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Scanners For Carry On Luggage Tested By TSA Could Lead To Safer Flights And Shorter Lines

The TSA and American Airlines team up to conduct a demonstration of new CT scanners for carry-on luggage. The demonstration could lead to shorter queues and safer flights.

Security June 18, 2017

FaceCradle Is The Must-Have Pillow For Sleeping On An Airplane

FaceCradle is the travel pillow that has four different modes to let users find comfortable sleeping positions when on a long flight. The project is being funded via Kickstarter.

Gadgets September 7, 2016

Now Travelers Can Ride Through The Airport On Their Luggage With The Motorized Modobag

Modobag is the carry-on smart luggage that allows users to track their bag and ride it throughout the airport to make their flight on time.

Gadgets July 25, 2016

Trouble In The Skies: 'Air Rage' Likelier In Flights With First-Class Cabins, Says Study

There’s a lot that could frustrate an air traveler but researchers have found that one thing in particular increases the likelihood of air rage incidents: first-class cabins.

Life & Style May 4, 2016

Solar Powered Plane Completes Three-Day Nonstop Flight Across The Pacific

Solar Impulse 2 touched down in Mountain View Sunday to culminate its Hawaii-California leg, deemed its riskiest so far. The solar-powered plane is deemed a major innovation in the use of clean technologies for air travel.

Energy April 25, 2016

Air Travelers To See Dip In Global Airfares This Year Due To Lower Fuel Prices

This year, we'll see more airline price drops due to lower fuel prices. Now's a great time to pack your bags and see the world!

Business March 15, 2016

From London To New York In 11 Minutes: Antipode Supersonic Jet Concept Breaks The Sound Barrier

An aircraft designer was able to come up with a supersonic jet concept that can make flying from London to New York in 11 minutes possible. The jet is said to travel at 16,000 mph, thus having the ability to break the sound barrier.

FUTURE TECH January 29, 2016

New App Seateroo Lets Users Pay To Swap The Aisle For The Window Seat

Seateroo is a new app for iOS that allows users to buy and sell seats on their flight in order to be able to upgrade their seat or reduce the cost of travel.

Apps/Software January 12, 2016

Study: Asking Humans To Monitor Computers In Airline Cockpits A Recipe For Disaster

Increasing automation on the flight deck puts strain on human pilots tasked with monitoring automated flight, a study suggests. The results of loss of attention can be disastrous, they suggest.

October 3, 2015

This Vision For Hypersonic Travel Could Get Us From L.A. To Tokyo In 30 Minutes

The future of air travel might not be in the air at all. Dick Rutan, known for previous innovations in air travel, explains a vision that could apply the hyperloop on a massive scale.

FUTURE TECH September 23, 2015

Bigotry In Air: United Airlines, Muslim Woman, And Opened Soda Can Stir Social Media Storm

A Muslim woman claimed she was refused an unopened can of soda on a United flight because she 'might use it as a weapon.' Her Facebook post about the incident has gained wide following, but the airlines said it was a 'misunderstanding.'

Society June 1, 2015

Researchers Say Around 30 Percent Of Boarding Passes Will Be Issued Through Apps By The Year 2019

A new study suggests that by 2019, nearly one in every three boarding passes will be issued via smartphone apps. Adoption is quickest among frequent flyers who are familiar with the technology.

Business March 13, 2015

Erupting Volcano Creates New Island Near Tonga

A Tongan volcano has created a new island in the chain, and one researcher took a trip to visit this new formation up close. What did he find?

January 21, 2015

Turns Out Humanoid Robots Fly Economy Class Just Like The Rest Of Us

A robot named Athena became the first robot ever to fly as an airline passenger with a paid ticket for a seat and a passport for a trip to Germany.

Geek December 16, 2014

5 Ways To Get The Cheapest Last-Minute Flight Deals

There are certain times of the year when everyone is booking flights. The holiday season is notorious for that, with loads of people looking to travel home for the holidays. Here is how to easily get last-minute airline tickets without breaking the bank.

Feature December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving air travel will be even worse this year

According to Airlines for American, airports will be more crowded this Thanksgiving than the year before. Airlines are expected to carry approximately 24.6 million flyers domestically and internationally from Nov. 21 to Dec. 2. That is a 1.5 percent increase in travelers compared to last year's Thanksgiving period.

Internet Culture November 6, 2014

Ebola screened for at airports, but what about planes? Cabin cleaners go on strike

Aircraft cabin cleaners at New York airport go on strike over concerns of Ebola exposure. Protest comes at U.S. prepares to start taking temperature of airline passengers arriving from West Africa.

Life October 9, 2014

Bardarbunga volcano eruption lowered to orange alert, air traffic disruption ruled out

Flights over Iceland have resumed normal flights over the Bardarbunga volcano, hours after a small eruption.

Animals August 30, 2014

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