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Researchers Find Odd Mix And Ancient Creatures Trapped In Amber

Paleontologists found a chunk of amber that contains a curious assemblage of land and water creatures, including the shell of an ammonite. The researchers believe that the fossils are from around 100 million years ago.

Ancient May 14, 2019

Scientists Discover Oldest Baby Snake Fossil In Amber: Here's Why It's So Important

A baby snake fossil has been found preserved in amber from the Kachin region of Myanmar. The discovery is important because it revealed that snakes may have moved to forests from coastal regions earlier than previously thought, among other things.

Ancient July 19, 2018

Paleontologists Face Hurdle Hunting Dinosaur Amber In Myanmar

A paleontologist reported having difficulties from acquiring significant scientific findings from Myanmar due to the ongoing conflict between the army and rebels. Many ancient species were found preserved in amber from the region in the recent years.

Earth/Environment July 2, 2018

Prehistoric Frogs Preserved In Amber For 99 Million Years

Prehistoric frogs that have been trapped in amber for 99 million years provide a glimpse into how the ancient world looked like. The ancient frogs came from Myanmar, in the same amber deposits where many other fossils have been found.

Ancient June 15, 2018

99-Million-Year-Old Unlucky Tick Bound In Spider Silk, Immortalized In Amber

Researchers have found an extremely rare fossil of a 99-million-year-old tick wrapped in spider silk and encased in tree resin. The discovery reveals the ancient interaction of an unlucky tick and an uncompromising spider.

Ancient May 29, 2018

99-Million-Year-Old Bird Found Preserved In Amber In Myanmar

The most completely preserved remains of a 99-million-year-old bird was found encased in a Burmese amber. The toothed baby bird provided researchers with evidence of its independence at just a few days old.

Ancient June 9, 2017

Dinosaur-Era Insect Found Preserved In Amber Looks Like An Alien

An insect that lived during the time of the dinosaurs resembled the appearance of E.T. Its features were unique enough that scientists placed it into its own order.

Animals January 26, 2017

Scientists Discover 99-Million-Year-Old Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped In Amber

A newly discovered fossil offers scientists with strong evidence to prove that some dinosaurs did have feathers on their bodies. The 99-million-year-old specimen was preserved in a layer of resin.

Animals December 9, 2016

Dinosaur-Era Wings Preserved In Amber Reveal Ancient Birds Were Almost Fully Developed When Hatched

A pair of well-preserved wings that belonged to Enantiornithes was found encased in an amber mined in Myanmar. The wings revealed that the ancient birds were almost fully developed when they were hatched.

Animals June 29, 2016

How Did Insects Use Camouflage 100 Million Years Ago?

Insects were using pieces of the natural world for camouflage, even 100 million years ago. What secrets are fossils trapped in amber revealing to biologists?

Ancient June 25, 2016

Amber Traps 99-million-Year-Old Reptiles - The World's Oldest Lizards

Lizards from 99 million years ago have been discovered in amber remarkably well-preserved. What can these specimens teach biologists about the evolution of these creatures?

March 6, 2016

Poisonous Flower Trapped In Amber May Have Been Prehistoric Relative Of Potatoes, Coffee Beans

An ancient poisonous plant found fossilized in amber may have been an ancestor of some of our staple foods. What do we know about this unique asterid?

Animals February 17, 2016

Dangerously Beautiful: Extinct Flower Preserved In Amber May Have Been Poisonous

Scientists found that a 30-million-year-old fossil flower belonged to an entirely new species of the Strychnos genus. The new species is called Strychnos electri and could have been poisonous.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2016

Daddy Long Legs Discovered With 99-Million-Year-Old Erection

A harvestman spider from 99 million years ago has been found preserved in amber, still exhibiting an erect penis. So what happened his partner?

Animals February 4, 2016

Salamander Discovered In Dominican Amber Helps Ecologists Reconstruct Ancient Events Of Earth's History

The first salamander ever found preserved in amber puts the species in the Caribbean, where no salamanders exist today. The finding gives clues to the past history of the region's many islands, researchers say.

August 19, 2015

Meet an ant's worst enemy: A beetle found in 52-million-year-old amber

Scientists have discovered a 52-million-year-old piece of amber containing the fossil of a beetle that not only tricked ants to gain access to colonies, but also leeched off them and ate their eggs.

Internet Culture October 8, 2014

Scientists uncover fossil of 52-million-year-old beetle that loved munching on ants

Scientists discover a 52-million-year-old beetle fossil from India. The beetle species is said to have lived in ant nests and fed upon ant eggs without being attacked by the host.

October 3, 2014

Massive collection of ancient amber leads to discovery of tiny pygmy locust

Scientists have found a new type of grasshopper, the pygmy locust, after studying an ancient amber collection. The fossilized remains of the insect have given researchers insight into the evolutionary process of locusts.

August 3, 2014

Amber collection opens window to ancient world (Video)

A wealth of information about life in the Dominican Republic 20 million years ago has been revealed in amber. The collection was unseen for decades in a museum closet.

Animals August 1, 2014

Forgotten amber collection is a new window to the past

A new species of ancient locust has been discovered in a collection of 1950s Dominican amber.

Animals July 31, 2014

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