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Shaggy Hyenas Lived, Hunted In The Frigid Arctic During The Last Ice Age

Only a handful of hyena species exist today, but this wasn't always the case. New research found that prehistoric hyenas thrived in the harsh conditions of the Arctic, hunting other animals and crossing continents.

Animals June 19, 2019

Arctic's Melting Permafrost Will Cost The World $70 Trillion: Study

The Arctic's melting ice is causing climate change to accelerate even faster. It comes with a hefty price tag too. Researchers reveal that the global economic impact of the melting Arctic will reach nearly $70 trillion.

Earth/Environment April 23, 2019

Climate Change Is Turning Parts Of The Arctic Brown

Extreme weather events in the Arctic are leaving a trail of vulnerable plants. Known as the Arctic browning, this phenomenon may affect the survival of the region in the midst of climate change.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2019

Slumping Ice Cliffs May Trigger Rapid Sea Level Rise

A new study revealed that ice cliffs could break off in a process called slumping and it could trigger rapid sea level rise. Tall ice cliffs are more likely susceptible to slumping, scientists said.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2019

Increasing Rainfall Melts Greenland Ice Sheet And Contributes To Sea Level Rise In The Arctic

Greenland is already losing so much ice each year. Now, researchers found that unusual rains in the Arctic may be contributing to the phenomenon as well.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2019

Superbug Gene First Detected In India Found In One Of Most Remote Places On Earth

Antibiotic-resistant genes first detected in India in 2008 have spread to the Arctic, one of the most pristine environments on Earth. How did the superbug genes get there?

Feature | Health January 28, 2019

LOOK: Beluga Whale Pod Appears To Adopt Lost Narwhal

A lost narwhal was seen with a beluga whale pod in Canada's St. Lawrence River for the third year in a row. The narwhal was behaving as though he was "one of the boys."

Animals September 16, 2018

Abrupt Thawing Of Permafrost Below Arctic Lakes Poses Huge Climate Change Risks

A team of scientists found that the sudden thaw beneath Arctic lakes will have an impact to climate change. Within the century, researchers expect that a large amount of permafrost carbon will be released into the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment August 21, 2018

Scientists Find Possible Link Between US Tornadoes And Melting Sea Ice In The Arctic

Researchers from the University of Illinois have found a potential link between tornadoes in the United States and sea ice in the Arctic. The study seeks to explain decreased tornado activity using climate and weather data gathered over a 30-year period.

Earth/Environment August 9, 2018

Microplastics And Seal Breathing Holes: Arctic Ocean Faces Graver Threats On Pollution And Climate Change

The Arctic Ocean faces possible near-permanent contamination as scientists collected record high of microplastics. Meanwhile, NASA explained that the ice holes found in Beaufort Sea could be more than just breathing holes but effects of warmer temperatures.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2018

Hyper-Salty Lakes Found Beneath The Canadian Arctic Could Shed Light On Extraterrestrial Life

Scientists discovered a subglacial lake underneath the Canadian ice continent that is four to five times saltier than seawater. It was reported that the surface resembles Jupiter’s Europa moon and may one day help understand extraterrestrial life conditions.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2018

A 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark Might Just Be The World's Oldest Living Vertebrate

Did this team of scientists just find the oldest living vertebrate in the world? Age and size aside, Greenland sharks are special and mysterious creatures for various reasons.

Animals December 15, 2017

Oceanfloor Craters Hint Of Potential Arctic Methane Explosions In The Future

Hundreds of craters caused by methane explosions were discovered underneath Barents sea. Further research finds evidence that the violent explosions could happen again in the future.

Earth/Environment June 3, 2017

Billions Of Plastic Pieces Floating In Arctic Ocean: What Happens To Garbage Humans Junk Into The Sea?

Plastic pollution has slowly crept into the once-pristine Arctic Ocean. Why is this happening, how much plastic pollution really ends up in our oceans, and will it stay there forever?

Earth/Environment April 21, 2017

Arctic Ocean Is A Dead End For Floating Plastics: How It Happened

Plastic pollution carried by a major ocean current has found its way into the Arctic ocean, threatening the region’s pristine ecosystem, a new study revealed. Researchers say the consequences can be “disastrous.”

Earth/Environment April 19, 2017

Loss Of Arctic Sea Ice Endangers Entire Ecosystem, Up To The Great Beluga Whale

Belugas depend on fish that feed primarily on zooplankton, which in turn relies on sea ice algae to thrive. The dwindling arctic ice means a shortage of phytoplankton, and thus a lack of food for the beluga, among other creatures.

Animals March 27, 2017

Arctic Sea Ice Plummets To Record New Low For Winter

The sea ice level in the Arctic has hit a record low. At the winter peak in early March, it has come down to an ice area of 5.57 million square miles, less than the 35,000 square miles recorded in 2015.

Earth/Environment March 23, 2017

February 2017 Second Warmest Winter In 140 Years

The month of February 2017 was the second warmest of all Februaries in almost 140 years, according to three independent analyses released this week. It ranked second to last year's February.

Earth/Environment March 18, 2017

Arctic Facing Threat Of Rapid Ocean Acidification, Marine Species Affected

Rapid ocean acidification is hurting the marine life in the Arctic, mainly in the western part, where shellfish and other marine species in the food web are hit, according to a new study.

Earth/Environment March 11, 2017

Saving Sea Ice From Global Warming: $500 Billion Geoengineering Project Is On

The $500 billion geoengineering project to save the Arctic is seen to restore the ice level of the polar region to where it was two decades ago. Beyond the massive cost, the project is feared to have adverse effects on the food chain.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2017

Arctic Refreezing Plan Coming From Arizona Scientists

Concerned over escalating temperature in the North Pole and loss of ice, scientists from the Arizona University have come forward with an Arctic refreezing plan that involves installing 10 million wind-powered fans to spray sea water during winter.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Arctic Temperatures Rise: Sea Ice Cover Sets Record Low For January

Arctic sea ice has set another record low for January as temperatures in the region continue to rise. A scientist says the warming event in the Arctic is a 'chicken-egg' phenomenon.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2017

Trouble In Paradise: Songbirds Divorce, Fail To Reproduce In Face Of Suburban Development

Expanding development in suburban areas is forcing out songbirds from their shelter. In the process, they lose mates, and relocation imposes hardship in breeding and hampers successful reproduction.

Animals January 5, 2017

Sawdust Reinvented As Super Sponge To Soak Up Oil Spills

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under the U.S Energy Department is mulling innovative use of sawdust as remediation material for mitigating oil slick at icy waters of Arctic ocean. The tests by PNNL were positive and trials are on to win the official approval for the improvised sawdust.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Resilience Area: Obama Orders Protection Of Bering Sea Against Oil Exploration

President Barack Obama on Friday ordered greater protections for Alaska’s Bering Sea against the dangers of oil exploration, expanding ship traffic, and climate change. The new executive order also boosts federal consultation of Alaska Native villages.

Earth/Environment December 11, 2016

Mysterious Pinging Sound From Sea Floor Baffles Arctic Locals And Scientists: Submarines, Mining Operations Or Aliens?

There have been reports of a mysterious 'pinging' sound that is said to be coming from the Arctic sea floor. An investigation launched by the Canadian military returned no answers to the origin of the phenomenon.

Earth/Environment November 4, 2016

Adolf Hitler's Secret Nazi Base In Arctic Discovered By Russian Scientists

A secret Nazi base German dictator Adolf Hitler ordered to be built was discovered in the Arctic. More than 500 relics were found at the site, including personal items with the swastika symbol.

Earth/Environment October 24, 2016

Arctic Sea Ice Level Hits Second Lowest Mark, Ties With 2007 Record

The level of Arctic sea ice has reached its second lowest record ever in September, a new study revealed. Scientists say the trend could lead to more loss in the future and potentially result in the complete disappearance of sea ice.

Earth/Environment September 17, 2016

Russian Scientists Trapped By 10 Polar Bears In Arctic Outpost: Here's What Happened

It's an arctic stakeout. At least 10 polar bears have reportedly 'besieged' a remote Arctic outpost currently housing five Russian scientists. The government is planning to send an emergency delivery to protect both scientists and animals.

Animals September 13, 2016

Arctic Sea Ice Shows No Sign Of Recovery: NASA Study

The level of sea ice in the Arctic is showing no signs of significant recovery, a new study by NASA revealed. Scientists continue to monitor the melting in the region.

Earth/Environment August 20, 2016

This 'Watermelon Snow' Speeds Up Melting Of Arctic Glaciers: Why You Should Care

Blankets of 'watermelon snow' located in the Arctic have been found to speed up the melting of the region's glaciers. How can this phenomenon affect our planet?

Earth/Environment June 22, 2016

Carbon Dioxide Dominates Greenhouse Gases Generated By Arctic's Thawing Permafrost

Melting permafrost in the Arctic produces carbon dioxide and methane that may further exacerbate warming climate. What conditions influence the release of these greenhouse gases?

Earth/Environment June 14, 2016

Could Arctic Amplification Lead To Greater Loss Of Arctic Ice?

Arctic amplification, resulting from the loss of sea ice, could be driving global warming. How does this effect alter the global climate?

Earth/Environment June 10, 2016

Russian Rocket Carrying Toxic Chemicals To Crash In Canada's Arctic Waters

A Russian Rocket is expected to crash in Canada’s Arctic waters this weekend. The rocket, which is carrying highly toxic chemicals, will be diving into a biodiversity hotspot - endangering animals such as whales, polar bears and seabirds.

Earth/Environment June 3, 2016

McDonald's, Tesco Vow To Limit Cod Fishing In The Arctic

Food industry giants and fishing companies have joined forces in a new agreement to protect marine life in the Arctic. The agreement will limit cod fishing in the region.

Animals May 26, 2016

Half Grizzly, Half Polar Bear: Climate Change Could Be Behind New Hybrid In Northern Canada

Whether they're called pizzly or grolar bears, a hybrid bear species is increasingly being visible to humans, and scientists agree that they are a consequence of warming temperatures in the Arctic. Pictured above is the hybrid bear as spotted by hunter Didji Ishalook.

Animals May 21, 2016

China Plans To Use Arctic Route For Its Ships

China is looking at using the Arctic route for its ships. Such move will help save Chinese ships money and time as their businesses in the polar regions boom and global warming surges.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

Polar Bears Swim Longer Distances As Sea Ice Melts Faster

Arctic polar bears are forced to swim longer distances than usual as sea ice in the region melts faster, a new study revealed. This has negative implications on the animal's health.

Animals April 21, 2016

North Pole Completely Ice-Free During Summer 10 Million Years Ago, Study Of Algae Fossils Reveals

A new study on the climate history of the North Pole suggests that the region experienced virtually ice-free summers some six to 10 million years ago. This contradicts earlier assumptions by scientists that the Arctic had always been covered in ice all year round.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2016

Record-Low Sea Ice Seen In Arctic As Global Warming Heats The Poles

The maximum area of ice coverage seen in the Arctic this year was smaller than ever before seen by satellite. What is driving this change in the Arctic environment?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2016

Watch USS Hartford Surface In Arctic Circle For Submarine Readiness Exercises

The USS Hartford (SSN 768), together with the USS Hampton (SSN 767), have arrived in the Arctic Circle for the Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. Watch the USS Hartford's dramatic surfacing through the thick ice of the region.

FUTURE TECH March 21, 2016

Giant Flightless Bird Gastornis Sheds Light On Impact Of Climate Change On Animals, Plants In The Arctic

Experts unearthed fossils of the flightless bird Gastornis in the Artic Circle decades ago. New assessment on the discovery highlighted the effects of climate change on animals and plants in the Arctic area.

Earth/Environment February 15, 2016

Beluga Whales Tracked During Hunt Reveal Patterns Of Foraging

Beluga whales dive deep under water in the hunt for food, a new study reveals. During the hunt, a tag is attached to a whale in the wild.

February 14, 2016

January Arctic Temperatures Peaked At 13 Degrees Above Average, Scientists Baffled

January was a particularly warm month for the Arctic, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. The agency said the monthly average of sea ice for the region last month was 42,500 square miles less compared to the previous low recorded in 2011.

Earth/Environment February 8, 2016

Pluto Has Icebergs That Float In Frozen Nitrogen

Images captured by NASA's New Horizons reveal that Pluto has water ice glaciers that float on top of frozen nitrogen. Ice-on-ice movement is possible on the dwarf planet because of differences in ice density.

Space February 5, 2016

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