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Ancient DNA Reveals Southeast Asians Are Direct Descendants Of At Least Four Prehistoric Populations

Modern-day Southeast Asians came from at least four ancient ancestors, according to a new study. Ancient DNA analysis showed ancestral diversity in this region is far greater than that of Europe.

Ancient July 9, 2018

North Americans Have Similar DNA Ancestry With Indigenous Canadians, Genetic Study Reveals

A sweeping genetic study of the North American lineage revealed that there were two separated ancient populations that reconverged to give rise to the first Americans. The analysis was based on ancient genetic samples acquired from Ontario and California.

Ancient June 4, 2018

Scientists Find Evidence That Ancient Canaanites Survive Today: Was The Bible Wrong?

Ancient Canaanites were annihilated according to a passage in the Old Testament, but the Bible may be mistaken. Archaeologists have found evidence of Canaanite DNA in modern-day Lebanese.

Ancient July 28, 2017

Extinct Glyptodonts Were Ancient Armadillos The Size Of A Small Car

Glyptodonts are indeed armadillos, a new study has found. By using comprehensive DNA study techniques, international scientists were able to determine that the armadillos were the closest relatives of the extinct glyptodonts.

Animals February 23, 2016

Plague Afflicted Humankind Thousands Of Years Earlier Than Thought, DNA Study Shows

The Black Death of the 14th century wasn't the first time plague infected humans, researchers say. DNA evidence shows people were dying of plague almost 5,000 years ago.

October 23, 2015

Small Volcanic Cracks May Have Been Ideal Environment for Ancient DNA

Evolution favors certain conditions. For longer strands of DNA material, favorable conditions are found within the pores of volcanic rocks where thermal cycling is present.

Earth/Environment January 29, 2015

Where do Europeans come from? DNA links them to three ancient groups

Researchers have previously linked European DNA ancestry back to two groups of ancient people. A new study found that a third group of northern Eurasians also can be linked to modern-day Europeans.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

King Richard III genome sequence may help scientists see eye to eye

Richard III, who ruled England in the late 15th century, will be the first historical figure to have his DNA completely sequenced. What will this be able to teach historians, and, more importantly, what does William Shakespeare have to do with DNA?

Animals February 12, 2014

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