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CERN Scientists Take Most Precise Measurement Of Antimatter

Physicists can now measure antimatter more precisely at a difference of a few parts of a trillion. However, this new finding further mystifies the formation of the universe and why antimatter does not exist.

Space April 6, 2018

CERN To Put Antimatter In A Moving Truck To Study Neutron Stars

A team of physicists from CERN is going to transport antimatter in a moving truck as part of an experiment. The antimatter road trip will also allow the researchers to know more about neutron stars.

Energy February 22, 2018

Universe Should Not Actually Exist: Big Bang Produced Equal Amounts Of Matter And Antimatter

Measurements made at the CERN revealed there is no significant discrepancy between proton and antiproton. The universe should not have existed because of the equal amounts of matter and antimatter produced during the Big Bang.

Space October 25, 2017

Antimatter Light Spectrum Observed For The First Time

Antimatter atom has been measured and the properties were validated against matter using optical spectrum. The new study also opens up a new era in high-precision antimatter research as shown by the CERN antimatter community.

Energy December 21, 2016

CERN Scientists Use Laser To Observe Light Spectrum Of Antimatter [Video]

CERN scientists were able to compare the light spectrums of matter and antimatter by blasting anti-hydrogen atoms with laser. How did the result fare with predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics?

Energy December 19, 2016

Scientists Measure Force Binding Antiprotons Together To Probe Why Antimatter Is Extremely Rare

The strong nuclear force between antiprotons was found to be as attractive as the force between protons. Some assymetry may be at work that could explain the scarcity of antimatter in the universe.

Energy November 5, 2015

Laser Experiment Yields Antimatter, May Help Scientists Understand Black Holes

Creating antimatter particles known as positrons in a lab setting could open the door to understanding extreme astrophysical occurrences such as gamma-ray bursts, scientists say. The secrets of collapsing stars and black holes could be revealed, they say.

Space May 27, 2015

'Left-Handed' Magnetic Fields Could Explain Why Antimatter Isn't All Around Us In The Universe

Researchers find a magnetic field permeating the universe which they say is evidence of matter winning out over antimatter following the Big Bang. 'Left-handed' fields suggest matter; 'right-handed' fields would have been signs of antimatter, they say.

Space May 14, 2015

'Rogue' Antimatter Discovered Inside Thunderstorm Clouds

Antimatter positrons detected with thunderstorm clouds have scientists scrambling for an explanation. No known process for positron creation matches what was observed inside the storm, they say.

Animals May 13, 2015

Mysteries of the Universe: Physicists uncover new clues about matter and antimatter

An international team of physicists recently uncovered new discoveries about Bs meson particles, which could explain why the Universe contains more matter than antimatter, shedding new light on the nature of the Universe.

Geek October 29, 2014

This elusive particle behaves simultaneously like matter and anti-matter: Princeton physicists

A particle that is both matter and antimatter has been proposed as early as 1937 but remained elusive. Physicists finally found the particle known as Majorana fermion by using an iron wire and a superconductor.

Energy October 6, 2014

Physicists discover particle that is its own antiparticle

Physicists at Princeton University have observed matter that also acts as its own antimatter. The discovery could eventually lead to computers that use quantum mechanics.

Geek October 3, 2014

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