to upgrade, has just been made free. Now, LastPass passwords are instantly accessible from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones for all users.

Security November 3, 2016

Netatmo Presence Security Camera's Built-In AI Can Tell The Difference Between Humans, Cars And Animals

The Netatmo Presence is a new security camera that does not ask the user to pay subscription fees. Home owners only need to purchase the camera for $299 and from there, the ball is entirely in their court.

Security November 4, 2016

Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Are Exploiting The Windows Flaw Google Publicly Disclosed

Microsoft has officially responded to Google's public disclosure of a Windows flaw, promising to patch it on Nov. 8. At the same time, the company says a Russian-linked hacker group called STRONTIUM has been exploiting the vulnerability.

Security November 2, 2016

Google Publicly Exposes Critical Windows Vulnerability, Putting Pressure On Microsoft To Fix It ASAP

Google just disclosed a critical, zero-day vulnerability in Windows, and Microsoft is not happy about it. Just 10 days after notifying Microsoft of the exploit, Google turned the heat up by publicly disclosing the flaw before Microsoft issued a fix.

Security October 31, 2016

EU Watchdog Tells Facebook To Stay Off WhatsApp Data

EU regulators want tech companies to pay close attention to the privacy of their customers, and they're probing WhatsApp's and Yahoo’s handling of the matter. The first hearings are scheduled for November.

Security October 29, 2016

AT&T Reportedly Getting Rich By Spying On Customers And Selling User Data To The Government

AT&T has reportedly been mining user data for profit as part of project 'Hemisphere.' The carrier apparently gave law enforcement access to customer data even without warrants, as long as they paid up and stayed quiet.

Security October 27, 2016

Who Was Responsible For Dyn DDoS Attack Last Week? Flashpoint Blames Amateur Hackers

A series of DDoS cyber attacks affected Dyn last week, with disruptions preventing millions of users from accessing several sites such as PayPal, Spotify and Reddit. Cybersecurity firm Flashpoint believes that the culprits behind the widespread attack were most likely amateurs.

Security October 27, 2016

Rowhammer Exploit Puts All Android Phones At Risk, Researchers Demonstrate

The severity of the Rowhammer threat is underscored by the fact that it targets hardware components. The only available protection to date is to disable the option to install from unknown sources in an Android device's Settings.

Security October 24, 2016

Chinese Firm Confirms Its DVRs, Internet-Connected Cameras Were Pawns In Friday's DDoS Attack

A Chinese electronics maker confirmed that its DVRs and internet-connected cameras were used as pawns in Friday's massive DDoS attack. Mirai malware-powered botnets were behind at least some of the disruption that took down Reddit, Netflix, Twitter and others.

Security October 23, 2016

Massive Dyn DDOS Attack: Experts Blame Smart Fridges, DVRs And Other IoT Devices Why Your Internet Went Down

DDoS attacks from yesterday may have subsided, but cybersecurity experts warn that such events will reappear in the future. The reason is that hackers can now wreak havoc over the internet by tapping into IoT devices.

Security October 24, 2016

Hackers Target Dyn, Disrupt Major Websites Such As PayPal, Reddit And More: What Are DDoS Attacks?

A massive DDoS attack occurred on Friday, targeting online infrastructure company Dyn and sites under it such as Twitter, Spotify and PayPal to be down. A DDoS attack, or a distributed denial of service, targets a specific site and causes it to malfunction.

Security October 22, 2016

Internet Service Recovering After Cyberattacks That Took Down Twitter, Netflix, Reddit And More, But Should We Brace For Worse?

A wave of at least two cyberattacks destabilized the internet and crippled major websites such as Netflix, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter and others. Services have resumed, but these massive DDoS attacks on DNS servers are just the beginning.

Security October 21, 2016

Massive DDoS Attack Takes Down Netflix, Twitter, Spotify And More On East Coast

The web provider Dyn announced that it suffered from a DDoS cyber attack on Friday morning, which caused many sites like Netflix, Twitter and Reddit to be down on the East Coast.

Security October 21, 2016

Hackers Can Steal Your Data By Recording Keystroke Sounds Over Skype

Users who get into Skype voice calls and type simultaneously were proven to be at risk by security researchers. A recent study from cybersecurity experts shows that hackers can determine user data based on sound alone.

Security October 22, 2016

Android Malware: Ghost Push Trojan Still Threatens More Than Half Of Android Devices

Beware: more than half of Android devices still run the risk of being infected by an old malware dubbed Ghost Push. The trojan hides behind popular apps, ad links and short links downloaded and clicked by users.

Security October 17, 2016

Yahoo Is Working To Bring Back Auto Email Forwarding: What Can Concerned Users Do In The Meantime?

Yahoo is working to bring back the automatic email forwarding feature, which the company disabled at such a suspect time. Users who are looking to switch to another email service have limited options, in lieu of the feature.

Security October 12, 2016

The Netgear Arlo Pro Wireless Security Camera Delivers 6 Months Of Power On A Single Charge

Wireless security cameras are slowly becoming popular, but battery life has always been a major setback. However, Netgear has managed to address this problem with its Arlo Pro, which the company promises can deliver six months of recording on a single charge.

Security October 11, 2016

UK Government Bans Apple Watch From Cabinet Meetings, But Why? Hint: Fear The Russians

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has banned the Apple Watch from cabinet meetings on fears of Russian hackers. Has it gone too far, considering that the Apple Watch can't even be online on its own?

Security October 10, 2016

Amazon Resets Passwords Of Some Users After Seeing Email Addresses, Passwords Leaked Online: Paranoid Move Or Solid Security Measure?

Amazon changed the passwords of some users over the weekend after discovering a leaked list of email address and passwords that were not related to its website. Is the company paranoid, or is what it did a solid security measure?

Security October 10, 2016

US Formally Blames Russia For Hacking: Why Engaging In A Cyberwar Is Not A Good Idea

The Obama administration may have openly accused the Russian government of conducting hacking on its organizations and citizens, hinting at President Vladimir Putin's involvement. However, the United States engaging in a cyberwar with Russia as retaliation is not a good idea.

Security October 10, 2016

The Email Scanner That US Told Yahoo To Install Was Not A Simple Program: It Was Malware That Resembled A Hacking Tool

The software that United States told Yahoo to install to scan through user emails was not a simple program, according to a Motherboard report. Sources claim that it more closely resembled a rootkit, which is a tool used by hackers.

Security October 8, 2016

US Makes Official Accusation Against Russia For Launching Hacks To Interfere With Elections: Will There Be Retaliation?

The United States government has officially accused Russia of launching hacking attacks in a bid to interfere with the upcoming national elections. Will the outgoing Obama administration retaliate against the Kremlin?

Security October 8, 2016

Big Data Help CIA Predict Social Unrest 5 Days Before It Begins

The CIA started a new future-proof division, which will enable it to predict social unrest a few days before it happens. Meet the Directorate of Digital Innovation, a place where machine learning and agent expertise will come together.

Security October 7, 2016

OurMine Retaliates Against BuzzFeed After Attempted Identification Of One Of The Hackers

BuzzFeed is the latest victim of the hacking group OurMine, which retaliated against the news outlet for its attempt to expose one of its members. OurMine vandalized posts on the BuzzFeed website and threatened to release a database that it had acquired.

Security October 6, 2016

Google, Microsoft, Apple And Facebook Deny Spying On Emails And Other Messages

While Yahoo is under scrutiny following its confirmation of email spying, as well as a massive data breach of its system in 2014, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple deny any surveillance of their users' email accounts and other messages.

Security October 7, 2016

Clinton Foundation Denies New Hack: Alleged Stolen Files Reveal Banks Donating TARP Funds To Democrats

A hacker claims to have infiltrated the systems of the Clinton Foundation, with the security breach denied by a foundation official. One of the alleged stolen documents reveal that banks donated TARP funds to the Democratic party.

Security October 4, 2016

Yahoo Scanned User Emails For US Intelligence's Benefit: Importance Of End-To-End Encryption Highlighted

A Reuters report exposed that Yahoo scanned millions of its users' emails in behalf of the U.S. intelligence officials. The move allegedly prompted the resignation of its top IT security officer.

Security October 5, 2016

Source Code For World's Largest DDoS Attack Out In Public: Mirai Botnet Will Allow More Hackers To Unleash Mayhem

The source code for the malware known as Mirai was uploaded on a hacker website. The malware was the one that powered the DDoS attacks that were recently launched against Krebs on Security and OVH.

Security October 2, 2016

US Elections 2016: Hackers Wage Attack On Election Systems In 20 States

The voter systems of 20 U.S. states have been hacked. The FBI has assured the public that there should be no concern about the possibility of altering the result of the November election.

Security October 3, 2016

Who Was Behind The Massive Yahoo Data Breach? Cyber Security Firm InfoArmor Identifies Possible Links To Russia

New data was reported by the security company InfoArmor in the Yahoo data breach. The findings incriminate 'Group E,' possibly a Russian-based group of hackers found to mediate between their clients and potential customers of the data.

Security October 1, 2016

Malicious 'DressCode' Malware Now Spreading Across App Stores

Trend Micro announced that the Google Play Store is anything but safe. The security experts highlighted that a number of apps are carrying the DressCode malware, which is able to exploit both home and enterprise networks.

Security October 1, 2016

Former Yahoo Exec Thinks Security Breach Could Have Compromised Up To 3 Billion Accounts, Not Just 500 Million

A former Yahoo executive thinks that the number of user accounts compromised by the recently revealed security breach is higher than 500 million. According to his estimate, up to 3 billion users were affected.

Security October 1, 2016

Yahoo Claims Hackers Are State-Sponsored, But Security Experts Say Criminals Are Behind Data Breach

Yahoo has placed the blame on the massive data breach that it reported last week on state-sponsored hackers. However, experts claim that the attack was carried out by criminals that are not backed by any government.

Security September 28, 2016

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