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Scientists Unveil Their New Strategy To Find Alien Life

Astrobiologists have submitted a report detailing recent discoveries that became the basis of a new guideline in the grand search for life outside of Earth. This should inform future missions on what and where to look for aliens.

Space October 11, 2018

Study Explains Our Failure To Find Intelligent Alien Life: Most Habitable Planets Are Not Yet Born

Most habitable planets in the Milky Way galaxy are not yet born, a new study suggests. Scientists believe that this is connected as to why humans have not found intelligent alien life forms yet.

Space October 22, 2015

Curious Curiosity Finds Evidence of Fossil on Mars. Or Did It?

Has the Curiosity rover on Mars spotted fossilized evidence of ancient life on Mars? At least one researcher believes that is the case.

Space January 8, 2015

NASA awards funding for expanding the search for alien life

NASA has chosen seven teams of astrobiologists, granting them each $8 million, for advancing the search for alien life, as well as finding out more about the origins of life on Earth.

Geek October 8, 2014

NASA invests $50 million in 7 astrobiology research groups to answer all-important question: Are we alone in the universe?

NASA has awarded funding to seven research teams to conduct studies that would contribute to the U.S. space agency's astrobiology program and planetary missions including the planned manned exploration to Mars in 2020.

Space October 8, 2014

NASA selects astrobiologists to study life origins and extraterrestrial possibilities

NASA funds research teams to look for the where, how and why of extraterrestrial life. Space agency dedicated almost $50 million to the search.

Space October 7, 2014

Alien life needs ocean to survive: Study

A research report determines the importance of oceans in sustaining life in alien planets. The research was published in the Astrobiology journal.

Space July 24, 2014

Without oceans there is little chance of finding life, study shows

A new study shows that oceans may play a bigger role in sustaining life on planets than previously thought.

Space July 21, 2014

Ganymede, largest moon in the solar system, may possess "club sandwich" of internal ice, ocean layers

Jupiter's giant moon Ganymede could possess many layers of water and ice, like a "club sandwich." Makeup might make emergence of primitive life possible, researchers say.

Space May 5, 2014

Wobbly or tilting planets may host alien life-forms, new study suggests

Less-than-steady planets that 'wobble' around their stars may be candidates for sustaining life, scientists say. That 'wobble' could keep them from freezing solid.

Space April 21, 2014

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