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The Last Paper Stephen Hawking Worked On Released By Colleagues

Stephen Hawking final paper on the information paradox has been revealed by his colleagues. The study proposed that some information from matter that gets pulled into a black hole can be retrieved from photons that escape from the event horizon.

Space October 12, 2018

Einstein’s Relativity Theory Proven Right Yet Again, This Time By A Supermassive Black Hole

Einstein’s theory of general relativity holds true even in the extreme gravitational force coming from a supermassive black hole, researchers found. This is the latest in a string of rigorous tests the 103-year-old theory has passed.

Space July 27, 2018

Neutrinos Spotted By IceCube Particle Detector Comply With Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity

Einstein’s relativity theory just passed one of its most rigorous tests yet. Scientists found that even neutrinos detected by the IceCube particle detector in Antarctica follow the laws of the universe suggested by Einstein.

Space July 17, 2018

Embodying Einstein Can Make You Smarter, New VR Study Shows

In a study, subjects who experienced Einstein's body as their own through virtual embodiment scored better on cognitive tests. They were also less likely to have an implicit bias against the elderly.

July 12, 2018

Albert Einstein's General Relativity Proven By Scientists By Studying A Distant Galaxy

Scientists have proven Einstein's theory of general relativity by observing a distant galaxy. This is the first time that general relativity has been proven on an astronomical scale.

Space June 21, 2018

Scientists Generate Einstein’s ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ On Demand

Researchers in the Netherlands proved Einstein wrong once again by creating quantum entanglements on demand. The new proof of ‘spooky action at a distance’ was generated 39 times in a second.

June 18, 2018

Chinese People Online Defend Einstein's Racist Observations During The 1920s

Einstein's personal journals were found to contain racist attitudes during his travels. He criticized China while he was traveling there in the 1920s, now some Chinese people are defending his portrayal.

Space June 15, 2018

Researchers Translate Einstein's Diaries And Discover That He Had Racist Thoughts About Chinese People

The recently translated journals of Albert Einstein revealed that he had some racist views. He wrote xenophobic words about Chinese people while traveling in Asia.

June 13, 2018

Physicists Stare At Atomic Clocks For 14 Years To Test Albert Einstein’s Theory Of General Relativity

A team of physicists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology watched 12 atomic clocks from November 1999 until October 2014. The experiment became the most accurate test performed to confirm Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Feature | Science June 6, 2018

100,000 Gamers Help Challenge Einstein’s Theory Of Local Realism By Playing The Big Bell Test Video Game

One hundred thousand gamers from across the world were asked to participate in an experiment aimed at challenging Albert Einstein’s theory of local realism. Their participation closed the ‘freedom-of-choice’ loophole in Bell test equation for the first time.

Energy May 11, 2018

Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking, Author Of 'A Brief History of Time', Dies At Age 76

British physicist Stephen Hawking died on Wednesday at age 76. He was given only two years to live when he was diagnosed of ALS when he was 21 years old, defying odds when he lived for more than 50 years.

Feature | Science March 14, 2018

Einstein's Handwritten Note On Theory Of Happiness Fetches $1.5 Million At Auction

In 1922, Albert Einstein tipped a bellboy at Imperial Hotel Japan with a handwritten note about happiness. He told the boy to keep it because its future value could surpass that of a standard tip.

Feature | Science October 25, 2017

Einstein's Theory Of Relativity Used To Measure A Star's Mass

Using a century old experiment, first discussed by Albert Einstein, scientists were able to determine the mass of a distant star. This experiment also offers new proof for the theory of relativity.

Space June 7, 2017

Einstein Was Right: Black Holes Have Event Horizon Just As Predicted By General Theory Of Relativity

Analysis of Pan-STARRS data strengthened the idea that black holes are bounded by an event horizon. How did the new research strengthen Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity?

Space May 31, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse Proved Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity

Albert Einstein was relatively unknown when he published his papers that introduced the theory of relativity in 1915. An experiment conducted during the May 1919 total solar eclipse changed that.

Space May 31, 2017

Stephen Hawking Warns Of Robot Apocalypse: Here's How Humanity Can Protect Itself From Artificial Intelligence

Physicist Stephen Hawking warns of robot apocalypse that 'may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war.' The call for humanity's protection from the potential technological agression reverberates stronger now more than ever, but the question is how.

Robotics March 9, 2017

Gravitational Wave Scientists Earn Top Science Magazine Award: What Made LIGO Discovery A Scientific Breakthrough?

The discovery of gravitational waves validated Einstein's 100-year old prediction, but what made the discovery so special Science magazine hailed it as the scientific breakthrough of the year?

Space December 25, 2016

LISA Pathfinder Hunts Gravitational Waves In Freefall Experiment

A gravitational wave detector could be manufactured, which would work in space following an exciting new experiment. How could the LISA Pathfinder investigation confirm or deny a prediction made by Albert Einstein a century ago?

Space June 8, 2016

Dwarf Dark Galaxy Spotted Through Gravitational Lens - Check It Out!

A dark matter galaxy may have been detected, by accident, by astronomers testing equipment at ALMA. How did they find a galaxy that does not give out light?

Space April 15, 2016

Einstein Predicted Gravitational Waves, Scientists Today Hunt For Them: What They Are And Why You Should Care

If you think gravitational waves have already been resolved, you’re dead wrong. From underground telescopes to another detector in India, the hunt is still on for more of them.

Space April 3, 2016

Here's How Gravitational Waves Discovery Can Help Science And Humanity

About a century after Albert Einstein proposed the presence of gravitational waves, LIGO scientists detected a ripple in the fabric of space-time, sending shockwaves all over the world. But how can this discovery help science and humanity?

Space March 2, 2016

China Proposes Gravitational Wave Research Projects

The discovery of gravitational waves by American scientists encouraged the Chinese research community to propose projects of their own. This could be an opportunity for China to become a global leader in the field of gravitational wave research.

Space February 19, 2016

Could LIGO Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Unlock Secrets Of Quantum Gravity?

Quantum gravity theory has been predicted for decades. What else could the discovery of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory uncover and reveal about this theory?

Space February 17, 2016

Here's Why Discovery Of Einstein's Gravitational Waves Is Such A Big Deal

The discovery of Einstein's gravitational waves are, well, making waves all over the world. What's the big deal? Here are three reasons why you should care.

Space February 15, 2016

Gravitational Waves? Here's A Simple Explanation That We Will All Understand [Video]

A three-minute animated film produced by Piled Higher and Deeper Comics aims to explain the nature and importance of gravitational waves. The creators hope to provide a simple way for people to understand the value of the discovery of the existence of these waves in space.

February 15, 2016

Albert Einstein's Mass Energy Equation Inadequate, Says Indian Researcher

Indian scientist Ajay Sharma claimed that Albert Einstein’s mass-energy equation E=mc2 is inadequate and valid only under certain conditions. He further argued that Einstein's celebrated work was not peer-reviewed before publication, and was a mere ripoff of earlier works.

Energy January 13, 2016

Albert Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Could Be Better Tested Using Rare Radio Signal From Space

A team of scientists has developed a new method of using radio signals from space, known as Fast Radio Bursts, to test the accuracy of Einstein's Equivalence Principle. This principle pertains to the curved spacetime geometry because of various celestial objects.

Space January 2, 2016

Einstein’s ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ Is Real: More Researchers Prove Quantum Entanglement

Even Albert Einstein can be wrong. In his special theory of relativity, particles can't travel faster than the speed of light. In quantum entanglement, however, particles are observed to do so.

Animals November 22, 2015

Theory Of General Relativity Marks 100th Year: Origins, Political Connections And Other Facts About Einstein's Theory

The theory of relativity postulated by Albert Einstein is celebrating its 100th year. Looking back at the journey of the famous scientific concept, it can be said that it had rich origins, valuable political connections and interesting associated facts.

Energy November 16, 2015

Researchers Prove Pairs Of Subatomic Particles Have ‘Spooky’ Connection That Transcends Time And Space

There's more evidence in favor of spooky action from a distance. It seems Einstein was wrong about quantum entanglement.

Animals November 14, 2015

Einstein’s Relativity Theory Stands The Test Of Time: Here’s An Award-Winning Video To Help You Understand What It’s All About

A video by Ryan Chester explains how Einstein's theory of relativity works and why people travelling at the speed of light will age much slower than people stuck on Earth - just like in the Hollywood movie, 'Interstellar.' The short informational video won Chester $250,000 in prize money from the Breakthough Junior Challenge.

Space November 14, 2015

High School Student Receives Breakthrough Prize For 'Some Cool Ways of Looking at the Special Theory of Relativity' Video

The Breakthrough Prize committee has awarded the Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize to 18-year-old high school student Ryan Chester from Ohio for creating a video that helps explain Einstein's special theory of relativity. Chester received a $250,000 scholarship from the committee.

Society November 10, 2015

Dutch Researchers Show Einstein Was Wrong: What New Study Reveals About Speed Of Light

Researchers challenged what Einstein firmly believed was not possible: the quantum theory. In a new study, scientists were able to close all the loopholes questioning the existing connection between two objects separated by distance.

Energy October 26, 2015

'Quantum Entanglement' Is Real: Experiment Shows Universe Is ‘Spooky’ Proving Einstein Wrong

In 1935, Albert Einstein said that the theory of inequality, later formally proposed by John Bell, was spooky, impossible and that there is another explanation why entangled particles behave the way they do. Decades later, a team of Dutch scientists proved him wrong.

October 23, 2015

Gravitational Waves In Colliding Black Holes Still Undetected After 11 Years: Was Einstein Wrong?

Scientists set out to prove Albert Einstein right but have failed, failing to detect gravitational waves in colliding black holes, as described in his general theory of relativity, in the last 11 years.

Space September 29, 2015

Astrophysicists Bring Upgraded Detector Online To Search For Ripples In Space-Time

An updated sensitive instrument will look for gravitational waves predicted by Einstein. The search will look 225 million light years into the distant universe.

Space September 24, 2015

Einstein's Letters About Theory Of Relativity, God, And 25 Other Letters Sold For $$$

The California-based auction house Profiles in History auctioned off several works written by the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein on various topics. The historic items, known as the Einstein Letters, were sold for $420,000.

June 13, 2015

Sleeping Beauty Research Papers Can Languish For Decades, Even For Albert Einstein

Scientific papers can remain in obscurity for years, and then suddenly become popular among scientists. How could this happen, even to Albert Einstein?

May 26, 2015

Now You Can Use Albert Einstein's Handwriting As A Font

If you've ever dreamed of using the handwriting of one of history's greatest minds as a font, it's your lucky day. Someone has turned Albert Einstein's handwriting into beautiful typography that can be yours.

Internet Culture May 12, 2015

Interesting Facts About Einstein: Commemorating The Death Anniversary Of A Genius

Albert Einstein was one of the most iconic figures in human history. His contributions to science, mathematics and even the advocacy of peace continue to resonate. But how well do you know him?

Feature April 18, 2015

Black Hole Mergers Help Astrophysicists Better Understand Gravitational Waves

Collisions of black holes could prove to be viable targets for a new branch of future astronomy, studying gravitational waves.

Space March 31, 2015

Catastrophic Collapse Of Universe Is Imminent But Here's Why You Should Not Worry

The universe will face a catastrophic collapse. However, such collapse will occur only in the next few billions of years.

Space March 25, 2015

Pi Day 2015: Why This Year's March 14 Is Special

Pi Day happens every year, but 2015 is the best one of the century. Here's why!

March 14, 2015

Black History Month: 6 Ways Albert Einstein Supported The Civil Rights Movement

An introspective look at how Albert Einstein helped to bridge the racial gap during the burgeoning civil rights movement.

Internet February 24, 2015

Measuring Mass May Detect Faster-than-Light Particles

Tachyons - theoretical subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light - may be neutrinos, according to a former George Mason University physicist.

December 26, 2014

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