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Cuddle Hormone Oxytocin May Help Treat Alcoholism

Alcohol-dependent individuals may benefit from a love drug called oxytocin. Scientists at Scripps Research found that oxytocin successfully blocked GABA signals, which are responsible for stress and addiction.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2019

Indulging In Alcohol Can Trigger DNA Change That Leads To Craving Even More Alcohol

Researchers found that heavy drinkers have altered their DNA. They hope that the new findings could one day help develop a treatment for excessive drinking, which continues to kill millions around the world.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 1, 2019

Alcohol-Related Diseases Dethrone Hepatitis C As Top Reason For Liver Transplant

Alcohol-related diseases are the top reason for liver transplant in the United States and not Hepatitis C anymore. Researchers pointed out that this might be because the latter is easier to treat with effective drugs.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Marijuana Can Help Curb Alcohol Addiction, Cocaine Cravings: New Study

Another study showed promising results on the benefits of marijuana in curbing relapse symptoms of alcohol and cocaine addiction. Experiments were conducted in rats that are injected with CBD-containing gel for three days and followed up after five months.

Medicine March 26, 2018

Human Stem Cell Treatment Helps 'Alcoholic Rats' Consume 90 Percent Less Booze

A recent study found that human stem cell treatment reduces alcohol abuse in rats. Testing of humans will be required in order for this potential cure to be widely available.

Medicine March 22, 2018

Do You Have A Drinking Problem? This Online Tool Can Help You Find Out

If people think they have a drinking problem but they just aren’t sure, then they can now find out by using this new online tool called the Alcohol Treatment Navigator. The tool was created by the National Institute of Health.

Public Health January 11, 2018

Binge Drinking Among Older American Women On The Rise

Binge drinking has increased drastically among older American women, according to a new study. The study could not decode the reason behind this trend, but researchers stated that the issue is quite problematic.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 30, 2017

Synthetic Marijuana Use Can Lead To Violent Behavior, Drug And Alcohol Abuse Among Teens: Study

Synthetic marijuana is largely used among adolescents for recreation. Studies show it can increase the risk of addiction, and also trigger violence, other drug use, alcohol abuse, and sexual risk-taking.

Public Health March 14, 2017

Animal Study Reveals Alcohol Dependence Can Be Reversed

Turning off alcohol-linked neurons in the rats' brains was found to reverse alcohol dependence in the animals. The animals did not show unwanted symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 8, 2016

Research Concludes Heredity A Major Factor In Alcohol Dependence, Binge-Eating In Adults With ADHD

Alcohol dependence and binge-eating typically arise in adults with ADHD. According to research from the Linköping University, these disorders are influenced by hereditary factors where ADHD is present.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 6, 2016

Primates Enjoy Booze: Can It Hint At The Roots Of Alcoholism?

Two monkey-like primate species appear to enjoy drinking 'booze' in the jungle, a new study revealed. The findings may help scientists pinpoint the roots of alcoholism or too much alcohol consumption in humans.

Animals July 21, 2016

Want To Stop Drinking? Scientists Pinpoint Neurons That Could Prevent Alcoholism

A new study suggests that activating a certain 'no-go' type of neurons can help prevent a person from wanting to drink alcohol. The study may offer hope in reducing the prevalence of alcoholism.

Neuroscience July 8, 2016

90 Percent Of People In England Do Not Link Alcohol Drinking To Cancer

Reports showed that 9 out of 10 people from England does not link alcohol consumption to cancer. Experts said that not only heavy alcohol drinkers are prone to cancer, the risk of acquiring cancer increases with any amount a person drinks.

Life April 5, 2016

Medical Students At Higher Risk For Alcohol Abuse: Study

Researchers have found that medical students carry a high risk for alcohol dependence or abuse, especially if they are younger than their peers in medical school, unmarried and with high student loans. The findings call for intervention on the rate of burnout among medical students.

Life March 16, 2016

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Affects Multiple Generations: Study

Pregnant women who drink alcohol may pass alcohol-related behaviors to multiple generations. A new study found that alcoholism may be passed even to children without direct exposure to alcohol.

Life February 25, 2016

Let Your Liver Rest: Doctors Urge Drinkers Not To Drink Alcohol For Two Days Every Week

New health guidelines advise people to have at least two to three alcohol-free days to allow their livers to rest. United Kingdom's Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies also recommended reducing the alcohol limit for men.

Life January 4, 2016

Women Catching Up To Men In Alcohol Consumption, Survey Finds

Men are still drinking more than women, but that gap has been closing in recent years, a study finds. In every measure of drinking habits, women are approaching men's levels.

Life November 25, 2015

Alcoholism Drug May Pave Way For HIV Cure

A new study made the world closer to finding the cure for HIV. Researchers found that disulfiram, a drug used for alcoholism, could wake up dormant HIV hiding from the body's immune system.

Life November 18, 2015

Chinese Man Develops Massive Tumors In His Throat After Years Of Heavy Drinking

A Chinese man who has been consuming thousands of of liters of alcohol had developed a rare medical condition called the Madelung disease. Doctors say that only about 400 people in the world are diagnosed with the rare condition.

Life October 31, 2015

Swedish Researchers Say New Drug For Alcohol Addiction One Step Closer To Reality

Swedish researchers are developing a new drug designed to curb alcoholism. Based on separate studies on humans and rats, they found that a component they discovered can reduce alcohol cravings and normalize dopamine levels in the brain.

Life October 19, 2015

Lowering Drinking Age Could Lead To More High School Dropouts: Study

States with a lower minimum drinking age see more high school dropouts, research shows. This is on top of previously documented effects such as higher substance abuse and lower educational attainment.

Life September 30, 2015

Blue Eyes May Lead To Alcohol Problems: Celebrity Histories Show Trend

A new study shows light-eyed people, especially those with blue eyes, may be more likely than others to become alcoholics. Turns out, celebrities have been leading the way on this idea for decades.

Life July 5, 2015

Researchers Find Link Between Eye Color And Alcohol Use

A new study found that there is a link between eye color and the risk of alcohol dependence of European Americans. The experts particularly found that those who have blue eyes have an increased risk of developing alcohol dependence.

Life July 3, 2015

Virtual Reality Therapy Tested As A Treatment For Alcoholism

Researchers used virtual reality to condition alcoholics to better control their cravings. The study was small, but the results suggest that the therapy was able to accomplish this by actually changing the patients' brain activity.

Wearable Tech June 24, 2015

Experts Press Red Button As Heavy Drinking And Binge Drinking Rates In US Counties Go Up

Researchers from the University of Washington discovered that the rates of heavy drinking and binge drinking in the United States have significantly increased between 2005 and 2012. The study also revealed that the rates are rising faster among women than among men.

Life April 24, 2015

Heavy Drinker is Not Same as Alcoholic, Study Claims (Hic to That)

People who drink too much alcohol are not necessarily alcohol dependent or alcoholic, the CDC said. However, excessive drinking still has its dangers including increased risks for premature death.

Life November 21, 2014

Even if You're a Heavy Drinker, You're Probably Not an Alcoholic

U.S. study looks at adults who drink excessively, finds most don't meet criteria for true alcoholism. Study authors caution that excessive alcohol consumption still is a health risk.

Life November 20, 2014

What’s the difference between a few drinks and alcoholism? Genetics, study says

A new study shows a genetic piece that might influence whether moderate drinkers become binge drinkers or develop alcohol use disorders. MicroRNA may be one of the factors that influences a person's susceptibility to alcoholism.

Life October 21, 2014

Alcohol: Love it or leave it? The answer might depend on your genes

Whether someone likes an alcoholic beverage or not might be down to their genetic makeup, researchers find. Genes can influence our beverage and food choices every day, they say.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 25, 2014

Gene Simmons says sorry for controversial comments about depression and suicide

Sober rocker Gene Simmons apologizes for harsh remarks on depression and suicide. His comments were made before Robin Williams' suicide last week.

Life August 20, 2014

Fish oil may save heavy drinkers from neurodamage, dementia

New study suggests that alcohol-related health problems may be prevented with fish oil intake—but that doesn’t give you the ticket to go take happy hour hereon. Researchers tell you why.

Life July 20, 2014

Study shows fish oil may reduce risk of brain damage in alcoholics

Fish oil might lessen inflammation, cell death in brain alcohol abusers. Experiments with rats finds Omega-3 oils reduce impact of alcohol on brain cells.

Life July 18, 2014

U.S. drinking habits getting more deadly. Western, Southwestern states carry highest death rates

A recent study conducted by the Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion claims one in 10 deaths among working-age adults can be attributed to excessive drinking. Total death count for alcohol-attributed deaths rose to 88,000 between 2006 and 2010.

Life June 30, 2014

Drugs that could help alcoholics fight their addiction are rarely prescribed: Study

Review finds two drugs that would be effective in helping people get off alcohol are not being prescribed. Study hopes to convince doctors to consider more use of the medications.

Life May 14, 2014

Alcohol biggest killer of people in world, warns WHO

Alcohol consumption is a popular past time worldwide, but that doesn't mean it is healthy. A new report concludes that over 3.3 million people died in 2012 due to alcohol use.

Life May 14, 2014

625-lb. man loses 400 lbs, thanks to 'Draw Something' app and a special friend

Online friendship with woman in England helps Michigan man lose almost 400 pounds. Kicking alcoholism and healthy diet led to dramatic slimming.

Life April 29, 2014

Love for vodka is snatching away Russian men from their loved ones: Study

A new study shows that Russian men, aged 55 years and younger, who drink a liter and a half of vodka each week is 35 percent more likely to die within 20 years.

Life February 1, 2014

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