Yahoo Data Breach Could Have Effects That Extend Beyond Emails, Experts Warn

The impact of the recent accounts theft involving millions of Yahoo users will eventually be felt in the future. The presence of stolen information in the darknet market will allow accessibility to related databases and services.

Security September 28, 2016

Hacker Ardit Ferizi Linked To Islamic State Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Breaching US Security Data

Hacker Ardit Ferizi will have 20 years to think about what he did after he was sentenced to prison, stealing over 1,300 data to aid the Islamic State. Others who might be planning on doing the same should also think twice because the maximum sentence is 35 years.

Security September 28, 2016

Krebs On Security Now Back Online After Massive DDoS Attack Thanks To Google's Project Shield Program

Krebs on Security sustained a type of DDoS attack that's believed to be the worst in internet history. It's now using Project Shield, a technology that taps Google's infrastructure to protect news outlets and journalists from similar assaults and ensure freedom of speech.

Security September 26, 2016

Security Breach On 500 Million User Accounts Confirmed: Here's What You Should Do Right Now If You Have A Yahoo Account

Yahoo has confirmed that it suffered from a massive security breach that exposed data of at least 500 million users. For people with Yahoo accounts, here are the things to do to protect yourself.

Security September 24, 2016

Yahoo Set To Confirm Massive Data Breach That Allegedly Exposed 200 Million Users: Report

Yahoo was under cyber-attack some time ago, and the company might confirm soon that it suffered a massive user data breach. The exposure of 200 million accounts from 2012 could impact the Yahoo-Verizon deal that is in the works.

Security September 22, 2016

News Groups Suing FBI For Information On How The Agency Cracked San Bernardino iPhone

Three news organizations have come together to sue the FBI over the hack of the San Bernardino iPhone. They believe the information on how the hack was achieved needs to be released to the public, and as such, they are looking to the courts to force the agency to concede.

Security September 16, 2016

Virginia Teen Hacks T-Mobile Network To Get Free Unlimited Data

Jacob Ajit, a 17-year-old from Virginia, managed to use T-Mobile's network data without paying a dime. The teenager labels the exploit as being elementary, and has notified T-Mobile of its security flaw.

Security September 16, 2016

FBI Helps Take Down 2 Israeli Teens Behind vDOS: Online Service For DDoS Attacks Made Over $600,000 In 2 Years

An FBI investigation led to the arrest of two Israeli teens who are behind the paid online service vDOS. Through the platform, customers can request DDoS attacks and pay amounts depending on how long the attacks will last.

Security September 12, 2016

NSO Group Among Several Digital Spy Companies For Hire: The Biggest Customers Are Governments And Law Enforcement Agencies

The NSO Group, the company behind last month's reported iPhone hack, is just one of several firms selling digital spying services. With price tags reaching millions of dollars, the NSO Group's target customers are governments and law enforcement agencies.

Security September 5, 2016

Google Play Store Apps Sneakily Infected With New DressCode Android Malware

Check Point reports that more than 40 Google Play store apps are infected with a new malware called DressCode. More than 400 more apps from third-party app stores are also infected.

Security September 3, 2016

Illinois, Arizona Voter Registration Databases Breached By Russian Hackers: What Could They Be Trying To Do?

The FBI has found security breaches in the voter registration databases of Illinois and Arizona. The attacks have been attributed to hackers based in Russia who were able to download the information of as many as 200,000 Illinois voters.

Security August 30, 2016

Opera Web Sync Service Breached By Hackers: Account Information, Passwords Compromised

Opera's web sync service suffered a security breach last week, prompting the company to force reset all passwords. The passwords are all protected, but Opera is understandably not taking any chances.

Security August 29, 2016

What Privacy? Microsoft's Windows 10 Collects More Data Than Ever, EFF Warns

Windows 10 collects an 'unprecedented amount' of data and has little to no respect for user choice and privacy, the EFF points out. The organization slams Microsoft's 'downright malicious' tactics, urging the company to change its ways.

Security August 24, 2016

Russian Hackers Attempted To Breach New York Times Moscow Bureau: How Is Donald Trump Involved?

Russian hackers attempted to breach the systems of the Moscow bureau of the New York Times. Could Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump be influencing the targets of the cyberattacks?

Security August 24, 2016

Cisco, Fortinet Confirm 'NSA Hack' Vulnerabilities Exposed By 'Shadow Brokers'

Cisco and Fortinet acknowledged that the data leaked recently by the hacking organization the Shadow Brokers is legitimate. The firewalls from the two firms were compromised some years ago, but fixes were recently deployed.

Security August 18, 2016

'Shadow Brokers' Claim To Have Acquired Tools Used By NSA-Linked Hackers: Legitimate Threat Or Elaborate Hoax?

Anonymous hackers known as the 'Shadow Brokers' are claiming to have acquired tools used by the NSA-linked Equation Group. The cyberweapons are now up for auction to the highest bidder.

Security August 16, 2016

Even Hard Disk Sounds Can Be Used By Hackers Now To Crack Systems

Researchers have found that hard disk drives sounds can be exploited by hackers to steal critical data and crack systems. Is it time to make the switch to solid-state drives?

Security August 13, 2016

Oracle Confirms Data Breach Involving MICROS Point-Of-Sale Systems

Oracle acknowledged a data breach in its retail unit. This confirms that hundred and thousands of cash registers using the MICROS point-of-sale system have been affected and could be vulnerable.

Security August 10, 2016

After Germany Attacks, Facebook Pledges To Cooperate With Authorities To Fight Terrorism

Facebook has denied allegations of being reluctant in complying with German authorities' requests for user data, arguing that many requests were in fact poorly formulated. Nevertheless, the social network pledges to cooperate and help authorities fight terrorism.

Security August 8, 2016

Symantec Warns Advanced Malware Turns Eye Of Sauron On Targets In Europe, Russia And China

Symantec revealed that an unknown group dubbed Strider is deploying Remsec malware across networks in China, Russia and other countries. The group reminded experts of similar instances when nations used malware campaigns in cyber warfare.

Security August 8, 2016

DARPA Autonomous Bug-Hunting Bots Don't Need Human Hackers Anymore: Are Bots The Future Of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity could soon be another place where bots become invaluable for experts. DARPA recently organized The Cyber Grand Challenge, where computer algorithms showed how easy it is to clean up vulnerabilities in code written by humans.

Security August 8, 2016

The Jeep Hackers Reveal New Exploit: They Can Take Over The Vehicle While Running At High Speeds

Jeep hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek unveiled another exploit to take control of the SUV even while it is moving at high speeds. However, Fiat Chrysler said that the hack was carried out on a Jeep with outdated software.

Security August 5, 2016

Clinton Campaign Tapping Black Hat Hacker Conference This Week: Cybersecurity Fundraiser, 'Cyber Policy Issues' Discussion

A Hillary Clinton campaign fundraiser was announced to take place during the Black Hat conference. The event, where important issues about cyber policy will be discussed, should underline the support Clinton has from the tech world.

Security August 2, 2016

Hackers Can Record Every Press On A Wireless Keyboard Using This Attack: What Brands And Models Are Vulnerable?

Security researchers have unveiled a technique that will allow hackers to record every press made on a wireless keyboard. Named the "keysniffer," the attack exploits a vulnerability found even in devices made by big brands.

Security July 27, 2016

Think Twice Before Buying That Moto Z Or Moto G4: Motorola Says It's Difficult To Push Out Monthly Security Updates

Motorola said it is difficult to push out monthly security patches for its smartphones, preferring to bundle the updates into bigger maintenance releases or operating system upgrades. For security-conscious users, keep clear from the company's devices.

Security July 27, 2016

Security Experts, Law Enforcers Unveil New Website That Helps Ransomware Victims Recover Their Data

Cybersecurity experts and law enforcement authorities unveiled the No More Ransom website, which offers tools that can help ransomware victims recover their data. The portal also aims to increase awareness regarding the growing threat.

Security July 25, 2016

Police Request For 3D-Printed Fingers To Unlock A Murder Victim's Smartphone

The police approached a Michigan State University professor with the unusual request to create 3D-printed fingers. The authorities will use the replica to unlock the smartphone of a murder victim.

Security July 22, 2016

This iPhone Case Designed By Edward Snowden Does Exactly What You Think It Would

Edward Snowden has revealed the designs for an open-source, open-hardware device that does exactly what you think it would — warn you if someone is spying on your phone.

Security July 21, 2016

New Android Malware Blocks Outgoing Calls To Banks To Keep You From Reporting Or Canceling Suspicious Activity

A new version of Android.Fakebank.B malware blocks users from making calls to a bank’s customer care number. The malware targets banks in Russia and South Korea.

Security July 19, 2016

Chinese Hacker Gets Four Years In Prison For Trying To Acquire US Military Secrets

Su Bin, a 51-year-old Chinese businessman, was charged with a prison term of 46 months after pleading guilty to trying to illegally acquire secrets from the United States military. The Chinese government denies any involvement in the case.

Security July 15, 2016

Mall Security Robot Runs Over Toddler In Silicon Valley

Knightscope’s K5 robot used for security in a Silicon Valley mall ran over a toddler causing minor injuries on Thursday.

Security July 17, 2016

Microsoft Finally Patches 20-Year-Old Flaw That Left Printers Exposed To Malware

Microsoft rolled out another security patch, and this one fixes a problem that has been plaguing printers for two decades. The security issue allowed printers to deliver malware to computers in a network, with perilous consequences.

Security July 14, 2016

China Suspected Of Hacking Into FDIC But Congress Discovers Cover-Up At US Banking Regulator

A new congressional report points to the Chinese government as the suspect behind the hacking of computers at U.S. banking regulator FDIC. But why did employees at the federal agency conceal information on the attacks?

Security July 13, 2016

Thieves Steal $2 Million In Taiwan ATM Heist

Police are looking for three suspects believed to have perpetrated the US$2.17 million ATM heist in Taiwan. How did the suspects manage to steal such large amount of money from cash machines?

Security July 13, 2016

TP-Link Left Config Pages Vulnerable By Forgetting To Register Domain Names

TP-Link uses domain names, instead of IP addresses, because these are easier for owners of networking products to remember. Unfortunately, the company failed to renew the registration for two of its config pages.

Security July 11, 2016

'We Never Show Passwords': Twitter Denies OurMine's Claim Of Seeing Users' Passwords For Vine

Twitter denies it collects and peeks at users' Vine passwords, as suggested by hacker group OurMine. The hackers claim Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the latest victim of hacking, keeps users' private info in a Dropbox account.

Security July 9, 2016

How Are So Many High-Profile Tech CEOs Getting Their Social Media Accounts Hacked?

In a little over a month, four big players in the tech industry have had their social media accounts hacked. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the latest victim.

Security July 10, 2016

Summer 2016 Travel Tips: Homesharing And Ridesharing Tips To Avoid Identity Theft

Homesharing and ridesharing have become the norm of summer travel these past few years. But some bad habits related to these travel practices could cause you to become a victim of identity theft even while you're on vacation.

Security July 17, 2016

OurMine Strikes Again: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Gets His Twitter Account Hacked

Jack Dorsey, the CEO and founder of Twitter, recently saw his Twitter account hacked by security team OurMine. The safety experts have gained an impressive portfolio of hacked celebrity accounts.

Security July 10, 2016

9 Messaging Apps With End-to-End Encryption: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage And More

Facebook Messenger is the latest messaging app to use end-to-end encryption. Here are nine apps that offer E2EE to keep messages out of prying eyes.

Security July 9, 2016

Qualcomm Told Google About The Android Encryption Flaw In 2014, So Why The Delay To Patch It?

Qualcomm says it informed Google about a critical security flaw as early as 2014, but Google took more than a year to roll out a security patch. We take a look at the reasons why Android devices remained vulnerable.

Security July 9, 2016

Wendy's Hacking Investigation Continues: Now Over 1,000 U.S. Stores Affected

An update on the hacking attack on Wendy's revealed that at least 1,025 locations were affected. The company has uploaded a system to allow customers to check if their credit card and debit card information were possibly compromised.

Security July 8, 2016

Google vs Quantum Hacking: New Crypto Secures Chrome From Quantum Attacks

Google is experimenting with a new algorithm on Chrome designed to safeguard against quantum hacking, or attacks from quantum computers. The internet company is using 'post-quantum cryptography.'

Security July 7, 2016

3 Ways Your Smartwatch And Fitness Tracker Make You Vulnerable To Hacking

As one study reports, your smartwatch and fitness tracker can easily give away your ATM PIN based on your hand movements. Wearable technology has become so commonplace these days that the potential for hacking is just too obvious.

Security July 8, 2016

Hummingbad Malware Infects 10 Million Android Devices: How To Check If Your Smartphone Or Tablet Is Among Them

Check Point has released a report on Hummingbad, a new malware that has infected about 10 million Android devices worldwide. The malware attempts to gain root access to smartphones and tablets, then launches advertising banners on the device.

Security July 6, 2016

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