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Paper Reveals Amount Of Nuclear Weapons Fatal To Own Citizens Of The Firing Nation

A paper examined the consequences of a nuclear strike on the people of the country that initiated the attack. The authors presented how a country planning a nuclear launch could also be preparing its own nuclear suicide.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2018

Jawbone Of Hiroshima Bombing Victim Reveals Amount Of Radiation Fatal To Humans

A group of Brazilian scientists calculated the radiation dose in the jawbone of a Hiroshima bombing victim using a technique called electron spin resonance spectroscopy. The technique yielded the exact amount of radiation that can be fatal to humans.

Public Health April 30, 2018

Rapidly Expanding Cloud Of Atoms Hums A Symphony Similar To How Early Universe Did

By triggering a cloud of atoms to undergo a rapid expansion, a group of experts found that atoms could hum similarly to how the early universe may have had sung during the period of inflation.

Feature | Science April 21, 2018

Researchers Explore Wreckage Of World War II Aircraft Carrier Off California Coast

A team of scientists is looking to explore the wreckage of the USS Independence in the San Francisco coast. The former aircraft carrier was used as a target vessel for atomic bomb testing in the Pacific during the 1940s.

August 23, 2016

Health Effects Of Atomic Bombs Dropped In Hiroshima And Nagasaki In Japan Not As Bad As Feared

The long-term health effects of exposure to atomic bomb radiation on survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not as severe as once thought. Radiation-associated mutations were neither found in the survivors’ children.

Public Health August 12, 2016

Kerry Visits Atomic Bombing Memorial And Museum In Japan

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Hiroshima Peace Park along with other foreign ministers as part of the foreign ministers’ meeting with G-7 nations. Kerry is the most senior U.S. official to visit Hiroshima, sparking hopes that American President Barack Obama would tour Hiroshima when he visits Japan this May.

Society April 11, 2016

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Commemorates Development Of Atomic Bomb

Work on the Manhattan Project, which conceived the atomic bomb, was commemorated in three sites: Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Los Alamos, New Mexico; and Hanford, Washington. The bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and heralded the end of WWII.

Society November 12, 2015

Watch Never-Before-Seen Footage Of 1955 Atomic Bomb Testing In HD

Atom Central has released clips of rare, unseen footage of a series of atomic bomb testing explosions -- all of which have been restored in HD.

Energy October 2, 2015

'Barefoot Gen' Kickstarter Aiming To Put Historic Hiroshima Story In Schools Enters Final Hours

The story of a six-year-old boy's survival of the Hiroshima bombing was told years ago in a classic comic book. Now, its publishers want to put this important piece of history in schools across America.

Movies/TV Shows September 10, 2015

Hiroshima Trolley Starts Running Again 70 Years After The A-Bomb

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the atom bomb dropping on Hiroshima, the city has restored the prewar #653 trolley that will run until Aug. 30.

FUTURE TECH August 5, 2015

How A 390-Year-Old Bonsai Tree Survived The Hiroshima Atomic Bomb

One bonsai tree has proved its incredible resilience by surviving the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II.

Internet Culture August 5, 2015

Einstein's Letters About Theory Of Relativity, God, And 25 Other Letters Sold For $$$

The California-based auction house Profiles in History auctioned off several works written by the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein on various topics. The historic items, known as the Einstein Letters, were sold for $420,000.

June 13, 2015

Atomic bombs, female scientists and Los Alamos: An interview with 'Manhattan' creator Sam Shaw

TV series 'Manhattan' tackles the creation of the first atomic bomb. In this exclusive interview with series creator and writer Sam Shaw, we learn why this period of history is still fascinating today.

Geek September 22, 2014

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