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Astronomers Spot An Alien Star Lingering In The Milky Way

There’s a star in the Big Dipper that doesn’t quite belong in the Milky Way. Instead, it’s an interloper that drifted in from another galaxy.

Space May 11, 2019

NASA Scientists Create Exoplanet Atmosphere In Lab

Exoplanets are planets that orbit another star. To further understand how the atmospheres of exoplanets known as hot Jupiters are formed, NASA combined chemicals and heated them in a furnace, inside a lab.

Space March 19, 2019

Alien Life Possible In Planets Around Binary Stars In 'Goldilocks Zones'

New research claimed that planets which are part of a binary system might support life. The conditions near two orbiting stars can support the existence of water and might be suitable for complex molecules to jump-start life.

Space March 9, 2019

Bacteria Can Survive The Frigid, Harsh Environment Of Mars

Researchers found that hardy microbes found in Earth’s Arctic regions could possibly survive the extreme Martian climate. The findings raise expectations for the survivability of bacteria in other worlds.

Space July 7, 2018

Zoo Hypothesis: MIT Study Suggests Aliens Are Silently Studying Humans

An MIT astronomer theorized that humans are not alone in the universe. Among the 10 theories he proposed, the zoo hypothesis has spawned the most reactions, as it asserts that aliens are quietly but carefully observing mankind.

Space January 2, 2018

Nearby Sun-Like Star Hosts 4 Earth-Sized Planet Candidates

An international team of astronomers discovered four Earth-sized exoplanets amid stellar noise. The planets are within the habitable zone and can be seen from Earth.

Space August 11, 2017

Planets Orbiting Double Stars Could Still Be Habitable, Study Finds

A scientific study finds that an Earth-sized water world revolving around two suns could remain habitable at a certain distance — and it won’t become a desert like Tatooine!

Space April 14, 2017

Mysterious UFO 'Orbiting' Sun And 'Sucking' Sun's Energy Discovered By UFO Hunters And Alien Conspiracy Theorists

A space enthusiast spotted a UFO orbiting the sun. The UFO hunter says the mysterious object, which was captured by a camera on NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, appears like it was sucking the sun’s energy to proliferate itself.

Space September 21, 2016

My Three Suns: Newly Discovered Planet Orbits Trio Of Stars

The Very Large Telescope in Chile was used to discover a new exoplanet four times larger than Jupiter. What is so unusual about this massive world?

Space July 8, 2016

Jupiter's Clouds Float On Vast Ammonia Deposits

Astronomers have now peered beneath the outer layer of clouds on Jupiter using a powerful network of radio telescopes. What did they find?

Space June 2, 2016

Hard-As-Nails Kepler Spacecraft Returns To Health Resuming K2 Mission

You say your exoplanet-hunting spacecraft is acting up? Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?

Space April 24, 2016

ALMA Spies Earth-Like Planet Forming In Habitable Zone Around Nearby Star

A nearby star system appears to be forming planets, and one of these may resemble a young Earth. What do we know about TW Hydrae?

Space March 31, 2016

Hubble Telescope Sniffs At Atmosphere Surrounding Super-Earth For First Time

The atmosphere of exoplanet 55 Cancri E has been analyzed by spectral analysis. This provides the first 'sniff' at the atmosphere of a super-Earth for the first time.

Space February 16, 2016

Exoplanet 51 Pegasi B Becomes First Alien World Observed In Visible Light Spectrum

Astronomers have imaged an exoplanet - 51 Pegasi b - in visible light for the first time ever. What could this mean for the future of astronomy?

Space April 22, 2015

Young Star And Family Of Four Planets 130 Light Years Away Reveal Cosmological Secrets To Astronomers

The HR8799 star system is examined like never before in infrared light. What did astronomers find in this alien solar system?

Space April 22, 2015

Search For Alien Life In 100,000 Galaxies Draws A Blank

The search for galactic emissions of radiation which could signal the presence of advanced alien civilizations has failed to find any, researchers say. Survey of data from NASA satellite failed to find any radiation 'smoking gun' of such a civilization's existence, they report.

Space April 14, 2015

Most Stars In Galaxy Have Habitable Planets, Study Finds

An old hypothesis is being used to study alien solar systems, but what could this mean for the hunt for life on other planets?

Space March 18, 2015

Neptune-Like Planets May Turn into Potentially Habitable Worlds

Alien life may, one day, be found on mini-Neptunes, former gas giants shaped by their suns into habitable worlds. How would this process work?

Space January 29, 2015

Scientists Recreate Planetary Formation Using Powerful Lasers

Planetary formation in super-Earths circling distant stars has been modeled by physicists using powerful lasers. What surprising results did the experiment reveal?

Space January 23, 2015

'Ghost Particle' is Proof of Alien Life, Says Astrobiologists

Researchers claim a spectral particle that looks like a wisp of smoke could be proof that we aren’t the only living creatures in the universe.

Space January 20, 2015

The Current and Future Toolkit for Finding Alien Worlds

Alien life could soon be found by astronomers, as a new lineup of tools become available to astronomers. What new instruments could be used to find life around other stars?

Space January 13, 2015

NASA Kepler Space Telescope Discovers Pair of Most Earth-like Exoplanets Yet

Two Earth-like planets have been discovered by astronomers studying data from the Kepler Space Telescope. What do we know about these alien worlds?

Space January 9, 2015

What a Star's Spin Can Tell Us About Its Age

The spin rate of stars could help astronomers find intelligent life on other planets, a new study reveals. How does this work?

Space January 5, 2015

NASA Looks Back at 2014: From Earth to Mars and Beyond

What were the greatest NASA moments of 2014? One was the discovery of the first-known Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone of its star. Check out the others.

Space December 27, 2014

How Kepler Failed, Came Back and Discovered

The Kepler spacecraft has discovered an exoplanet for the first time since the new K2 mission started, reviving the once-defunct observatory.

Space December 19, 2014

Exoplanets Look Like Eggs Thanks to Red Dwarf Stars, Study Finds

Expolanets close to their suns could be detected due to warping from gravity, according to new research.

Space December 15, 2014

Sun-Like Stars Don't Cloud Scientists' Views with Dust

Stars like our own sun are not likely to be surrounded by dust, but what does that mean for the search for Earth-like planets?

Space December 4, 2014

Scientists Devise Method to Estimate Magnetic Field of Distant Exoplanet: Here's How They Did it

The magnetic field of Planet HD 209458b has been measured for the first time, using a novel method that could be used to study other alien worlds. How did they do it?

Space November 23, 2014

Hubble gives amazingly detailed weather map of exoplanet

The atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-43b has been examined in great detail by a pair of studies. What did astronomers learn about this distant world?

Space October 10, 2014

NASA spies water vapor in exoplanet: Can alien life exist?

Water vapor has been seen in the atmosphere of exoplanet HAT-P-11b, along with unusually clear skies. Could alien life exist there?

Space September 25, 2014

Crash! Boom! Bang! NASA Spitzer telescope spies asteroid smashup around young star

Alien worlds may be forming around a star called NGC 2547-ID8 and astronomers may have just seen evidence of the collision between two massive asteroids.

Space August 29, 2014

Old planets need companions too if they want to host life

Older worlds with planetary companions may be the place to find the most ancient life in the galaxy, according to a new study.

Space August 1, 2014

Hunt for water on Earth-like exoplanet more challenging than previously thought

Water on other worlds may be harder to find than astronomers believed, according to a study of three hot Jupiters circling other worlds.

Space July 26, 2014

Kepler spots exoplanet with longest year yet - 704 days

Kepler 421b - an exoplanet with a year nearly as long as Mars, has been discovered in data from the Kepler Spacecraft.

Space July 24, 2014

Earth-like alien planets are just illusions: Study

Gliese 581g was thought to be the first planet known in the habitable zone of another star. Now, it appears the planet was an optical illusion.

Space July 7, 2014

Kepler spies 'Mega-Earth': This 'godfather' exoplanet is 17 times heavier than Earth but are there aliens?

Kepler-10c, a world many times more massive than Earth, has been recognized as a member of a new class of planet. What does that mean for the chance of alien life there?

Space June 3, 2014

Sunsets on Saturn's moon Titan offer clue of atmosphere of alien exoplanets

Titan is the only satellite in the known solar system with a dense atmosphere. Studies of sunsets seen through haze led the way to a new technique to study alien worlds.

Space May 29, 2014

Kepler telescope to continue planet hunting mission after getting new lease of life

The K2 mission will provide the orbiting Kepler telescope with a new mission. This could mean the discovery of thousands of new planets.

Space May 18, 2014

Kepler-186f: Scientists go gaga over this exoplanet but no proof yet of alien lifeform

An exoplanet that may be the most Earth-like planet yet discovered could house life - but don't get excited about the prospect just yet.

Space April 20, 2014

First exomoon found orbiting distant star?

A moon orbiting a distant planet around an alien world may have been detected, marking the first known exomoon.

Space April 11, 2014

Robotic planet-hunting telescope makes its debut, already spots new worlds

Autonomous telescope joins hunt for alien planets and has already found new planets around distant stars.

Space March 29, 2014

Astronomers urged to consider more types of stars in search for extraterrestrial life

Researches urge astronomers not to limit search for extraterrestrial life to just Sun-type stars but consider larger and hotter ones.

Space March 29, 2014

Icy comets bombard exoplanet in Beta Pictoris planetary system: Origin of life?

The most violent planetary system ever seen is right next door. Comets are destroyed in a cloud of poisonous gas. How could this mean we may be witnessing the beginning of life in another star system?

Space March 8, 2014

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